Report: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Will Run Tizen Instead of Android


The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will run on Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS instead of Google’s Android, according to USA Today.

Samsung will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, the report said. Samsung also has been working on a Tizen-based smartphone to introduce at the show, as well as other Tizen devices for the first half of the year, people familiar with the products said.

The new Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 watch is said to feature a custom user interface designed in HTML5 and it will still be able to connect to your phone to display notifications on your wrist. But because it’ll run apps written using HTML5, it should be easy for third-party developers to write apps that will run on the new Galaxy Gear.

Samsung is expected to unveil its Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch at Mobile World Congress the last week of February. It’ll likely replace the original Samsung Galaxy Gear which launched in late 2013 with a hefty $299 price tag.

Tizen was launched by Samsung last year, with the Samsung NX300M camera the first consumer device to run it, but it has had run into problems on the smartphone front since then. The fact that Samsung is still pushing forward, after announcing new partners, shows that it is aggressively trying to develop the platform for their smartphones and other connected devices.

While Tizen’s lack of certain apps may be noticeable on smartphones, that may not be the case on a companion device like a smartwatch. Galaxy Gear users already have a limited number of apps they can use as Samsung has closely controlled and curated what apps can appear on the first version of the smartwatch. Apps are made specifically for the Gear and have to be downloaded from Samsung’s app store. Users likely wouldn’t notice the difference between a Tizen-powered or Android-powered smartwatch.

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