Agency Glass: Replace Your Eyes With Fake Ones

by on March 18, 2014

Finally there is a way out of those boring meetings that probably sends you into non intended power nap credit to engineer Hirotaka Osawa who has come up with goggle-eyes glasses called Agency Glass.

Engineer Osawa invents new ways of interactions between people and machines, robots and computers. His latest, the Agency glass, enables people get through the boring parts of life by getting through the boring parts of the day.

Osawa might have drawn his inspiration from an observation he made public on 3rd March in Germany during the Human-Robot interaction conference where he publicly remarked “Human workers are forced to control their emotions during work time,” He continued to say “Technology can free humans from such emotional restrictions.”

Engineer Osawa indeed has come up with the Agency Glass which he has classified as a robot owing to its ability to sense human actions and act on their behalf.

The goggles are fitted with cell phone-style motion sensors and a pair of OLED screens that display the animated eyes. For example, upon nodding of the head, the eyes blink and when you shake your head in a refusal manner, eyes blink severally. The most interesting part of its functionality demonstrates how you will be sleeping without getting noticed, when your head drops, forward or leans backward, the “eyes” will move to maintain gaze direction at your conversation partner and, spookily, the eyes also follow the motion of the person you interchange audience with.

The glasses are admittedly a clunky experiment whose results will be unnerving and comical. Even then, Osawa is satisfied with his results and to him, so far so good as his final remarks indicate “They reduce the cognitive load imposed on us by social manners,”

Watch his illustrative video to see for yourself:

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