Turkish Finance Minister defends Twitter ban

by on March 24, 2014

Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek has defended his governments ban on Twitter and accused the social networking site of not complying with court orders.

Simsek said:

The Turkish telecommunications watchdog has made a number of statements saying that they have asked Twitter on a number of occasions to remove some content on the back of court orders and Twitter has been refusing to comply

I don’t think any global company, whether it’s a media company, whether it’s an industrial company, it shouldn’t see itself [as being] above the law.

The most interesting quote is when asked about how banning social media websites must look to the rest of the world he said:

[it] doesn’t reflect well

Which is at least confirmation they know that they are doing something that is wrong. I am sure these court orders consisted of ‘ you made the government look bad don’t let people express themselves or we’ll ban you’. Rather hyperbolic but Turkey seems to be a shambles when it comes to online media.

This corrupt government is ruining the internet for the ordinary Turkish citizen and I am as always dumbfounded that this is happening still 2014.

It was said to Reuters though by a senior Turkish government official that talks with Twitter to end the ban:

were going positively

Hopefully Turkey can get their access back to Twitter without any comprimises, the Turkish government really made a pigs ear of this by blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

Source: The BBC


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