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Microsoft won’t allow Xbox One and PC Cross-platform play

by on March 27, 2014

War Thunder Developer Gaijin Entertainment revealed today in an interview that Microsoft will not permit cross-platform play.

In a rather typical move by Microsoft it looks like we’ll never see the cross-platform play that pretty much every gamer would like to see. Microsoft will not allow this cross-platform play because of their process of verifying servers to make sure users have a good experience.

For this reason Gaijin Entertainment state that War Thunder will not be available on Xbox One.

This sounds like such a silly reason to lose one of the most popular free to play games around right now. War Thunder is a great game that plays and looks fantastic and has one of the best monetisation systems among free to play games. I enjoy playing War Thunder because I feel I am not being separated from any crucial content. Other than the slightly ‘grindy’ experience systems, it is perfectly crafted.

Sony have fully supported the cross-play feature and it will be rolling out in an update as early as next month.

Cross-platform play benefits everyone but most of all the consumer. There is no need to be locked into any system and you can play with your friends independent of whatever platform they are on. Xbox though seems so close minded when it comes to these things that I doubt we will ever see a day when all three platforms coexist in many games.

Though I am sure there are many ‘fanboys’ out there not willing to share their games with other platforms.

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