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Pebble Appstore Comes On Android Devices, With eBay, Evernote, TWC Apps

by Matthew Lucason March 8, 2014
Pebble announced today at SXSW 2014 that it has updated its Android software to 2.0, making its app store available on Google Play. When the Appstore made its debut on iOS at the beginning of February, there were a few highlight partner apps that came along for the ride, including ones from Yelp, Foursquare, Mercedes and GoPro. […]

Xbox Live Cross-Platform for Android and iOS Under Development

by Eric Brownon March 5, 2014
If you thought that Titanfall was the only big card up Microsoft’s sleeve then you’ve never been so wrong. The company is actually thinking of extending its Xbox Live gaming experience to other platforms like iOS and Android in the future. Xbox Live to Power Android and iOS Games Apple and Google both use their […]

OUYA Everywhere to bring the Android platform to more devices

by Ryan Burgesson March 4, 2014
OUYA announced yesterday their plans to bring their Android platform to other devices in the near future. These other devices include set-top boxes and smart TVs. There are no official confirmations on whom wants OUYA for their products but it is expected that they are to announce whom they are within the next two weeks. […]


Android beats Apple in tablet sales last year

by Ryan Burgesson March 3, 2014
Android tablets managed to collectively over take Apple as their global market share increased to 61.9% according to research firm Gartner. Though sales of Android tablets increased overall by 127% the iPad reigned supreme being the highest selling single tablet, which I think is unsurprising given the number of Apple tablets available compared to the […]
Google Glass

Google Glass is Updating to Android KitKat & No More Monthly Updates

by Matthew Lucason March 3, 2014
Google Glass is receiving its biggest Glass update yet. The smartglasses are getting an upgrade to Android KitKat, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. If you own Google Glass or are simply interested in it and its updates, you may have noticed that Glass didn’t get any usual major monthly updates in the months of January and February. […]

ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE

ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE Comes With 6-inch, Thin Body, Android 4.4

by Anna Johnsonon February 25, 2014
The ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE features a 6 inch full HD IPS display. But big things don’t always come in big packages — this phone has the specs of a mid-range Android handset. The ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE is the follow-up to the Grand Memo that debuted at Mobile World Congress 2013. The new Memo 2 […]
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Report: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Will Run Tizen Instead of Android

by Matthew Lucason February 19, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will run on Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS instead of Google’s Android, according to USA Today. Samsung will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, the report said. Samsung also has been working on a Tizen-based smartphone to introduce at the show, as well as other Tizen devices […]


Microsoft Wants To Bring Android Apps on Windows

by Matthew Lucason February 15, 2014
Microsoft has started sharing its Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit with developers, and the leaks have begun. One  of the major changes appear to be a Windows Phone and Windows RT merger. Even more Microsoft reportedly is ‘seriously considering’ allowing Android apps to run on its Windows and Windows Phone operating systems. Basing their OS on Android […]
Doobol U2 Android Mini PC

DOOBOL U2 Android 4.1 Mini PC [Review]

by Matthew Lucason August 27, 2013
Do you want to transform your TV into a computer? Then DOOBOL U2 Android Mini PC is what you need. The gadget is light and slim, measuring 96 x 60 x 11 mm and weighting just 46g. Doobol U2 runs on Android 4.1 and all you have to do is to connect it into your TV […]

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Google Redesigned The YouTube App for Android

by Chris Murphyon August 20, 2013
Google redesigned the YouTube app for Android with a faster and smoother version of the app. The new makeover introduces Google’s standard card-based user interface and multi-tasking features. Android Police went through the app and listed the update’s new features. The picture-in-picture multitasking feature allows the user to take the video currently watching and swipe […]
find my android

Google To Release Its Own Version Of “Find My Android ” App

by Chris Murphyon August 5, 2013
After the popular “Find my iPhone” app, Google is launching its own version of find my phone. By the end of the month, many Android users will be able to locate and remotely wipe data from their lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. Google introduced today the Android Device Manager, a new feature for Android […]
android jelly bean

The Little Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) That Could

by Chris Murphyon March 20, 2013
The little Jelly Bean or Android 4.2 seems to be winning dominance of the cell phone market. Apple stock, $454.49, Google, $811.32, closing of the bell, 3/19. Also see Ding, Ding! Stocks Are In! The Wireless Coverage Battle Continues Together, iOS and Android OS, accounted for 91.1% of the global smartphone market worldwide. Strategy Analytics states […]

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I Got Jacked By The Android OS

by Chris Murphyon March 16, 2013
I blame my Android 7. Or whatever it is. Which, just for the record, no one knows. Not even the Google rep I spoke with in the store. It’s a strange little device, 7’’ like the real one, with a key board barely large enough to write on. I purchased it in January off of […]
android jelly bean

Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx Run On Android Jelly Bean

by Eric Brownon March 8, 2013
Both smartphones, Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx, are now updated and ready to run Android 4.1.2, also known as Jelly Bean, which offers updated animations and icons and new colors. This change was expected and necessary since the new version provides many new or improved features like Voice search, Google Now, improved camera capabilities, […]

Apps Store

Get $25 Per Month For Watching Ads With This Android App

by Anna Johnsonon March 7, 2013
This recent Indiegogo campaign is presenting a new Android app that will let users earn money by watching ads on their smartphones and tablets. There is a limit of maximum $25 per month (per device) that you can earn. It will be released soon and will be free. The Android app, called SmartAds and created […]
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Samsung Wallet App Launched at MWC for Android Phones

by Matthew Lucason February 27, 2013
During the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday – Developers Day at MWC, it was launched the Samsung Wallet App for Android devices. The mobile application is currently in beta version and only available for developers to try the app and find eventual API and SDK errors. For the rest of the people, […]

vertu ti

Vertu Phone Running Android is Selling for $10,000

by Gizmoration February 13, 2013
The latest luxury Vertu phone, called Vertu Ti, is handmade in England and you can buy it for $10,569 or €7,900, although you won’t get high performances, but after all it’s not about that: it features a sapphire crystal display, titanium case, and 184 high quality parts. The smartphone runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream […]

Frrole App: The Twitter-based News Service Now Available on iPhone and Android

by Gizmoration February 5, 2013
Frrole is the world’s first Twitter-based news service, with over half a million visitors per month, that allows users to build a customized news discovery experience. The company is launching Frrole iPhone and Android apps to bring the news experience closer for the mobile audience. The apps are able to provide localized news for the […]

Internet Memes

iPhone Owners Are Happier and More Loyal Than Android Users (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Matthew Lucason January 31, 2013
According to a Rebtel new survey almost all smartphone users are happy with their choice, but when it comes to Apple’s iPhone, 80 percent of its users said that they are “very happy”. 1,632 phone owners were surveyed to get these results. While 83 percent of the iPhone users also have an iPad or an […]
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The 10 Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2012

by Nick Adamson December 24, 2012
While this year’s list is missing medium-defining breakthroughs like Instagram, Shazam and other popular applications, it showcases new and highly rated updated apps that simply work better than their competitors. The apps selected were either released or significantly updated between January 1st and December 21st of this year. Titles that debuted on Apple’s operating system […]

Flipboard App: Now Available On Android Tablets

by Chris Murphyon December 20, 2012
  Flipboard announced that its social magazine App, a single place to see everything you care about - which displays feeds from major social networks such as Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, as well as main stream content from The New York Times, HuffPost and many others – is now available for Android tablets. The company […]