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Workout is Now Easier With These Mobile Apps

by DRajon January 29, 2015
Most probably you might be the one who took New Year resolution to keep up the fitness and go to gym to make a great body. But unfortunately, in the busy life we forget the workout. Don’t worry we bring you 2 best of all the apps which help you keep fit in the less [...]

Federal Appeals Court Rejects San Jose’s Antitrust Case Against MLB

by Ranjan Yadavon January 26, 2015
Federal Appeals Court Rejects San Jose’s Antitrust Case Against MLB. A ruling of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t consider San Jose’s claims that baseball’s refusal to let the A’s to move to a downtown ballpark breaches federal antitrust laws. The appeals court stated that baseball’s age-old exemption from antitrust laws forecloses San Jose’s [...]


Google, Apple, Adobe & Intel Ink $415m ‘Non-Poaching’ Settlement

by Ranjan Yadavon January 26, 2015
Google, Apple, Adobe & Intel ink $415m ‘non-poaching’ settlement. World’s top four technology firms Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe have reached to a settlement of a class action case that alleged they conspired holding down salaries. The case alleged that the tech giants agreed to resist from poaching staff from either of the companies. This, [...]
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Google Play Store Has Now More Apps Than Apple’s iTunes

by Gizmoration January 16, 2015
Apple’s App Store. Google Play ended 2014 with 1.43 million apps, compared to App Store’s 1.21 million apps. According to appFigures, for the first time Google Play has outnumbered App Store. In a report titled “App Stores Growth Accelerates in 2014″, the company has published a growth chart showing how the three major app stores [...]

Facebook at Work App

Facebook at Work App Wants To Make Your Office Life Better

by Ranjan Yadavon January 15, 2015
Facebook has introduced a new Facebook at Work app that brings FB to the usage in a particular office of a company. Facebook’s a new app aims to increase the FB’s presence inside companies and places of work. The new app seems identical to Facebook’s core product, but it preserves posts privately inside a specific [...]
iphone 7

Apple iPhone 6S Or iPhone 7: What To Expect?

by Ranjan Yadavon January 13, 2015
Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already set the mobile handset market on fire. In the midst of this, there is an air coming about the next from Apple, i.e. iPhone 6S, iPhone 7. So what can we expect to be coming from the revolutionary mobile handset company? Sources indicate that the iPhone [...]

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Apple Clears iPod Anticompetitive Conduct Litigation

by Ranjan Yadavon January 6, 2015
Apple Inc. has recently won over the antitrust charge of having illegally stopping the iPod iTunes users from playing music from services other than iTunes on their iPods. Apple has challenged the century old notion that “big” is deemed to be bad for consumers and that “competition” is always good. Apple has in fact succeeded highly [...]
Look At Me App

Samsung Launches App For Children Suffering From Autism

by DRajon January 2, 2015
Technology is the next step towards better living. Technology is touching everyone lives and making them lazy and at the same time making people think out of box. There are many apps which are used for medical purposes but Samsung has recently launched an app especially to improve the lives of Children who are suffering [...]

Tech, Gadgets & Apps Which Were Shutdown In 2014

by DRajon December 28, 2014
Technologies and applications are created to make our lives happier and easier. Few tech served us well and continues to serve us better but few have just faded away and left us only with memories. Towards the end of this year, let us have a look at what tech did we leave behind this year. MSN [...]

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Apple, Sony, Microsoft Sold Off Smartphone Patents For $900M

by DRajon December 25, 2014
Apple along with other tech giant companies sold off their smartphone patents for $900 million to clearing house, the new owner of these patents announced it on Tuesday. The Apple led Rockstar Consortium which also includes Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericssion and Sony sold their patents, which are initially purchased at $4.5 billion four years ago to [...]

Economics Of Information And Its Versatile Applications

by Ranjan Yadavon December 25, 2014
The situations of asymmetric information, where one economic agent knows something that another agent doesn’t, represent the core of information economics. The study of Information Economics represents how information affects an economy and economic decisions, e.g., a worker might have a better idea of his capabilities than his employer does; managers know more about investment [...]

xiaomi redmi 2s

Xiaomi Redmi 2S Appers On AnTuTU And TENAA Benchmarks

by DRajon December 21, 2014
Xiaomi, the Chinese smart phone company securing third position in the global sales market is coming up with its next generation mobiles. Redmi 1s, the basic smartphone piece from Xiaomi is already a hit and continuously gaining popularity. So, it is common that its successor is expected to be on its way with the new [...]

Bitcoins Can Now Be Exchanged To Buy Microsoft Apps & Games

by RJ Kon December 21, 2014
Microsoft is the abode of many premium features, apps and games. The user has to buy the full version to enjoy the complete features of the applications or the games. To buy things from Microsoft now the users can use the Bitcoins. As mentioned in the blog post on Dec 11 from Microsoft. The Bitcoin [...]

Apple 1

Steve Jobs’ First Programmed Apple 1 Sells For $365,000

by RJ Kon December 15, 2014
Steve Jobs is responsible for what Apple is today, with a worldwide market and making it a brand for technology. With his vision and creativity he has guided the company through thick and thin. Being a programmer himself Steve Jobs knew how far the extensibility of programming is. He has himself worked on first line [...]

Apple and IBM Team Up to launch iOS Apps for Businesses

by RJ Kon December 13, 2014
Apple and IBM are the most celebrated companies in the world of technology. Teaming up these companies was considered unlikely. But they have teamed up in July for creating business applications for the Apple devices i.e., iPhones and iPads. And now time has come for the duo to show up some results. The union has [...]

The Blackphone

Blackphone To Release Its Own App Store For Non-Spying Apps

by RJ Kon December 10, 2014
Blackphone, the name seems to be funny and interesting. It is a collaboration between spanish hardware manufacturer Geekshpne and Silent Circle. The speciality of this mobile is that it keeps all the communications through this mobile free from the spying eyes. The tight encryption which the phone boasts about is what makes it free from [...]

Sway: Bing Image Search For Microsoft’s Presentation App

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Microsoft has been always the first to provide the best customer/user experience with its products. The regular updates for these products help the user a lot. Today Microsoft has announced that the Bing image search would be integrated to the the Office presentation app Sway. With this addition to the application the image search is [...]

AppGyver’s Supersonic: A New Framework For Hybrid Apps

by Dharti Shahon December 4, 2014
AppGyver is announcing its biggest product release with the launch of Supersonic, its new framework for both building user interfaces and data. AppGyver quickly made a name for itself over the last year with the help of Steroids.js and Composer, its drag-and-drop tool for building HTML5 apps. It is also launching a new and significantly [...]

wire app

WIRE is The Next Big App For Voice & Messaging Services

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
Wire, a new communications application is out now for iOS, Android and Mac OS X. The app itself is the re-imagining of how a communications tool like Skype should operate had it been built today. Much of that, in Wire’s case, means under-the-hood improvements that users don’t necessarily see, such as advancements in media processing, audio technology, file [...]

Twitter To Peek Into Your Downloaded Apps For Targeted Ads

by RJ Kon November 30, 2014
Twitter is pushing hard to get the most out its resources by target ads. With this it is ramping up its advertising efforts with a help from your data. The recent announcement from the company tells that it will collect information about the apps that you download in order to provide a “more personal Twitter [...]