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Apple iPhone 6 release date may be in September; clones go for sales

by Gizmoration July 20, 2014
Apple’s iPhone 6 release date is rumored to be in late September as clones of the much awaited smartphone have already appeared in the Chinese market. There have been rumors floating around recently, however, that the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed until 2015. It seems highly unlikely, given the high-profile nature of the […]
iPhone 5C and 5S

Walmart lowers prices for iPhone 5C and 5S: $29 and $99

by Matthew Lucason June 27, 2014
Walmart is lowering the price of the iPhone 5s and 5c beginning Friday, 9 a.m. “local time.”. The retailer says that the price drop is permanent, and the offer is only available in stores. It’s not available online. With a two-year contract on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, the 16GB iPhone 5c will be available for just $29 (down from $49) […]
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Apple WWDC 2014: iPhone 6, new OS X, iOS 8, and a health app

by Nick Adamson June 2, 2014
Apple takes the stage at its WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco today. The show will begin with a keynote speech at 10am Pacific time. The good news is that Apple has announced that it will be live streaming the event, and has promised exciting announcements. If you have Apple TV navigate to “Apple Events”. The keynote speech […]

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REPORT: Finally, a credible iPhone 6 release date

by Matthew Lucason May 16, 2014
Apple’s iPhone 6 remains one of the hottest and most highly anticipated smartphones of 2014. It’s been 7 years since the iPhone first launched and the excitement around this year’s iPhone 6 release date is high as ever. A new report (the most credible so far) suggests that Apple’s iPhone 6 release date is sooner than expected, during the early summer months. German blog iFun reportes that […]
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Galaxy S5′s fingerprint reader can be hacked exactly like iPhone 5S’s

by Nick Adamson April 16, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor can be easily hacked, security researchers have revealed, placing owners’ devices and Paypal accounts at risk. It looks like the iPhone 5s isn’t the only smartphone whose fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits. SR Labs has just posted a video (shown below) showing that Samsung’s just-launched Galaxy S5 is susceptible to the same trick. […]

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Launched as an iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 Competitor?

by Matthew Lucason March 29, 2014
HTC One M8 just got at the top of the high-end smartphones. HTC launched the 2014 model of its flagship smartphone, called the HTC One M8, at an event in New York City on Tuesday. The new phone will have a screen measuring 5 inches diagonally, up from 4.7 inches in last year’s model. It will […]
iPhone 6 holographic

Apple’s iPhone 6 Able to Holographically Increase Its Screen Size?

by Matthew Lucason March 17, 2014
Apple’s iPhone 6 is considered to be the upcoming flagship phone of Apple after the iPhone 5S this year, and a lot is relatively expected of the former phone iteration. SET Solution’s iPhone 6 dream phone features a couple of holographic projectors on each side of the device, which would let users extend the screen size of the device when placed on […]

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5 Tricks To Make Your iPhone Run Smoothly

by Eric Brownon March 15, 2014
User-experience that smartphones render serves to be the most basic and magnetic element that pulls consumers to smartphones of their choice. What sets Apple’s devices apart from those of other manufacturers is the flawless and seamless user-experience imparted to consumers. Although, over the years Apple has perfected its devices and in turn the user-experience has […]
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Theneeds Personalized News App Now Available On iPhone

by Matthew Lucason March 13, 2014
Theneeds.com, a San Francisco based start-up, launched the iOS version of their “web, re-imagined” mobile app, an app that’s designed to put all of your favorite online content into one convenient, easy to use app. Your personalized stream of content will be pre-stacked with a collection of articles, blogs, social posts, and media that we know […]

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iPhone 6 With Sapphire Screens May Come in Latter Half of 2014

by Eric Brownon February 27, 2014
iPhones have captivated consumers’ hearts so tightly that immediately after the launch of an iPhone discussions of the next iPhone take birth; last year Apple unveiled iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and its seems to people that its been an eternity since they laid their hands upon a new iPhone. The utter iPhone-effect fuels speculations […]
iphone 6 leaked photo

iPhone 6 Leaked Photos: Rounded, Larger, Edge-to-edge Glass

by Eric Brownon February 13, 2014
The new iPhone 6 will feature a full-width frameless screen, according to an “industry source” quoted in the Korea Herald. The casing of the alleged iPhone 6 (in the pictures below) has all the signature iPhone design elements, such as a camera and flash port, as well as the familiar Apple logo but it is […]
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iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) Release Date, Price, Specs, News and Rumors

by Nick Adamson February 2, 2014
Will it be called iPhone 6, iPhone Air or something else? (technically it’ll be the 9th iPhone). According to a reputable Chinese analyst, Apple is looking to push production on the much anticipated iPhone 6 to May 2014 and much to surprise of probably everyone, the phone will not be any larger than 4.7 inches. There have been many conflicting […]

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This Simple Trick Will Undo Almost Anything On Your iPhone

by Matthew Lucason January 27, 2014
Have you ever typed a long text message, email, on your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch), deleted it, but then you’ve had a change of heart and wanted to start over? That’s frustrating… unless you know this simple trick that will save you a lot of headaches: With iOS 7 on your Apple device, all […]
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65% of iPhone Owners Can’t Live Without Their Device (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Chris Murphyon September 30, 2013
According to the latest survey 65% of iPhone owners surveyed said that they cannot live without their smartphones, 40% said that they would give up coffee first, 18% said that they would stop bathing every day before giving up their iPhone and 15% would rather give up sex. Besides this stats, the following categories of […]

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OtterBox Defender Case: Unrivaled Protection For Your iPhone 5 [REVIEW]

by Eric Brownon August 27, 2013
OtterBox is one of the top brands when it comes to protecting our iPhones and iPads. If your lifestyle is dangerous for your iPhone 5, OtterBox Defender is probably the best available case for this job. OtterBox offers several iPhone 5 cases, the Defender is the toughest. The OtterBox Defender case features two main points of […]
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iPhone 5S and 5C To Be Released in Japan on Sept. 20

by Chris Murphyon August 22, 2013
Last week we have announced that Apple‘s iPhone 5S could be released on September 10th in United States and that it could feature a fingerprint scanner. Now the latest rumor is that Apple will launch its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in Japan on September 20th, just 10 days after the U.S. release. According to Japan’s […]

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Apple’s iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Leaked Images

by Eric Brownon August 19, 2013
We were not convinced that Apple’s iPhone 5S  could feature a fingerprint scanner, but some internals pictures have leaked on French site NowhereElse. The images show that the fingerprint scanner could sit right near the home button. A recent report by KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo stated that Apple could implement a convex Home button […]
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Zumper’s New iPhone App Lets You Find The Dream House or Apartment

by Matthew Lucason August 16, 2013
Zumper is not for New Yorkers anymore. Apartment rental search site Zumper just released its first consumer mobile app that allows iPhone users to search Zumper’s database and monitor the website’s rentals on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Zumper launched as a platform, 1 year after launching and becoming a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist, to simplify the way […]

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Apple’s iPhone 5S May Feature a Sapphire Home Button

by Eric Brownon August 12, 2013
It is expected that Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone at an event scheduled for September 10th, according to All Things D. The company’s’s past ‘S’ models have featured the same shell material and design as the core model, though with different features and a few different technical specifications, which seems that will be the case […]
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YouTube Founders To Launch MixBit iPhone Video App

by Anna Johnsonon August 8, 2013
If are already tired of Instagram and Vine you must know that there is a new video app coming to AppStore. On Thursday, YouTube cofounders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley launched MixBit, an iPhone app able to record, edit, share your videos, but the big feature is that MixBit can also mix video clips from other users […]
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Analyst: iPhone 5S and iPad Mini Delayed, New iOS 7 Apps

by Gizmoration April 15, 2013
Analyst Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities reported that some of Apple’s next-generation devices like iPhone 5S (or what will be its official name) and iPad Mini are delayed and we will not see them on sales during the first half of 2013, although Kuo estimated, last month, that Apple is preparing a June or July […]