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5 Of The Best Smartphones For Gaming

by Gizmoration January 13, 2015
In today’s technology mad world, it is unnecessary for you to have a bulky computer or spend all your savings purchasing the newest console in the market. While a play station, or 60 inch TV, have awesome graphics and immersive qualities, a Smartphone is a great gaming gadget, and are comparable in price to a [...]
BLU Vivo Air

BLU Vivo Air is The Thinnest Smartphone Measuring 5.1 mm

by DRajon January 11, 2015
Air is the word which is usually associated with Apple like Macbook Air, iPad Air. But what if we have the same Air device for as low as $200 (Apple never sold any new product at this price). BLU, Miami-based smartphone company producing cheaper and thinner mobiles ever: BLU Vivo Air. It is also named as the [...]

Sony Xperia Z4

Walkman-Smartphone, Sony Xperia Z4 Music To Be Release Next Month

by DRajon January 11, 2015
Sony started up with smart phones few years before and brought a new concept of Walkman music mobiles. Later when the technological advancements were very drastic and this feature has lost its importance. Rumors say that Sony will be releasing a new mobile with Walkman and music capabilities as its distinct features. This future mobile [...]

Qualcomm 810 Processor Beefs Smartphones For 4K Video, 3D Gaming

by Ranjan Yadavon January 9, 2015
Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor is going to change mobile world forever. Mobile phones so far have been failure devices for watching 4K video for reasons such as the displays not supporting 4K resolution, streaming 4K video consumes lot time, power, and lack of mobile phones energy for long periods of watching. Smartphones usually also don’t have [...]


Sonim XP7 is The Most Resistant LTE Android Smartphone

by Ranjan Yadavon January 8, 2015
Sonim XP7 is a tough LTE Android smartphone made in San Mateo, California. It is made for the extreme weather conditions and comes in an unlocked mode. It is virtually indestructible Android 4.4 KitKat LTE super strong smartphone. It was ready for extreme use and to manage handle extreme conditions. Built by the company known [...]
LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 is The First 64 bit Processor Smartphone

by DRajon January 7, 2015
CES is a worldwide consumer electronics show where a lot of companies showcase their new gadgets and advancements in technologies. This year at CES 2015 we have lots of exciting gadgets and will be posting and giving you updates regularly. The first smartphone launched in CES 2015 is the LG G Flex 2, which is [...]


Smartphones going to be smarter this year

by DRajon January 2, 2015
Until now we have seen what all to expect from smartphones in 2015. Here we present the last and final version of our 3 length article. We discussed about integration, wearables, selfies, bezels and curved edge mobiles. Now let us look further into more exciting features. Audio quality of devices is another feature which needs to be focused [...]

How Will The 2015 Be In A Smartphones Era?

by DRajon December 30, 2014
We already saw few of the expected features in 2015 for the smartphones. The next part is here with much more exciting features which we need This year we have a new category which is world’s slimmest category. Many mobiles running behind this title are making mobiles to win in the category. Gionee already released [...]

What To Expect in 2015 From Smartphones

by DRajon December 28, 2014
2014 has come to an end and we expected few things which we wanted in 2014, among them few came out as reality and few ideas were left off. Now wishing you a happy new year, we bring you what to expect from smart phones in 2015. Clearly the most important aspect of this year [...]

Petalite Flux

Petalite Flux, A Fast Smartphone Charger With 15 Min Recharges

by Ranjan Yadavon December 25, 2014
Petalite Flux, from Birmingham U.K., is a rapid charging power pack that powers smartphones on the go without the problems of ‘wall hugging’. Petalite’s Flux is a unique charger inspired by the electric car technology. It has developed a portable power pack that can be charged in only 15 minutes with the Power Dock. Having [...]
Apple building

Apple, Sony, Microsoft Sold Off Smartphone Patents For $900M

by DRajon December 25, 2014
Apple along with other tech giant companies sold off their smartphone patents for $900 million to clearing house, the new owner of these patents announced it on Tuesday. The Apple led Rockstar Consortium which also includes Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericssion and Sony sold their patents, which are initially purchased at $4.5 billion four years ago to [...]


Top Smartphones of 2014 (part 3)

by DRajon December 25, 2014
The last version of Best Smartphones of 2014 is here. Today we would look at the Moto G and Nexus 6 and Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Moto G: This device has done a lot of damage to the budget market sector of other companies this year. Undoubtedly Moto G is the best budget Android one can [...]

Top Smartphones Of 2014 (Part 2)

by DRajon December 24, 2014
Yesterday, we saw 5 of the best smart phones in 2014 untill now. Today let us have a peek into few more gadgets which rules the market giving us pure innovation and development ion smartphone technology. HTC One M8: This is one of the best smartphone we had this year. Launched in march 2014, it [...]


Best Smartphones Of 2014

by DRajon December 23, 2014
We are just around the corner of year end and let us just have a recap of most notable phone in this year. Check out our Best smartphones of 2014 list: Apple iPhone 6 Plus: It is the pricey iPhone which has all the fuss this year, the big screen iPhone did not attract the [...]

Ericsson: 90% Of World’s Population To Own A Smartphone By 2020

by Ranjan Yadavon December 22, 2014
Ericsson Mobility Report, the detailed update on mobile trends leveraging big data from live networks worldwide has recently released its latest edition. Mobile research prospects for future indicate that 90 percent of World’s population will have a mobile phone by 2020. India and China are poised to experience fastest growth for new mobile subscriptions with [...]

ZTE Star 2

ZTE Launched The Best Voice Controlled Smartphone: Star 2

by DRajon December 20, 2014
ZTE launched its brand new phone at the tallest building in china. This incredible device is just amazing with the voice control. All the applications like making calls , opening apps send texts can be sent using voice and it works quite well. The china company has indefinitely delivered the best voice assistant mobile till [...]

Keycharge, A Pocket Power Charger For Smartphones

by Ranjan Yadavon December 14, 2014
Keycharge is an all-in-one keychain backup battery, from Vancouver, BC, that can power up your smartphone or USB device while you are on the go. We do not like to see our smartphone battery life draining away in the midst of the day when you leave home with a full charge on the same morning. [...]

Are There Too Many Smartphones? Samsung Says “Yes!”

by Dharti Shahon November 26, 2014
  In an unexpected announcement from the world’s largest maker of smartphones, Samsung, it just said that it’s going to start making fewer phones. The company says it’s axing as much as 30% of its product lineup for next year, and it’s a big lineup. Despite how odd that sounds, this “less-is-more” approach is probably the safest thing Samsung [...]

Samsung Note EDGE Curved Smartphone

Samsung Note EDGE, The Curved Smartphone, Is Launched

by DRajon November 13, 2014
Samsung is not called the innovation expert just like that.it has successfully brought the new technologies into market and potential to do much more. Samsung Note EDGE, which has a curved OLED screen, is now launched. This might be the start of new era which Samsung predicted before a couple of years at CES. Samsung [...]
Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Releases Its First Smartphone Lumia 535

by DRajon November 12, 2014
Microsoft has released its first mobile after acquisition of Nokia. The newly branded brand new Lumia 535 gives a hearty welcome to Microsoft into the market. Though you would not be getting high end specs for this device, but for sure it maintains the brand of Microsoft.let us have sneak peek into specs. Design: No [...]