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Gizmorati is a leading source dedicated to covering the latest stories in technology, gadgets, and the digital world in general, bringing a high quality content that is necessary for the best information.

Founded in 2012 by Brian Hemsworth, Gizmorati is one of the world’s largest online news publications, a leading source for breaking news, resources and digital information, providing an international perspective about the internet culture and social media, business and start-ups, gadgets and mobile, world and entertainment.

Gizmorati continues to expand its global presence and authority with the addition of new categories and content partnerships, as well as through events in North America and Europe.

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Brian Hemsworth – Founder & CEO                            brian [at] gizmorati.com

Nick Anderson – Press/Marketing Manager                   nick [at] gizmorati.com

Lance Emerson – Coordination Manager                      jobs [at] gizmorati.com

Ryan Dotter – Editorial Manager                                 editors [at] gizmorati.com

Eric Brown – Senior Writer                                        eric [at] gizmorati.com

Chris Murphy – Senior Writer                                    chris [at] gizmorati.com

Nick Adams – Senior Writer                                      nick.a [at] gizmorati.com

Anna Johnson – Junior Writer                                   anna [at] gizmorati.com

Matthew Lucas – Junior Writer                                 matthew [at] gizmorati.com

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