Blood Moon Castle

We survived the Blood Moon. The next one is in October 2014

by Chris Murphyon April 16, 2014
Did you miss the Blood Moon? Stargazers glimpsed a rare treat as a “blood moon” crossed the Earth’s shadow Tuesday. The tetrad — or four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses occurring at approximately six-month intervals — will all be visible over the United States this year and next, according to NASA lunar eclipse expert Fred Espenak. So if you […]
Apple CarPlay

This is How Apple’s CarPlay Looks in Action. The Secret is BlackBerry

by Chris Murphyon March 5, 2014
We’ve been covering Apple’s plans for iOS in the Car, and now the final product is being shown to the world — and given a new name: Apple CarPlay. The new system will allow iPhone owners to use their handsets to power the infotainment system in their cars, and early partners include Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, […]
modular smartphones project ara

Google Wants to Develop $50 Modular Smartphones For Next Year

by Chris Murphyon February 28, 2014
Google’s Motorola announced the Project Ara in October last year as company’s open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. How much will a modular smartphone set you back? To start, if Google gets its way, about $50. The key phrase there is “to start,” however, as this smartphone with swappable components could get a lot pricier, very quickly. Time has […]

Internet of Things

Tiny Rumbles: What You Need to Know About The Internet of Things

by Chris Murphyon February 25, 2014
The buzzword for this year is the Internet of Things. Also known as IoT, it promises to improve nearly all areas of our lives, including the way we work and go about our day to day business. Because it is set to be such an important part of the future, it is essential to have […]

Flyfit, An Accurate Tracking Fitness Band For Your Ankle, Not Wrist

by Chris Murphyon February 23, 2014
Flyfit, a Kickstarter project, able to record other aspects of your daily activity — your steps, your sleep cycle. It will also connect with your phone via Bluetooth, allowing the device to track pace, speed and your GPS position, all in real time. The San Francisco-based company is currently looking to raise $90,000 via Kickstarter before March […]

The Simpsons Lego set

The Simpsons Get a Lego House Set And a Lego Special Episode

by Chris Murphyon February 19, 2014
LEGO is releasing a series of 16 The Simpsons mini figures, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the animated show. The blind pack figures will be available to collectors and enthusiasts at a far lower cost than The Simpsons LEGO house, timed to come out around the same time. The box contains a whopping […]
LG L Series III

LG is Releasing Three L Series III Smartphones: L90, L70, L40

by Chris Murphyon February 17, 2014
LG announced the L Series III trio of entry-level and mid-range 3G smartphones. LG L90, L70, and L40 will be showcased during MWC in Barcelona with customized Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. All of them sport faster 1.2GHz dual-core processors and refined designs that are more in line with the company’s higher-end devices. There’s […]

Mars Pinnacle Island rock

Mystery of Mars ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Rock Solved by NASA

by Chris Murphyon February 15, 2014
Scientists have solved the mystery of the strange “jelly doughnut” rock on Mars. After taking a close look at the small white rock with a deep red center dubbed “Pinnacle Island,” a research team has determined it is not a fungus-like organism, or a piece of Martian ejecta that was shot into the air by a […]
Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1320 Phablet Available in the UK Starting February 24

by Chris Murphyon February 15, 2014
Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet will be released in the UK on February 24. The recently unveiled Lumia 1320 is relatively more affordable with a price tag (unofficial) of £299 ($500) for the pre-order SIM-free model. That price point puts the 1320 in the same range as the Huawei Ascend Mate and 16GB Nexus 5. Given that a SIM-free Lumia 1520 can run […]

online services

2014 Online Invoice and Billing Review

by Chris Murphyon February 11, 2014
Thanks to the numerous advantages they offer, online billing and invoicing services are fast becoming extremely popular for small and mid-sized business owners. Not only do these services allow users to create invoices on the go, they also help save time and money. In addition, there is the whole ‘eco-friendly’ aspect of online billing and […]
Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5: Specs, Release Date, Price, Rumors

by Chris Murphyon February 1, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5, may see light very soon. Its release date could be next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For the past few weeks there has been an endless stream of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean manufacturer’s next generation flagship smartphone. Last year it was rumored that perhaps Samsung will […]

Bpen Is a Touch Pen And a Stand For Any Smartphone Or Tablet

by Chris Murphyon January 28, 2014
I didn’t think of stylus pens as being very useful gadgets until now. Bpen is the first touch pen that works with virtually all smartphones and tablets, plus it is able to configure itself as a stand for our devices or even a car mount. And it can function as a regular pen (just switch the Bpen clock […]

mac 30

Apple Is Celebrating Mac’s 30th Anniversary With Retrospective Video

by Chris Murphyon January 25, 2014
Apple is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mac with a new video and microsite. On January 24, 1984, the Macintosh, its first computer was launched, “with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands.” As of Friday, visitors to Apple’s official website are met with a new splash page wishing Mac a happy birthday. […]

Professional Web Designers Taking The Lead With Webydo

by Chris Murphyon January 18, 2014
Web designers either disregard or adore website builders. Which camp do you belong to? If you find website builders too primitive and limiting, I bet you haven’t heard about Webydo. Though it’s a one-stop web building and publishing platform, it doesn’t fall under the definition of a conventional website builder. Firstly, because it’s intended for […]

foodini 3D printer

With Foodini You Can Now 3D-Print Your Dinner

by Chris Murphyon December 31, 2013
Foodini is a 3D printer that can do things such as build already-rolled pasta dough. The device lets you choose from a number of recipes or build your own. To make ravioli, for example, prepare the dough and the filling, load them into the machine’s food “capsules” and select “ravioli” on the printer’s iPad-like interface. The Foodini […]
Christmas gadgets

Top 10 Must Have Gadgets This Christmas

by Chris Murphyon December 10, 2013
Buying for the discerning technology fan can be a terrifying ordeal, there’s just so much out there, so many specifications and so little time to digest them all. Well, put down that specially designed worry-mug and feast your eyes on this, our run down of the top 10 must have gadgets for Christmas 2013. Sony […]

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring Sends Smartphone And Social Network Alerts to Your Finger

by Chris Murphyon December 9, 2013
Smarty Ring is able manage all of your incoming smartphone alerts. This Bluetooth-enabled wearable gadget ring allows users to check smartphone alerts and manage incoming calls right from their finger. It could soon be available to iOS and Android users only if the makers are able to get funding in time. The stainless-steel  Smarty Ring has a […]
Bitcoin banned by China

Bitcoin Banned By China But It Actually Doesn’t Matter

by Chris Murphyon December 5, 2013
The People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, and four regulators banned financial institutions and payment services from Bitcoin-related business earlier today. The bank said Bitcoin did not qualify as a currency but private individuals still are allowed to trade them at their own risk. The reason of this measure was to avoid harm to the […]

GMO labeling

Over 93% Of Americans Totally Want This To Be Legalized (It’s Not Weed)

by Chris Murphyon November 30, 2013
Genetically modified food, also known as GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), represents a sensitive subject these days. Although we don’t know for sure if the GMOs are safe, American consumers eat genetically engineered foods all the time. 94 percent of cotton, 93 percent of soybeans and 88 percent of corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. […]
customer data media

BI Solution Software to Get You Where You Want to Go

by Chris Murphyon November 26, 2013
Every business has to collect data about its business operations. However, the data is not useful to the company until it can be transformed into sizable chunks of information that are understandable to the employees. The ability or Business Intelligence (BI) to convert massive amounts of analyzed data for business processes is a valuable asset. […]
magazine cover 2

25 Best Tutorials Of Magazines In Indesign

by Chris Murphyon November 19, 2013
InDesign is a desktop publishing software from Adobe that is primarily used for designing posters, books and magazines, brochures, flyers and other works. This platform is preferred by production artist, editors and graphic artists over other designing platforms, especially for creating magazines because it supports advanced features like wide range of stylish fonts, layouts, margins […]