Oscars selfie Ellen Degeneres best photo

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie Gets LEGO and The Simpsons Versions

by Eric Brownon March 6, 2014
The Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie has officially taken on a life of its own. It’s up to 3.2 million retweets and now The Simpsons are the latest to get in on the act. The show ran a selfie parody, where Homer is being literally kicked out of the frame by Bradley Cooper. Matt Groening, creator of The […]
customer data media

Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Surprising Remote DBA Benefits for Businesses

by Eric Brownon March 4, 2014
Your company relies heavily on databases. If your database went down, you’d be sunk. That’s why there are database management services out there, but many of them are localized and don’t always offer the level of service you want in a company managing, arguably, the linchpin of your company. Enter remote database administration services. You […]
iOS in the Car

Apple To Launch ‘iOS in the Car’ For Mercedes, Volvo, Ferrari Next Week

by Eric Brownon March 1, 2014
After announcing its iOS in the Car initiative at last year’s WWDC, Apple is rumored to be prepping an official announcement expected to launch the program next week with partners Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, according to a Financial Times report. In addition to the aforementioned auto makers, Apple has also signed partnerships with companies like Chevrolet, Honda, Jaguar and Nissan. Specifically, the report claims drivers will be […]

samsung gear fit wrist band

Samsung Gear Fit is a Curved, Fitness-oriented Wristband

by Eric Brownon February 26, 2014
Samsung Gear Fit is much simpler than Samsung’s range of smartwatches, with its primary function being to let you track when you walk, run, cycle or hike – the latter of which Samsung seems a little obsessed with. It’s surely just walking. The Korean electronics giant loaded its new fitness band, the Gear Fit, with a real-time operating […]
ski gadgets

Best Ski Gadgets to Hit The Slopes in 2014

by Eric Brownon February 25, 2014
If you’re planning to go on a ski holiday, you’re making a fantastic decision. Ski holidays are packed full of fun and outdoor activity, and depending on where you go, lively après ski. They are the perfect holiday for couples, groups of friends, and families, with most ski resorts benefiting from nursery slopes for younger […]

Iron Man

Dizmo is The Future of Touch Surface for Your Home

by Eric Brownon February 24, 2014
Dizmo is a new versatile user interface (UI) giving you access to an unlimited set of digital info on any smart display or touch surface. The Swiss-based software company Dizmo surpassed its fundraising goal, raising over $27,000 today on Kickstarter. Dizmo’s user interface allows customers to move, swivel, shrink and expand any app, including calendars, maps, spreadsheets or videos […]
apple iphone fingerprint scanner

Apple’s iOS SSL Security Bug Fixed in 7.0.6 Update

by Eric Brownon February 23, 2014
On Friday Apple released an iOS update for iPhones and iPad. iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 were targeted as security fixes and as those who investigate these things have discovered they plugged a pretty serious hole. So much so that warnings of “install the patch now” should not be ignored. The bug could could allow hackers to intercept email and other […]

Tinder location

The Tinder App is Experiencing Leaked User Locations

by Eric Brownon February 21, 2014
The Tinder mobile dating app has millions of users swiping on one another’s profiles to find matches, but it seems that for part of last year, they were sharing more information than they realized. For months until the end of 2013, Tinder users who knew how to do so were able to see how close […]
Facebook guns

The Photos Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See Are Better Than The Ones It Does

by Eric Brownon February 17, 2014
You might not know this but Facebook had a policy against uploading breastfeeding photos on your profile. The social media company said it allows them now, but in reality, it often doesn’t. However, they are totally cool with gun owners selling guns without background checks to anyone who wants to make a deal. For example, GunsForSale is a Facebook page […]

Barack Obama smartphone

@BarackObama Isn’t Barack Obama, It’s Just a Parody Twitter Account

by Eric Brownon February 15, 2014
The official, verified @BarackObama Twitter account has over 41 million followers and everyone else who passed along the tweet actually seem to think President Barack Obama wrote the tweets (or at least instructed someone to do). But it’s not the president. It’s just some staffer for Organizing for Action, the successor to the Obama For America campaign apparatus. […]
iphone 6 leaked photo

iPhone 6 Leaked Photos: Rounded, Larger, Edge-to-edge Glass

by Eric Brownon February 13, 2014
The new iPhone 6 will feature a full-width frameless screen, according to an “industry source” quoted in the Korea Herald. The casing of the alleged iPhone 6 (in the pictures below) has all the signature iPhone design elements, such as a camera and flash port, as well as the familiar Apple logo but it is […]
mobile apps

BreakFree, The App That Helps You Maintain a Healthy Digital Lifestyle

by Eric Brownon February 11, 2014
Mobifolio, a mobile app startup, has introduced a revolutionary mobile app to help control your smartphone addiction and in turn help you lead a healthy digital lifestyle. BreakFree is available for free on Android and will be launching soon for IOS. BreakFree monitors your phone usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone. […]

Robot Cockroach

Autonomous Cyborg Cockroaches Are The Next Big Thing

by Eric Brownon February 3, 2014
These cyborg cockroaches might be very hard to kill. Researchers at Osaka University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have worked together on a project that developed a fuel cell that could transform the bugs into a wireless sensor network. The research engineers were able to develop a new kind of fuel cell. The dimensions of this […]
durr watch

Durr The Vibrating Watch That DOESN’T Tell The Time

by Eric Brownon January 31, 2014
Created by Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler—collectively named Skrekkøgle— Durr is more about reminding the wearer to make the most of their daylight than being a timepiece. It will be unable to tell you the exact moment in time, but with a vibration that happens every five minutes that passes by. The designers wanted Durr to […]

sochi olympics village

Watch 9 Years of Sochi Olympic Preparation in Just 6 Seconds

by Eric Brownon January 26, 2014
At a cost of $51 billion and counting, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be the most expensive in history. It eclipses the total cost for preparations for the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. The workers have erected 25,000 new hotel rooms, built 225 miles of road, drilled 22 new tunnels in the surrounding mountains, […]

Gmail Slowly Returns After Crash; Funny Tweets From Yahoo & Others

by Eric Brownon January 25, 2014
Gmail and other Google services like Google+, Google Hangouts (GChat) have returned after an outage. It was long enough to send Gmail’s millions of users to Twitter to complain about not being able to check their e-mails. The Google+ outage also affected YouTube comments under the new system, which means those weren’t loading at all on videos. […]

meMINI camera

MeMINI Wearable Camera Captures Moments Minutes After They Happen

by Eric Brownon January 20, 2014
The meMini is a US$249 wearable camera that wants to help capture spontaneous moments that tend to get lost. meMini is the brainchild of New Zealanders Samuel Lee and Ben Bodley, and the former’s snow sports background was the inspiration behind creating the hardware. Constantly recording video when active, the meMINI wearable camera can record between 5 […]
technology chip

Technology That Can Help Your Business In 2014

by Eric Brownon January 9, 2014
For your business to thrive, it is essential that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. You should already be aware how modern technology – particularly cloud email security and the BYOD culture – continues to shape the way we conduct business. It’s vital that you keep on top of emerging trends so […]

Veronica Mars movie

‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Trailer Released After $5.7M Kickstarter Funding Campaign

by Eric Brownon January 3, 2014
Fans of late TV series Veronica Mars – and, if last year’s record-setting Kickstarter campaign is any indication, they are millions – got a New Years treat on Thursday as the first full-length trailer for the upcoming feature film of the same name made its debut. The Veronica Mars movie came into being last March after a Kickstarter campaign […]
ice truck

This Pickup Truck Made of Ice Can Actually Be Driven And It’s The Best

by Eric Brownon January 2, 2014
You might want to forget about using the defroster in this truck. A new Canadian Tire advertisement features a pickup made entirely of ice. And it actually works. It’s a real truck, using 11,000 pounds of ice over a regular truck chassis complete with engine and electrical system. In an effort to showcase the strength of […]
Samsung Ultra HD TV

Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD TV Sells For $150,000

by Eric Brownon December 30, 2013
Samsung promised at CES in January this year that it would release a 110-inch Ultra HD TV, which would be the world’s largest compared to its other already-gargantuan 85-inch model and with just a couple of days left to spare here it is. Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV measures 8.5 feet (2.6m) wide and 5.9 feet (1.8m) […]