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CactusVPN Review: Surf anonymously and watch sites outside US, UK

by Gizmoration July 18, 2014
How many times have your tried to watch your favorite sites while outside U.S. or U.K. and it was impossible to enjoy them or you just wanted to surf the web anonymously? CactusVPN is a able to hide your IP address, download torrents anonymously and encrypt your internet connection, but the most important feature from my point […]

5 things to consider when choosing a web hosting company

by Gizmoration July 16, 2014
If you are looking to start up a new business along with a snazzy website, or considering leaving your old hosting company, there are several points that are wise to consider before putting your website and everything that comes with it, into a web host. Quality of service is always something you need to consider […]
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Uber becomes legal in London after transport regulator’s ruling

by Nick Adamson July 4, 2014
Uber is now legal in London, after the city’s transport regulator, Transport for London (TfL), has ruled that the application is lawful and that it won’t be taking any action against the company. In a statement to the TfL board, Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport, which governs London’s above-ground transit options, noted that other cab […]


Google acquires the streaming music company Songza for $39M

by Nick Adamson July 2, 2014
Google is buying Songza, a popular music app, Long Island-based, founded in 2007. The 6-year-old company is run by Elias Roman, who won a $4.7 million funding round from Amazon, Lerer Ventures and music manager Scooter Braun in late 2013. The app recently got a makeover. On the version for Apple’s iPhone, for instance, you can now play music videos […]
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5 evergreen tips to help you get more out of your online marketing campaigns

by Gizmoration June 21, 2014
What does one think of, when the term evergreen comes to mind? For most of us, this normally refers to the pine tree that we adorn with plenty of different decorations during the Christmas season. For those who are involved in the marketing business however, evergreen refers to something else, though both terms take from […]


Is your IT disaster recovery plan good enough? 5 questions to ask

by Gizmoration May 29, 2014
No one ever likes to think about disasters. It can be challenging enough to keep a business running on a daily basis — who wants to consider the idea that things could go horribly wrong? But disasters do happen, and a company’s response to them can mean the difference between a momentary disruption and full-scale, […]
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The slot machines are the most popular casino games in history

by Gizmoration May 28, 2014
Slot machines – pokies, fruit machines, the slots, poker machines – are the most popular casino games in history. They are available in an incredible variety, from simple three-reel mechanical one-armed bandits (although these are mostly collectibles only, not used by the business anymore) to 100-reel monsters that thrive online, you can find them in […]

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5 simple ways technology can help secure your assets

by Gizmoration May 28, 2014
We live in a modern world where technology has made our lives much simpler. You can pay bills online, buy coffee with the scan of your cellphone, and talk to a long distance family member on a social media site. These advancements in technology are a great improvement to society, but what if they are […]

How to Stop CryptoLocker From Taking Your Business Hostage

by Gizmoration May 14, 2014
Paul Goodson is the founder of a law firm in North Carolina. In February 2014, he revealed to the media a virulent form of ransomware called CryptoLocker had encrypted his law firm’s entire cache of legal files. The law firm’s phone system used voice-to-text to convert recorded voicemails into emails before sending the emails to […]


The viral content themes represent the new trend in media

by Gizmoration May 6, 2014
The new trend in media is represented by the viral content websites and they are the fastest growing media niche of all time. Having a clever headline might get you increased traffic, but the people visiting your site may need more. You will need a great design and layout, an integrated social media sharing system and amazing content.  The guys […]

FromSoftware acquired by Japanese firm Kadokawa

by Ryan Burgesson April 28, 2014
During Kadokawa Shoten’s latest earning report today, they announced the purchase of Dark Souls Developer FromSoftware. Kadokawa are a huge Japanese corporation whose publishing expertise span from manga to games. Kadokawa’s plan is to almost merge their own games division with the talent of FromSoftware to help improve both subsidiaries. They mentioned that they will […]
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Top benefits of content management using Sharepoint

by Gizmoration April 26, 2014
Whatever the size of your business, it probably produces more and more information each day. This includes email correspondence, calendars, documents, blogs, wikis, business records, multimedia content and a whole lot more. In this form, information is unstructured which can present difficulties. Storage and retrieval becomes increasingly complex, as does the format of the information. […]

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Online Hard Drive Store Comparison Review

by Gizmoration March 24, 2014
Whether you are building a PC from scratch or upgrading your current system, having the right PC components is critical. The hard drive is a component that you don’t want to take too many chances with and the goal is to get the best value for your money, without sacrificing quality. There are a number […]

Facebook’s WhatsApp purchase opposed by privacy groups

by Ryan Burgesson March 8, 2014
Privacy groups want US regulators to stop the Whatsapp purchase until Facebook provides more information on what it plans to do with the personal data of WhatsApp’s users. Facebook are adamant in the fact that it will respect the previous user agreements and will be operating Whatsapp as a seperate company. Facebook said in a […]


Spotify Acquires Music Data Platform – The Echo Nest

by Gizmoration March 7, 2014
Earlier today, Spotify made an official announcement that they are acquiring leading music intelligence firm - The Echo Nest. The Echo Nest platform powers a number of popular web radio and streaming music services, including some of Spotify’s own competitors like Rdio, Sirius XM, VEVO, Twitter Music and iHeartRadio. With this acquisition, Spotify aims to leverage […]
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Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Surprising Remote DBA Benefits for Businesses

by Eric Brownon March 4, 2014
Your company relies heavily on databases. If your database went down, you’d be sunk. That’s why there are database management services out there, but many of them are localized and don’t always offer the level of service you want in a company managing, arguably, the linchpin of your company. Enter remote database administration services. You […]

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Project Management Software to Comply Your Objectives Effectively

by Nick Adamson February 25, 2014
The concept of a project management is no longer restricted to IT. Several years ago business organizations began to mirror the IT project management role to ensure business success. Project management roles will continue to be adopted in business functions outside of IT, such as HR, Finance and Legal. The key challenge small, midsize and […]

A Simple Guide to CCTV: Protect Your Family and Business

by Nick Adamson February 25, 2014
CCTV stands for closed circuit television and is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings. It has become more and more popular over the years and covers the majority of public areas in developed countries, such as the UK. There are many benefits to CCTV being used in either circumstance for security and monitoring […]

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Tiny Rumbles: What You Need to Know About The Internet of Things

by Chris Murphyon February 25, 2014
The buzzword for this year is the Internet of Things. Also known as IoT, it promises to improve nearly all areas of our lives, including the way we work and go about our day to day business. Because it is set to be such an important part of the future, it is essential to have […]

Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop To Head Microsoft Devices and Studios

by Ryan Burgesson February 25, 2014
Stephen Elop is set to take over from Julie Larson-Green as the head of Microsoft’s Devices and Studios department. Elop himself was a strong candidate to become Microsoft’s new CEO but lost out to Satya Nadella. Microsoft’s Devices and Studios covers a wide range of products from the Xbox to the new feather in Microsoft’s […]
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If Whatsapp is Worth $19 Billion, How Much is BBM Worth?

by Eric Brownon February 23, 2014
We all are aware of the $19 billion deal between Facebook and Whatsapp, and it has left many of us perplexed; one ought to think to himself of herself, “Are instant messengers really worth $19 billion?” If you haven’t thought of that question, I know one who must have: BlackBerry! After reading about the $19 […]