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ChargeTech charger 2

Awesome Recharge Deals At Freecharge That Will Enthrall Your Senses

by Gizmoration April 7, 2015
Buying stuff from online stores has become very easy these days. The popularity of online stores is mainly attributed to the fabulous discounts that they offer. In addition to the discounts, there is a convenience factor that also increases the popularity of online stores. With online stores, you don’t have to go physically to do [...]
human resources software

How HR Software Can Increase Your Productivity

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
Keeping a business running smoothly can be a bit of a challenge at times. From employee information and absences to holidays and pay, keeping track of everyone can easily start to become complicated, especially as your business grows. That’s where Human Resources (HR) software can be invaluable. HR software helps you to track, collect and [...]

smart dns

SmartyDNS Review: What is Smart DNS and Why You Should Use It?

by Gizmoration February 10, 2015
SmartyDNS provides a Smart DNS service for tech savvy customers that are looking to bypass geo restricted content but for those not in the know, what exactly is Smart DNS? Well it is a rather simple concept. Many websites on the internet today are blocked to people outside of certain countries, like for example Netflix [...]
Google Play Apple Store iTunes

Google Play Store Has Now More Apps Than Apple’s iTunes

by Gizmoration January 16, 2015
Apple’s App Store. Google Play ended 2014 with 1.43 million apps, compared to App Store’s 1.21 million apps. According to appFigures, for the first time Google Play has outnumbered App Store. In a report titled “App Stores Growth Accelerates in 2014″, the company has published a growth chart showing how the three major app stores [...]

online games

APAC Online Games Revenue Projected At $30bn In 2018

by Ranjan Yadavon January 13, 2015
APAC online games revenue is anticipated to reach $30.39bn in 2018 according to a recent statement by the IDC. Asia-Pacific for that reason will be accounting for over 335.88 million online gamers in 2018, amongst which 150 million will be paid gamers. This is due to the thriving market owing to enhanced mobile gaming and [...]
Apple building

Apple Clears iPod Anticompetitive Conduct Litigation

by Ranjan Yadavon January 6, 2015
Apple Inc. has recently won over the antitrust charge of having illegally stopping the iPod iTunes users from playing music from services other than iTunes on their iPods. Apple has challenged the century old notion that “big” is deemed to be bad for consumers and that “competition” is always good. Apple has in fact succeeded highly [...]


Noovo, is A Unique Startup That Builds Your Brand

by Ranjan Yadavon January 3, 2015
Noovo founded by A Ein, is a brand building startup campaigned on the crowdfunding portal, Indiegogo. Launched and started being active since, though not officially incorporated yet, the end of September, 2014, Noovo is a brand building company, providing consulting, research, design, and publishing services to brands internationally. Noovo defines brand image as the personality [...]
iphone 6 bendable

LG and Samsung Plan For Bendable and Curved Displays

by DRajon December 30, 2014
CES 2014 is the first exhibition of foldable screen technology showcased by Samsung. One day these technologies might give us a direct access to TV tablets and mobile under single device.  Samsung and LG, the Korean tech giants are already planning and working in this field and Samsung recently released a folded edge mobile. These [...]
Apple building

Apple, Sony, Microsoft Sold Off Smartphone Patents For $900M

by DRajon December 25, 2014
Apple along with other tech giant companies sold off their smartphone patents for $900 million to clearing house, the new owner of these patents announced it on Tuesday. The Apple led Rockstar Consortium which also includes Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericssion and Sony sold their patents, which are initially purchased at $4.5 billion four years ago to [...]


Economics Of Information And Its Versatile Applications

by Ranjan Yadavon December 25, 2014
The situations of asymmetric information, where one economic agent knows something that another agent doesn’t, represent the core of information economics. The study of Information Economics represents how information affects an economy and economic decisions, e.g., a worker might have a better idea of his capabilities than his employer does; managers know more about investment [...]

Consumer Data Security and Wearables to Drive Growth

by Ranjan Yadavon December 23, 2014
Consumer of the generation next is open to sharing personal information when they are assured and convinced that they are getting comparable value against doing so. Sharing personal information without consent and that too for dubious reasons is not poised to be welcomed by consumers of future. Paying with cash doesn’t always lead to the [...]


Xiaomi Raises $1B In Fresh Funding, Valued At $45B

by Ranjan Yadavon December 23, 2014
Xiaomi, the Apple of China and the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker in Q3 2014 as per the IDC, has recently raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The investors include Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC that values the smartphone giant at over $45 billion. If the rising [...]
Robocop Google Glass

Cool Film Gadgets in Real Life

by Gizmoration December 18, 2014
One of the best things about watching a film is feeling like you’re immersed in that world. Be it sci-fi, action, comedy, romance, or any other genre, the mark of a quality film is its ability to draw you in and make you believe you’re part of that experience. But then the lights come up, [...]


Dropbox Releases Desktop Office Collaboration Tool

by RJ Kon December 14, 2014
Dropbox, the cloud storage and sync pioneer, has rolled out its collaboration plug-in for the desktop versions of Microsoft Office. This release is named as Project Harmony and has been made available in early access for the business customers of Dropbox. Early access means that the plug-in is still in development stage and the final [...]

Microsoft Gives Outlook a Mobile Advantage With Acompli

by RJ Kon December 13, 2014
Microsoft has been keen in developing and updating its services to provide the best user experience. Recently it has been achieving its goals through its mobile apps by having most of the functionalities even on the mobile platform. Development of mobile apps is different from that of desktop apps. Microsoft Outlook is one of the [...]

innovators collective

“Innovators’ Collective” New Section Debuts on eBay

by Dharti Shahon December 6, 2014
eBay has rolled out a new product category on its U.S. marketplace which features a collection lifestyle products and other items from companies ranging from emerging small businesses fresh off a crowdfunding round to larger, better-known tech brands like Nest, keeping in mind the few weeks of holiday shopping remaining. Called the “Innovators Collective,” this [...]

Nokia To Hit New Asian Markets in 2015

by RJ Kon November 24, 2014
Nokia just sold its handsets market to Microsoft and now it comes up with something new for itself. The company plans to launch a 7.9 inch tablet next year in the biggest market of world, China.The Finnish company always made its mark since its launch in 19th century as a paper manufacturer. The Apple manufacturer, Taiwan-based Foxconn, will [...]
Yahoo To Announce Q2 Earnings One Day After Appointing New CEO

Yahoo Makes A Deal With Mozilla To Drive Google Out of Race

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
Yahoo is making moves to increase its search market share through various investments, acquisitions and deals. One such recent deal was between the internet giant and the web browser Firefox maker Mozilla Corp. According to the deal Yahoo will be made the default search engine for the web browser in the US. The idea of [...]

company office

How The Unified Communications Is Changing The Workforce

by Gizmoration November 20, 2014
Is your business considering deploying a cloud-based communication tool? While the benefits far outweigh the costs, you still may have lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. First of all, how will this tool affect your workplace? Following the introduction of unified communications as a whole, this tool has quickly established itself as [...]
office laser printers

For Both Business & Home: Top Tips for Buying Best Printer Ever

by Gizmoration November 15, 2014
It wasn’t that long ago that the first inkjet printer was noisily struggling to produce a blistering two pages per minute, but printer technology has really moved on and you can get a decent printer with good features for a reasonable price. There are many things to consider when you are trying to work out [...]