The Witcher 3 is aiming at 30fps for consoles

by Ryan Burgesson April 22, 2014
In what may be very unsurprising news, CD Projekt Red have said that they are aiming at 30fps for consoles and are aiming for looks. Lead engine programmer, Balázs Török said: Right now we are aiming at having 30 fps on the consoles, What we want to have is really a beautiful world. This game […]

Civilisation Beyond Earth leaked

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
On Neogaf it was found that Civilisation Beyond Earth was accidentally leaked as user miladesn found an ad for the game on Google. Firaxis were to set to announce a new game later today and it would seem that Google beat them to the punch. The original text was in French so Gaffer killercrow translated […]

300 words or less: Killer is Dead

by Ryan Burgesson April 6, 2014
I had the pleasure of playing Killer is Dead at Gamescom about a month before it came out and I must say what an amazing character action game. I love SUDA51 and his development team at Grasshopper Manufacture. I have enjoyed everyone of their games but Killer is Dead is almost on par with SUDA’s […]


PS360/WiiU Could Not Meet Gameplay Objectives – Batman: Arkham Knight

by Ryan Burgesson March 27, 2014
In an interview with NowGamer, Rocksteady revealed why the Xbox 360, PS3 and perhaps even less surprisingly the Wii U will not be getting Batman: Arkham Knight. In what may be another nail in the coffin for the Nintendo Doomsday Brigade, Rocksteady have really shown that the Wii U will have no staying power as […]

Project Morpheus – Sony’s VR Headset

by Ryan Burgesson March 19, 2014
Sony announced at GDC their new VR headset dubbed Project Morpheus. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios said this in a blog post: Greetings from GDC 2014! Earlier this evening, I had the pleasure to introduce Project Morpheus, SCE’s prototype virtual reality (VR) system that works with PS4. Virtual reality is the next innovation […]

Ecorox Img

REVIEW: Ecorox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by Mark Omoding Anyangon March 17, 2014
With the approach of the warm summer, more gadgets are increasingly becoming waterproof which is a good enough reason why you should not worry when around the pool when the time ripens. However, when it comes to playback their internal speakers are termed inadequate that’s why you got to try out the Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth […]

Valve unveils redesign of their Steam Controller

by Ryan Burgesson March 15, 2014
Valve announced a couple of months ago they were to redesign their Steam Controller though there were only rough mock ups, yesterday Valve released some pictures of the redesign. The biggest change is the touchpad has been axed and replaced by a more traditional diamond layout. Valve has promised the latest prototype will be on […]


Playstation 4 is suffering in Japan

by Ryan Burgesson March 14, 2014
Recent Media Create Sales numbers show that the PS4 is struggling hugely in Japan. At this moment in time the Playstation 4 has a lifetime sales number of 410,133 and in the last few weeks the weekly sales have been plummeting. Last week the PS4 sold 65,685 compared to this week that is almost halved […]
pebble smart watch

Pebble Appstore Comes On Android Devices, With eBay, Evernote, TWC Apps

by Matthew Lucason March 8, 2014
Pebble announced today at SXSW 2014 that it has updated its Android software to 2.0, making its app store available on Google Play. When the Appstore made its debut on iOS at the beginning of February, there were a few highlight partner apps that came along for the ride, including ones from Yelp, Foursquare, Mercedes and GoPro. […]


Sony have sold over 13.7 million copies of Playstation 4 software

by Ryan Burgesson March 5, 2014
It was announced yesterday that the Playstation 4 had sold over 13.7 million copies both retail and digital worth of its software. That number was previously at 9.7 million by the end of the year, so as the Playstation 4 steadily grows after the recent Japanese launch that number is set to possibly rocket. Sony […]

OUYA Everywhere to bring the Android platform to more devices

by Ryan Burgesson March 4, 2014
OUYA announced yesterday their plans to bring their Android platform to other devices in the near future. These other devices include set-top boxes and smart TVs. There are no official confirmations on whom wants OUYA for their products but it is expected that they are to announce whom they are within the next two weeks. […]

Android beats Apple in tablet sales last year

by Ryan Burgesson March 3, 2014
Android tablets managed to collectively over take Apple as their global market share increased to 61.9% according to research firm Gartner. Though sales of Android tablets increased overall by 127% the iPad reigned supreme being the highest selling single tablet, which I think is unsurprising given the number of Apple tablets available compared to the […]

Google Glass

Google Glass is Updating to Android KitKat & No More Monthly Updates

by Matthew Lucason March 3, 2014
Google Glass is receiving its biggest Glass update yet. The smartglasses are getting an upgrade to Android KitKat, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. If you own Google Glass or are simply interested in it and its updates, you may have noticed that Glass didn’t get any usual major monthly updates in the months of January and February. […]

Raspberry Pi turns 2 years old!

by Ryan Burgesson March 2, 2014
2 years ago today a cheap linux micro-computer by the name of Raspberry Pi was released to one of the warmest receptions I have ever seen in the technology industry. The Raspberry Pi was created in Cambridge, England and released to a manic crowd of technology enthusiasts each with their own ideas on how to […]


FIFA 14 releases for Windows Phone

by Ryan Burgesson March 1, 2014
So after a long wait FIFA 14 finally makes it’s way to Windows Phone. Coming almost a full 6 months after its iOS and Android counterparts this just further solidifies Windows Phone’s place as the black sheep of the family. If a big company like EA takes half a year to port a game to […]

Smart Tyre caps change colour to represent PSI

by Ryan Burgesson March 1, 2014
A Kickstarter project by the name of RightPSI has created a rather nifty way to check your car’s tyre pressure just by looking at the colour being shown. The RightPSI uses a spring loaded mechanism to change colour. There is a ring around the centre of the cap that changes from red, to black and […]


Bluetooth E-Cigarette with built-in speakerphone out now!

by Ryan Burgesson February 28, 2014
The Supersmoker is a bluetooth E-Cig that doubles as a speakerphone, it simply connects via bluetooth and you are set to chat away while you puff. As you can see in this video its simple to connect your phone and Supersmoker and then start talking. Another feature is that you can use it as a […]
Sony SmartBand SWR10

Sony Smartband SWR10 Creates Detailed Log of Your Daily Life

by Nick Adamson February 28, 2014
The Sony SmartBand SWR10, announced last month at CES, is the first gadget to be powered by Sony’s new Core fitness tracking technology. It’s a wristband designed to be worn all the time. It featured an open micro-USB port tha it’s waterproof. It can be paired with a phone via NFC or Bluetooth, and combined with Sony’s […]


Japanese cable company KDDI launches on-demand gaming service

by Ryan Burgesson February 27, 2014
A Japanese cable company that goes by the name of KDDI will be launching their on-demand gaming platform that runs on their Smart TV Box in just a couple of days. What’s surprising is some of the games they have managed to capture, these include PES, WRC3 and Sonic Adventure DX. These wont appeal to […]

The Nvidia Shield will release in the UK

by Ryan Burgesson February 27, 2014
Nvidia’s handheld PC gaming solution the Shield will release in the UK eventually. Nvidia’s director of corporate communications, Luciano Alibrandi said to TechRadar: It will come… It’s just a question of when. The Nvidia Shield has been around in America for about half a year and it wasn’t exactly met with a huge fanfare. Its […]
samsung gear fit wrist band

Samsung Gear Fit is a Curved, Fitness-oriented Wristband

by Eric Brownon February 26, 2014
Samsung Gear Fit is much simpler than Samsung’s range of smartwatches, with its primary function being to let you track when you walk, run, cycle or hike – the latter of which Samsung seems a little obsessed with. It’s surely just walking. The Korean electronics giant loaded its new fitness band, the Gear Fit, with a real-time operating […]