ipad apogee

Apogee One Gives Your iPhone & iPad Superb Audio Performance

by Ranjani Sastryon December 17, 2014
iPad, iPhone and Mac are the best portable DAC and headphone amp in the market, and they have now got Apogee One to further compliment the experience. Apogee One can easily plug into an iOS device, like iPad, iPhones and needs no external power to play. It gives a superb audio performance and is built [...]

TrackR Bravo is the Thinnest Tracking Device Today

by Ranjan Yadavon December 17, 2014
TrackR Bravo, from Santa Barbara, California, United States, is a simple way to maintain track of items via your smartphone. Post 5 years of R&D, thousands of customer feature suggestions, and 5 product revisions, TrackR is proud to reveal TrackR bravo to the world. TrackR bravo is the slimmest and most stylish item tracking device [...]

CORE wireless

This Core Wireless Speaker System is Uniquely Awesome

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Core wireless, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a compact speaker that is ‘better than stereo’ sound, is wireless, multi-room, portable, and truly liberating too. Core wireless is a most advanced speaker system ever developed. It introduces a wireless sound system designed to be the core of your musical realm. Core wireless is a high tech [...]
Axent wear headphone

The Axent Wear Cat Headphones Are Finally Here

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Axent, from Berkeley, California, is the latest fusion of fashion and functionality, also has external cat ear speakers and LED lights. Axent Wear, a venture started by two UC Berkeley alumni, is based on an idea for some really amazing, and unique headphones that had never been pioneered prior to this. Axent Wear is a [...]


Charging Solution, thingCHARGER, is Awesome For Your Devices

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Charging solution, thingCHARGER, from New York city, is a simple, elegant new way to charge all your devices. All you need to do is, plug it into any outlet and you’ll have a neat charging station that is free of any ugly wires. It lets you charge all your things at once. You can also [...]

Embrace: A Watch Gorgeously Designed to Save Lives

by Ranjan Yadavon December 14, 2014
Embrace is a watch that is the first medical-quality wearable to assist in measuring stress, epileptic seizures, activity and sleep. It looks great on all those who ear it, as it can also track your activity, stress and maintains overall balance. Embrace is crafted to instil a better lifestyle to people that live with Epilepsy. [...]


Lantern Gets You Anonymous, Free Storage From Space Eternally

by Ranjan Yadavon December 14, 2014
Lantern, an anonymous portable library, constantly gets free data from space, e.g. data on the water we consume or the air we breathe, the information we digest feeds the very spirit of what it means to be human. It sets up a new baseline of human knowledge and is not meant to fix the world for [...]

GOkey: All-in-one Battery, Memory and Remote For Your Devices

by Ranjan Yadavon December 14, 2014
GOkey, created by a San Francisco based technology venture, boosts your phone battery, can be used as a cable, can store your data, locate your keys and search your phone. GOkey is a new sort of device for your keychain that is powerful, smart and always remaining connected. Given that nowadays cables are untidy, batteries [...]
ZAP & Go

Zap & Go, First Graphene Supercapacitor Charger is Here

by Ranjan Yadavon December 14, 2014
Zap & Go is a graphene supercapacitor charger meant for mobiles and tablets, coming from London. The need for Zap & Go arises because current charger products tend to charge very slowly. No doubt, people have developed strategies to keep their phone charged, this still is often stressful and time consuming. Powerbanks and external batteries [...]

Mars speaker

Mars, a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Crazybaby

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Mars is the latest fusion of music and design that is a levitating portable Bluetooth speaker with Hi-Fi Sound founded and lead designed by Allen Zheng. Mars’s levitating 360° sound projection minimizes sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station. The features of Mars Bluetooth speaker are a 360° Sound Projection, [...]
Nevo Watch

Nevo Watch is the First Minimalist Connected Timekeeper

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Nevo Watch is a modern minimalist watch aimed to combine activity tracking, phone notifications and Swiss timekeeping. Névo watch is a stylish minimalist watch that also has activity tracking, smartphone notifications and Swiss movement inside it. Nevo makes possible living a healthy, active lifestyle and yet looks good in doing so. It embeds the latest [...]

Dragonfly Futurefön

Dragonfly Futurefön by Idealfuture is a Mobile Ultrabook

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Dragonfly Futurefön by Idealfuture was founded on the principles of creating the ideal mobile computing future. The company has launched its flagship revolutionary product, The Dragonfly Futurefön, i.e. a mobile metamorphosis, as it is termed to by the founder and CEO of the company, Jeff Batio. The Dragonfly Futurefön ™ is the convergent mobile platform [...]
Carbon Flyer

Carbon Flyer: Meet the Ultimate Crash Proof Video Drone

by Ranjan Yadavon December 11, 2014
Carbon flyer is the ultimate tech toy that is a super-tough, super-fast, personal drone and is also a high tech miracle. The Carbon Flyer is the world’s first all carbon fibre personal drone, that is primarily controlled by Bluetooth, with an onboard video camera. The Carbon flyer is built in a highly durable construction that [...]

Geek Pulse audio

Geek Pulse: A Ultra High-def Audio for Desktop by LH Labs

by Ranjan Yadavon December 11, 2014
LH Labs, the Northern California based techno venture, is a blend of audio geeks and engineers who have formed an alliance with one single objective in mind: delivering the sound of high-end audio to the masses. The company has recently launched “Geek Pulse” a UHD Audio for Desktops. Amidst the crux of the high-end audio [...]

Human Mobile Phone Charger, Charges From The Body Heat

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
The advent of mobile phones has been the greatest thing happened to the human beings through the advanced computing and science. Though having its negatives the positives of mobile shadow the negatives. Heart of the mobile is the battery which charges and discharges to keep the mobile up and running. The mobile revolution has contributed [...]


Wireless Storage On Your Wrist With BeanBeam’s Pinto

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Wireless communication was made popular by Bluetooth and from then on there have been different applications of wireless communications. Now the new application is wrist-worn storage device that’s lets users securely and conveniently store their files. The device connects through Bluetooth and also has wireless charging. The name for this new device is Pinto. Pinto [...]
Google Glass

Google Glass Incoming in 2015 With Intel Change

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
In a first major hardware revision for Google Glass which was first shown off at Google I/O 2012, the next version of Google Glass, which is due out sometime in 2015, will be powered by an Intel x86 chip — rather than the Texas Instruments ARM chip that helms the current Glass Explorer Edition hardware. The [...]

Exodus Unveils Amazing Solar-powered Headphones

by RJ Kon December 1, 2014
Bluetooth headphones have been in the market from a long time now. But all work on battery hich are to be recharged or replaced timely. Is there a solution for making the headphones really cord-less without any strings attached to it? The answer lies with solar-powered Bluetooth headphones. The idea of solar-powered Bluetooth headphones has [...]

Asus Zen Watch

Asus Zen Watch Review: A Perfect Blend of Tech and Style

by RJ Kon November 22, 2014
Asus, the computer hardware company has been on trials to make a stable market in the mobiles segment. But apart from Nexus 7, the company is almost not visible in the searches for smartphones. Now the company is making game changing plans to improve its market in the untapped areas like wearables. The recent release [...]
Samsung 360 Degree VR Camera

Samsung’s New 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera Is Amazing

by DRajon November 15, 2014
Project Beyond is the Samsung’s new project of 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera announced at developer conference 2014. This gadget shoots a 3D footage of the environment, but doesn’t record any 3D audio. The picture clarity will be a Gigapixel per per second and transports you into VR environment. This can be live in any stages and create a virtual 3D [...]