Are There Too Many Smartphones? Samsung Says “Yes!”

by Dharti Shahon November 26, 2014
  In an unexpected announcement from the world’s largest maker of smartphones, Samsung, it just said that it’s going to start making fewer phones. The company says it’s axing as much as 30% of its product lineup for next year, and it’s a big lineup. Despite how odd that sounds, this “less-is-more” approach is probably the safest thing Samsung […]
Xiaomi Mi4

EXCLUSIVE: Xiaomi Mi5 Featuring Bezel-less Screen Leaked

by DRajon November 15, 2014
Xiaomi had already made a mark on the world mobile market. News has been coming that Xiaomi Mi4 successors is about to be released.These leaks regarding successor of Mi4 happened in China showing the front panel of Xiaomi Mi5. iLevon posted the images of bezel-less display of Mi5 on Weibo. All the images are from […]

Samsung Note EDGE Curved Smartphone

Samsung Note EDGE, The Curved Smartphone, Is Launched

by DRajon November 13, 2014
Samsung is not called the innovation expert just like that.it has successfully brought the new technologies into market and potential to do much more. Samsung Note EDGE, which has a curved OLED screen, is now launched. This might be the start of new era which Samsung predicted before a couple of years at CES. Samsung […]
Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Releases Its First Smartphone Lumia 535

by DRajon November 12, 2014
Microsoft has released its first mobile after acquisition of Nokia. The newly branded brand new Lumia 535 gives a hearty welcome to Microsoft into the market. Though you would not be getting high end specs for this device, but for sure it maintains the brand of Microsoft.let us have sneak peek into specs. Design: No […]

HTC Desire EYE

HTC Desire EYE Price, Release Date & Specifications

by DRajon November 12, 2014
HTC Desire EYE is the latest selfie mobile launched by HTC recently. With the growing craze of selfie’s, many of the manufacturers are planning to support the customer needs. We already saw Oppo’s selfie mobile earlier now let us have a look at Desire EYE. Design: This device might not look the best compared with […]
Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 830 Review: Optical Image Stabilization, Pureview Camera

by DRajon November 10, 2014
Lumia 830 is the new release from Nokia, which can be called as the flagship device. The smartphone is for those who cannot afford flagships such as iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Lumia 930.There are definite limitations though. Lumia 830 comes with Optical image stabilization which only two of the iPhones have and is making […]


Apple Unveils How To Prevent Hijacking Messages of Ex-Users

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
Apple does a favor to the former iPhone users by offering a simple way to receive text messages sent into limbo by the company’s iMessage service. This new way also stops the hijacking of the text messages. This kind of problem is often seen in former iPhone users. The users who have transferred to other […]
microsoft lumia

First Microsoft Lumia To Be Released On Nov. 11

by RJ Kon November 9, 2014
Microsoft, the software giant, has been focused to release new and updated models of mobile phones from it recently acquired Nokia unit. Now the company is getting ready to unleash the Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphone on Tuesday, November 11th. The recent leaks and rumours have provided a picture of the specification of this flagship from the company. […]
motorola droid turbo

Motorola Droid Turbo Review: Synthetic Fiber, 21 MP Camera

by DRajon November 8, 2014
It is really annoying to have a beast mobile in your hands and not even getting you through your day. But the Motorola Droid Turbo gives you an ample advantage over this issue. Its specs do not disappoint us. Without a doubt, it is one of the best smartphones by Motorola. With the 48 hrs battery backup, Turbo guarantees you will get through […]

android lollipop

Android Fixed The 5.0 Lollipop Battery Drain Bug

by DRajon November 7, 2014
After the update of Nexus 5 software to Android Lollipop, it has been facing issues regarding battery drain. The fast battery drain bug has been fixed by Google earlier this Thursday. Soon after the users updated the Nexus 5 software to Lollipop, customers started facing the battery issues once they are connected over Wi-Fi. This […]
Samsung Galaxy Grand 3

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Leaked Specs: 12 MP Rear Camera

by DRajon November 6, 2014
After the success of Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung is now concentrating on Galaxy Grand 3 and trying to co-op with the market. We already saw that Samsung Alpha already has metal frame. Samsung is been working for the next version of its phablet series, Samsung Galaxy Grand 3. Recently a device with model SMG7200 has […]


New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Will Come to U.S. Soon

by RJ Kon November 5, 2014
The innovation curved edge display of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge would be the most attracting feature of the phablet sized device. The Samsung lovers of U.S can soon have their most loved device soon as the company announced that soon it is shipping the devices to U.S. But the steep price is what makes the […]
Honor 6

Honor 6 is The First Smartphone of New Mobile Brand-Honor

by DRajon November 2, 2014
Honor, the new mobile brand has entered the vast smart phone market. The company needs to be addressed as brave or rather foolish to launch the brand during the busiest time, but this is not a completely new brand. The Chinese manufacturer, Huawei owns Honor. The Honor’s first mobile called Honor 6 is here and […]

modular smartphones project ara

The Future of Phones: Google Releases Project Ara Prototype Video

by DRajon November 2, 2014
Are you even tired of your mobiles old features and wanted to update only few features. Tech giant Google keeps working on something called project Ara, named after techie Ara Knian.Project Ara is an open source initiative which allows customers to build their own custom based mobiles. After a wait for few months the first […]
Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung galaxy A3 is The Thinnest Smartphone Ever

by DRajon November 2, 2014
The new Samsung galaxy A3 is going to be released in next month. We often see Samsung mobiles having plastic body but this time company is moving out of its comfort zone and gone for complete metal for A3 mobiles which is an great change. Samsung had a very tough season and their profits have […]


Lenovo Acquires Motorola Mobility from Google

by RJ Kon October 31, 2014
It has been the year of big deals so far among the leading companies. The recent addition is Google selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, giving the Chinese smartphone manufacturer a major presence in the US market. Google has signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion in the mixture of cash and […]
Oppo N3

Oppo N3 Comes With Exciting Motorized Swivelling Camera

by DRajon October 30, 2014
Are you a selfie freak? Then this phone is just made for you. The Chinese smart phone manufacturer Oppo recently revealed its Oppo N3 with motorized swivelling camera. It also have some exciting features in hardware domain. The hybrid fingerprint scanner and hollow notification light bar makes the device stand out of crowd making it  one […]

Droid Turbo, An Amazing Smartphone From Verizon-Motorola

by RJ Kon October 30, 2014
Verizon in association with Motorola have announced Droid Turbo featuring industry best intense specs. Fans call it all-in superphone in the Droid line from the company. Both the companies have always had a close relationship. This new release of Droid will help both of them to penetrate more into the market. Motorola has been a […]


Is Android 5.0 Lollipop Good For Your Device? When And Where To Get It?

by RJ Kon October 22, 2014
Android 5.0 Lollipop was unveiled by Google at its I/O Developer Conference in June. The new OS was called as Android L at that time. The developers say that this operating system is the most drastic change to Android since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in late 2011. Lollipop has redesigned user interface referred […]

Tips to secure your Android device!

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
It is not enough if you only know how to use your smart phone or any other android devices. You should also be aware of managing it without risks and securing it from threats either online (hacking) or offline (stolen). You can follow the following tips to secure your android device. 1. Lock your Smartphone […]