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teens on social media

How Social Media Is Rewiring Your Teens’ Brains? Internet Parental Control App Can Help

by Gizmoration May 30, 2015
The social media life of the app-obsessed teens is no less than a mess today. If you sit and observe how they use the Internet and their favorite networking apps, you will be shocked how quickly they get bored of one app and switch to another. Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the […]

Twitter’s Periscope Is Now Coming To Android Platform

by Rajesh Ksskon May 27, 2015
The video streaming app Periscope from Twitter is now being made available on the Google’s Android platform after its recent launch and success on the Apple devices. The micro-messaging web giant has acquired the company in January 2015 and has added its own flavour to the application and launched onto the iOS platform. After a […]


Now You Can Make Video Calls Through Facebook Messenger

by Rajesh Ksskon April 29, 2015
Facebook, the largest social network has been the key platform for social engagement. With its Messenger app it has become more accessible to chat with the person who is at the other edge of the world. The social network giant has recently added the video calls feature to its Messenger app. This move makes the […]
Facebook at Work App

Facebook at Work App Wants To Make Your Office Life Better

by Ranjan Yadavon January 15, 2015
Facebook has introduced a new Facebook at Work app that brings FB to the usage in a particular office of a company. Facebook’s a new app aims to increase the FB’s presence inside companies and places of work. The new app seems identical to Facebook’s core product, but it preserves posts privately inside a specific […]


Now Google+ Will Automatically Make Your Videos Look Great

by Ambati Drajon December 20, 2014
Google+ already have some awesome features, one of them is auto awesome feature of photos. Just after introduction people easily gelled with this new idea and now Google is adding this feature to the videos too. Google recently announced that this auto awesome feature will enhance the video in terms of brightness ,noise, contrast. Unlike photos […]

Mark Zuckerberg Has No Plans For A ‘Dislike’ Button

by Rajesh Ksskon December 15, 2014
Facebook, the social media giant, is the biggest platform users got for this decade and this might remain same for next few decades. It is said that way because Facebook has been constantly churning to get the best from all the services it can. It is introducing products for the website, modifying the existing and […]


YouTube Introduces a GIF-Maker, Allowing Embed Code

by Rajesh Ksskon December 14, 2014
YouTube the number one video streaming website has now introduce the new feature of making of GIFs for its videos. A user who wants to share his video on YouTube can select the gif option to give a overlook about the video. This new option lets users set a start and an end point on the […]

Facebook Graph Search Now Available On Mobile

by Rajesh Ksskon December 10, 2014
Facebook, the largest social network, is the repository of many memories for many people. It also has the events of our lives and the news around the globe. It has become over the years a hub of information. With so much of information it always difficult to find one specific info which is why search […]

$50M Worth of Shares Sold by Twitter Top Management

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
The US Securities and Exchange Commission confirmed that Twitter’s top executives sold off almost $50m personal stock holdings during November, with the CEO, Dick Costolo, detaching almost 50% of his holdings, and co-founder Ev Williams leading the charge by offloading $28.7m-worth of shares. Twitter’s most famous face, Jack Dorsey, sold $2.1m worth of equities, along […]


Twitter To Peek Into Your Downloaded Apps For Targeted Ads

by Rajesh Ksskon November 30, 2014
Twitter is pushing hard to get the most out its resources by target ads. With this it is ramping up its advertising efforts with a help from your data. The recent announcement from the company tells that it will collect information about the apps that you download in order to provide a “more personal Twitter […]

Twitter Introduces Search Service Through The Twitter Index

by Rajesh Ksskon November 23, 2014
It’s search time with the newly announced Twitter Index. The social media giant on Tuesday has announced that it has indexed and made searchable every public tweet made since the microblogging platform’s launch in 2006. The results from the search will be available through the “All” tab of search results generated by its Web client […]


Xbox One’s Latest Update Comes With Twitter Integration

by Rajesh Ksskon November 10, 2014
To all the Twitter lovers who are also Xbox lovers here is a good news. The November update for the system will offer new Twitter integration feature. This new update will let the players of the Xbox to live Tweet game clips and screen shots, and also keep track of tending Live TV shows. The […]
Facebook Home feature

New Facebook Update Lets You Choose The News Feed Content

by Rajesh Ksskon November 9, 2014
Facebook has been growing and is being updated timely for its users. Now it’s another day for a Facebook update. It is not new to have an update for the social networking website, but what makes this update noticeable is that it is quite helpful for its users. Read on to find about the new […]

facebook logo

The Different Kinds of Facebook Murderers

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 8, 2014
Most people use the famous social networking website Facebook to connect with family and friends or to build personal or professional connections. But a few use the social network in far more sinister ways. Facebook has occasionally become entangled with crime – as a way to attract victims, as a place to broadcast villainous conquests, […]
facebook mobile

Facebook Now Lets You Join The Fight Against Ebola

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 7, 2014
Recently, the epidemic of Ebola Virus Disease is ravaging in some West African countries which killed nearly 5,000 people already by now and nearly 13,000 Ebola cases were recorded. It has spread in some other countries too. To prevent this, some non profit organizations are trying to help the people of these countries by providing […]

social media communication

Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Sell More E-books

by Gizmoration November 2, 2014
These days, when it comes to getting the word out about your soon-to-be-published book, the only person you can rely on to spread the word is yourself. Gone are the days of having the endless budgets of your publishing house’s advertising team and the PR firms that clamor over each other to get first crack at promoting your book. No, you […]
twitter fabric

Twitter’s Big Plans with the New ‘Fabric’ for App Developers

by Rajesh Ksskon October 27, 2014
Twitter, a couple of days back has released a new software development kit at the developers conference. It is called as Fabric. It definitely is the friendliest platform till date for all the mobile app developers. It does a lot of pretty cool things. But what is significant in knowing about a platform that is […]
Twitter Digits app

Twitter Declares War on Passwords with Digits App

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 26, 2014
It can be burdensome to the web users to remember the passwords if they subscribe to lots of online services. It is also difficult to key in the email address and passwords in mobile phones. Twitter tries to fix this and begins war on passwords with its new app called ‘Digits’. Digits will offer us […]


Facebook Launches an Anonymous Chat App Called Rooms

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 24, 2014
Facebook on Thursday released an application that lets the users create virtual ‘rooms’ to chat about whatever they wish using any name they would like. This software is introduced in the US and Britain and is available now for iPhone. Users can sign in to the app with an email address or use a pseudonym […]
Facebook video ads

Facebook challenges YouTube for Video Supremacy

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
You Tube is the most popular video-sharing site which allows us to view or post videos. Many users across the world use You Tube for checking on videos or posting their ad videos or movies or whatever it is. But recently, to our surprise, Facebook which is a social networking website has dominated You Tube […]