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Now Google+ Will Automatically Make Your Videos Look Great

by Ambati Drajon December 20, 2014
Google+ already have some awesome features, one of them is auto awesome feature of photos. Just after introduction people easily gelled with this new idea and now Google is adding this feature to the videos too. Google recently announced that this auto awesome feature will enhance the video in terms of brightness ,noise, contrast. Unlike photos […]
Google+ iOS app

Google+ iOS App Available in 48 New Countries and Territories

by Eric Brownon January 18, 2013
Google has released its Google+ iOS app (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) for 48 new countries and territories. It was originally launched in July 2011; in one year and a half of existence, Google+ app has reached version 4.2, adding support for iPad, iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Here is the full list of […]


Law Enforcement Meets Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Anna Johnsonon December 29, 2012
It seems like law enforcement officials have always had sort of a rough time of things, probably from the very beginning of the profession. Most people tend to have an automatic reaction to seeing or interacting with police, and the general reaction usually tends to fall along the lines of either fear or anger. This, […]

How To Stay Safe On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Brownon October 26, 2012
Over 1 billion people around the world are actively using Facebook, and many of those as well as millions of more people are using the several other popular Social Media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram on a daily basis as well. Just like exchanging information by any other means, such as by email […]


Google+’s New Tool For Businesses

by Gizmoration August 30, 2012
The latest Google+ features include for the business users the ability to control who can see their posts on Google+, video hangout that is integrated with other Google Apps, and new administrative controls over posts and who can view them, according to an Aug. 29 post on the Google Official Enterprise Blog. These tools will […]