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twitter fabric

Twitter’s Big Plans with the New ‘Fabric’ for App Developers

by K.S.S.K Rajeshon October 27, 2014
Twitter, a couple of days back has released a new software development kit at the developers conference. It is called as Fabric. It definitely is the friendliest platform till date for all the mobile app developers. It does a lot of pretty cool things. But what is significant in knowing about a platform that is […]
Twitter Digits app

Twitter Declares War on Passwords with Digits App

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 26, 2014
It can be burdensome to the web users to remember the passwords if they subscribe to lots of online services. It is also difficult to key in the email address and passwords in mobile phones. Twitter tries to fix this and begins war on passwords with its new app called ‘Digits’. Digits will offer us […]


Twitter Launches a Button to Make Purchases on Site

by K.S.S.K Rajeshon September 13, 2014
Twitter finally begins the testing ‘buy’ button after months of rumors and some tests by the company. This button helps to make purchases on the site. Twitter has taken this step towards a larger strategy which the company is planning for engaging its users to buy things online. The users of twitter can shop instantaneously […]
Barack Obama smartphone

@BarackObama Isn’t Barack Obama, It’s Just a Parody Twitter Account

by Eric Brownon February 15, 2014
The official, verified @BarackObama Twitter account has over 41 million followers and everyone else who passed along the tweet actually seem to think President Barack Obama wrote the tweets (or at least instructed someone to do). But it’s not the president. It’s just some staffer for Organizing for Action, the successor to the Obama For America campaign apparatus. […]

Twitter mobile

Top five Suggestions to Expand your Twitter Following Online

by Chris Murphyon October 17, 2013
When it comes to online community, Twitter’s latest activity and development has become the size of Facebook. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to have things going with creating a Twitter account and posting messages. It is simply so simple. For you to begin noticing outcomes, nevertheless, needs a great deal of time. […]
twitter news

#NBARapidReplay Brings Instant Highlights to Twitter

by Anna Johnsonon July 3, 2013
Twitter has a great influence on the sports world. Sports tweeters consist of pro athletes, fans, franchises and even popular parody accounts. As great as Twitter is at being a sports hub for alerting users of close games, great plays and historic moments, a common problem is missing the event live. Now, the NBA and […]

Twitter mobile

New Discovery Feature in Twitter’s Future

by Anna Johnsonon April 26, 2013
Twitter is currently working on an in-app feature that will allow users to discover tweets based on location. Twitter has just been testing the feature within the company and has not revealed the full potential of the app. However, this new discovery feature would be a big step forward for the social media app. Twitter’s […]
Comedy Central Presents ComedyFest

Comedy Central Using Social Media for #ComedyFest

by Anna Johnsonon April 24, 2013
Comedy Central will be using Twitter and Vine to produce the first online comedy festival. Starting April 29, the 5 day long online comedy festival will begin featuring celebrities like Carl Reiner, Amy Schumer, Paul Feig, Judd Apatow, and Mel Brooks. Over 50 comedians will be contributing to the festival using the hashtag #ComedyFest. This […]
Twitter Music

Twitter to Launch New Music App This Week

by Anna Johnsonon April 15, 2013
The software development company We Are Hunted was acquired by Twitter late in 2012. Founded by Stephen Phillips, Richard Slatter and Michael Doherty, We Are Hunted created internet search technology that finds new music trending on web sites and search engines.  The acquisition was kept secret until early last week when We Are Hunted announced the deal […]

thatcher confusion

#nowthatchersdead Causes Confusion After Thatcher’s Death

by Nick Adamson April 9, 2013
Twitter caused some confusion amongst users Monday when the tag #nowthatchersdead started trending.  Most people were aware that this was in reference to the passing of Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher; “Now Thatcher’s dead”. However, because of the way Thatcher can be broken apart, some thought the tag meant, “Now that Cher’s dead”. […]

Twitter Lets You Search Old Tweets Now

by Nick Adamson February 8, 2013
Until now we were able only to search tweets no older than a week. Twitter announced today the plan to enable people to search old tweets. Not all the tweets will be kept for the beginning; for the moment those to be kept will be determined by clicks, retweets and other factors, according to the […]

storm FEMA

Use Twitter As An Emergency Tool: Even Without Internet Access

by Eric Brownon October 30, 2012
Twitter became more than just a social network, it is an indispensable hub of information and updates about Hurricane Sandy and its devastating effects to the East Coast of the U.S. Because in many cases emergency management authorities cannot send emergency alerts through the regular outlets that need electricity, they are increasingly using social media to let everybody know about […]

How To Stay Safe On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Brownon October 26, 2012
Over 1 billion people around the world are actively using Facebook, and many of those as well as millions of more people are using the several other popular Social Media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram on a daily basis as well. Just like exchanging information by any other means, such as by email […]