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LG Mercedes Self-Driving Cars

Tech That Has Revolutionized The Automotive Sector

by Matthew Lucason August 6, 2015
Although many recent headlines have focused on the impending wave of driverless cars due to come to international markets soon, computers already play a huge role in the automotive industry. You don’t need to be a mechanic or car hobbyist to know that modern vehicles have extensive computer functionality built in, both in the cabin […]
e cig

Popularity Of E-Cig Gadget

by Chris Murphyon August 5, 2015
E-cigs as the latest gadget E-cigs are by no means a new invention, they have been floating about the periphery of the tech world for about three years now. One a clunky and cumbersome device, if you came across a vaper you may have regarded them with curiosity, what was that baton they were puffing […]

20 20 vision

How Has Laser Surgery Developed Over The Years?

by Matthew Lucason August 5, 2015
The use of laser eye surgery has changed considerably from when it was first developed. We are constantly seeing advances in the technology and procedures that are used, creating more successful and safer ways of operating. It is not just laser eye surgery that is benefiting from these new technologies. Other types of cosmetic surgery […]

5 Wearable Technologies You Didn’t Even Know Existed

by Gizmoration June 12, 2015
With the cacophony of hype about the Apple Watch, the wearable industry has everyone from tech enthusiasts to fashionistas buzzing about smartwatches. But as world leaders in flexible electronics continue to improve upon the existing technology, innovators are able to develop new devices to fit practically anywhere. At this astonishing rate of growth, it’s near […]

Google Tone

Google Introduces Tone Extension To Chrome For Sharing Info

by Rajesh Ksskon May 26, 2015
Sharing has been the key to success over the years. Be it knowledge transfer or information transfer or work transfer, sharing has resulted the unsolvable to be solvable. Files sharing through email and instant messaging have made it even simpler and easier. But for sharing in the same room these means seem to be complicated. […]

Kyocera Torque G02, The Mobile For Scuba Divers

by Rajesh Ksskon May 25, 2015
Kyocera, the brand known for the rugged and tough phones that it makes it, is now unleashing its new device Torque G02. This latest mobile from the company is claimed to have the capability to withstand the sea water and also to take snaps underwater. Like all other phones in the line Torque G02 was […]


Volvo’s New System To Connect Cyclists With Its Cars

by Rajesh Ksskon May 18, 2015
Volvo, the most celebrated automotive manufacture has been the house of ground breaking designs and technologies for years. It has been setting the standards of the industry in its segment. Leading the change, Volvo has announced almost an year ago that it was working with POC, the Swedish helmet manufacturer in developing a car-to cyclist […]

Now Periscope Lets You Sign Up With Just A Phone Number

by Eric Brownon May 12, 2015
The update was announced in a Medium post a short while ago and signed by Team Periscope. Now you can use your phone number to sign up for Periscope, with no need for a Twitter account at all. While Twitter still recommends you sign up through a Twitter account so it can use your social graphs to find people […]
tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Powers Your Home With Solar Energy

by Rajesh Ksskon May 2, 2015
Tesla has been revolutionary with its amazing ideas and battery technology. As the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk hinted few months back the company has finally unveiled the Tesla home battery system in California. The battery system is called the Powerwall, by the company. The battery system comes in two models, one with 10 kWh […]


Audi, The First Automaker To Create E-diesel Fuel

by Rajesh Ksskon April 28, 2015
Audi, known for its luxurious and sports car around the globe has been making the headlines in an entirely new field. This time it is the field of chemistry that made the name AUDI resound. The reason is that the company has manufactured a green fuel which cares for the climate. This new fuel has […]

Variable Compression Engine From Porsche, In Progress

by Rajesh Ksskon April 28, 2015
In this modern age technology became the integral part of everything what we do and how we do. The era of hybrid of electric automotive has started with the explosion of technology in that field. As the saying goes ‘old is gold’  , the car maker Porsche is developing new variants of the gold model internal […]


ChargeTech is World’s Smallest Phone Charger

by Ranjan Yadavon April 19, 2015
ChargeTech is the world’s smallest phone charger developed in Newport Beach, California by a company known as CHARGEALL under the leadership of Jeffrey Maganis. It is twice as fast and half the size, having two USB ports. The ChargeTech dual USB wall charger is small, and capable of charging your iPhone 6/6+ in double the […]

iDerma is An Advanced Anti-Aging Photofacial System

by Ranjan Yadavon April 19, 2015
iDerma is an advanced anti-aging photofacial system built in Boca Raton, Florida. It can allow you to enjoy smoother skin and have reduced wrinkles. It is patented, LED-based light-therapy system. iDerma Facial Beautification System is envisioned and built by Apira Science which is the most advanced full-face coverage, wearable phototherapy device today. The iDerma is […]


Breathometer Mint Tracks Your Oral Health and Hydration

by Ranjan Yadavon April 19, 2015
Breathometer is launching Mint, which is yet another miracle coming out from the Silicon Valley that is a solution to our Breath Quality and Hydration problems. It allows you to monitor and track your oral health and hydration through your breath. Mint is the world’s first portable Breath Quality and Hydration level detector. When you place […]

MESH is A Creative DIY Kit For Smartly Connected Life

by Ranjan Yadavon April 19, 2015
MESH is a creative platform made in Tokyo, Japan that lets you make your own “smart projects” in no time. It can send you an email when your home front door opens, ring your co-worker to go for coffee break, automatically send a goodnight text by just tapping a button next to your bed. You […]

Robocop Google Glass

We Will Be Able To Watch 3D Without Glasses By 2016

by Ambati Drajon April 18, 2015
3D is a very old concept and researchers are still working on it in order to create a Virtual Reality environment without any fuss of having a glass to experience it. Researchers from Austria have developed a technology which lets you experience 3D without any need of any glasses. The sophisticated lasers where beamed in […]

Apple Makes Moves For Its Next Generation Mobile

by Rajesh Ksskon April 17, 2015
Apple has been the worlds finest companies with its overall performance and business. The vision towards making the next big things in the industry has been absolutely outstanding. With the iPhone series Apple has been reigning the throne for past many years. Now it has started to make moves required for the next iPhone. The […]
orrb pod

Orrb is A Futuristic Pod Designed To Help Us Relax

by Gizmoration January 16, 2015
The Orrb pod was designed by London-based designer Lee McCormark.  Described as a ‘corporate wellness facility’ or like using a ‘mind gym’, individuals access an online account when they first enter. Here they can choose from a selection of wellness routines under the banners of relax, learn, test and boost, in either 10, 20 or […]

AMPL smart backpack

AMPL Releases $299 World’s Smartest Backpack

by Ambati Drajon January 14, 2015
Backpacks and Smart luggage are slowly gaining popularity and we can see many players in the market which are developing these gadgets. AMPL, a smart back pack producer which claims it to be the smartest is taking the next step into the gadget market. Company calls it a smart backpack for reasons like included charge […]

Xiaomi Might Release Chromecast-Like Device This Thursday

by Ambati Drajon January 13, 2015
If you were following the previous articles, iT would have been clear that 15th January might be the big day for Xiaomi. Its next Flagship Smartphone will be releasing on that day but that’s not all. Xiaomi is planning something much big for this day. According to recent certifications acquired by this Chinese company, it […]