Dubai climate controlled city

Dubai is creating the first climate-controlled city: biggest mall, 100 hotels, theme parks

by Eric Brownon July 8, 2014
Dubai is planning to build a temperature-controlled city featuring the world’s largest mall and an indoor park, as well as hotels, health resorts and theatres, the developer said. Already home to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and to one of the globe’s biggest indoor shopping complexes, Dubai Mall, the glitzy emirate known for its love of grandiose […]
TSA X-ray scanners

TSA: Charge your gadget before flying or it will be banned

by Eric Brownon July 8, 2014
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced security measures at “certain” overseas airports for flights into the US. It will not allow uncharged mobile phones and laptops onto planes headed to the United States. The TSA is being deliberately light on details, but NBCNews posits that the new rules are in response to a specific threat which has the TSA worried […]
Earth-size diamond star

Astronomers found Earth-sized diamond valued at $2 billion

by Matthew Lucason June 27, 2014
A team of astronomers has identified an Earth-sized diamond in space, or possibly the coldest, faintest white dwarf star ever detected. The large diamond is about 900 light-years away in space. Hovering near a much larger pulsar, this ancient stellar remnant has a temperature of less than 3,000 K, or about 2,700 degrees Celsius. That’s cooler […]

No Man's Sky game

No Man’s Sky is the best indie game ever created

by Chris Murphyon June 20, 2014
No Man’s Sky represents everything you’ve wanted from video games. It aims to fulfill my boyhood fascination with dinosaurs, discovery, exploration, strange places, space, and dogfighting. This game got me and a lot of other people the most hyped this E3 is getting built by less than a dozen people. Everybody should have heard of No Man’s Sky by […]
Reading Rainbow

Levar Burton launches Kickstarter campaign to revive ‘Reading Rainbow’

by Anna Johnsonon May 29, 2014
LeVar Burton unveiled a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to bringing back the classic Reading Rainbow. The beloved American children’s television series could once again become a staple for US children after the Wednesday launch of the fundraising campaign. The creator and host of PBS’ series Reading Rainbow from 1983 to 2006, hopes that with $1 million, he can continue the legacy of the […]

edward snowden nbc interview

Edward Snowden’s first US interview airs on 28th; with NBC’s Brian Williams

by Eric Brownon May 26, 2014
NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams sat down with Edward Snowden for an exclusive interview that will air on May 28th at 10pm EST and it’s sure to garner plenty of debate from an already splintered public. Brian Williams quietly traveled to Moscow earlier this week for the “wide-ranging” sit-down with the former NSA contractor, network officials said in […]

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby announced

by Ryan Burgesson May 8, 2014
Yesterday Nintendo revealed 3rd generation Pokemon remakes with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, they are to be released on 3DS and will be available in November of this year. The press release read: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are a fresh take on Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, which launched in 2003 and […]


300 Words or less: FEZ

by Ryan Burgesson May 7, 2014
FEZ is mostly known for its marmite like creator Phil Fish, in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie many thought that he was over confident and arrogant. I can see where they are coming from but I could never condemn someone for being passionate about something. Forgetting about the man behind the game and focussing […]

Moebius abandons Towns due to low sales; pitches sequel

by Ryan Burgesson May 7, 2014
Indie developer Moebius has today stated on their website that they are to stop working on Towns but had the courtesy to talk about a sequel. Towns was initially one of the growing number of games that you pay for during alpha and get builds throughout the development process. Towns was actually a very successful […]


Valve pulls Earth: Year 2066 from Steam

by Ryan Burgesson May 7, 2014
Valve has finally pulled the early access indie game Earth: Year 2066 from Steam after complaints from people that bought the game. Though that wasn’t all the developer ‘Killing Day Studios’ was doctoring their games Steam forum to make sure no negative feedback was able to be seen. It turns out that they also were […]

CCP talks about their ‘new’ game Project Legion

by Ryan Burgesson May 3, 2014
CCP announced yesterday a brand new game they are working on named Project Legion, it is essentially what the PS3 has in DUST514 but different enough to be given it its own identity. CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said to Eurogamer: a new approach to being a mercenary on the ground It’s almost that experience […]

Killer Is Dead PC system requirements revealed

by Ryan Burgesson May 3, 2014
Killer Is Dead’s PC requirements have been revealed thanks to its steam store page and it looks like those of us with older PC’s will be just fine. Here are the game’s PC system requirements: Minimum: OS: Windows Vista 64-bit Processor: 2.0 Ghz or above Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: GPU that supports Shader Model […]


RUMOUR: Project Beast a new game by FromSoftware

by Ryan Burgesson May 3, 2014
A rumour has started to circulate that FromSoftware and Sony Japan Studio are teaming up again to bring us ‘Project Beast’. The pictures were originally found on 4chan so take it with a pinch of salt but from what we can see it looks pretty real at least to me.   Naturally people are drawn […]

You can now stream ‘AAA’ games to your OUYA

by Ryan Burgesson May 2, 2014
  Playcast Media is a new cloud based gaming program for the OUYA, Playcast enables you to stream ‘AAA’ games to your OUYA rather than being stuck with the restricted library the android system has. At the moment Playcast is in beta and therefore missing a lot of titles but so far they have to […]


PS+ version of Driveclub will have 5 tracks and 10 cars.

by Ryan Burgesson May 2, 2014
When Driveclub was revealed Sony spoke about how essentially it was going to be free to PS4 PS+ subscribers and that is true… to an extent. It would appear that Sony has offered a lot less than they initially said they would by only including 5 tracks and 10 cars. Compare this to a statement […]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked ahead of its Sunday reveal

by Ryan Burgesson May 2, 2014
I don’t know nowadays what is actually a leak and what isn’t but I would put money on saying that this is latter. Still Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare information has been released and the most surprising thing is the fact Kevin Spacey features. Here is the ‘leaked’ trailer. Obviously a lot of this is […]

Bmj65GBCcAAVgGI.jpg large

New Call of Duty to be revealed on May 4th

by Ryan Burgesson May 1, 2014
On the Call of Duty website a teaser has sprung up concluding rumours that were circling this week with supposed leaks by new COD developers Sledgehammer saying what the game could be about. The website can be found here. COD Ghosts really seemed to have one of the most tempered receptions of any Call of […]

Playstation 4 is getting Sky Go and NOW TV this year

by Ryan Burgesson May 1, 2014
Sky announced via a press release that the Playstation 4 will be getting Sky Go and NOW TV by the end of the year this is pretty good news for people in the UK. Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing Director Fergal Gara spoke about the deal: NOW TV has been a great addition to the […]


Techland releases some more info on Hellraid

by Ryan Burgesson May 1, 2014
Its taken a long time for Techland to release anymore information on their brand new IP Hellraid but finally we have gotten a trailer and a little more insight into what kind of game we are going to get. In an interview with VG247, Game Producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz spoke about last gen limitations: We’re constantly […]

Valve working on another arcade game for Japan

by Ryan Burgesson April 30, 2014
So it seems that Valve will be working with Japanese arcade experts Taito to release an arcade version of Left 4 Dead dubbed Left 4 Dead: Survivors You can view the rather odd trailer here. This isn’t the first time that Valve has released an arcade game though and that surprised me, it turns out […]

Bungie are trying to keep Destiny subscription free

by Ryan Burgesson April 29, 2014
At a Q&A session with Gamereactor when the issue of microtransactions were brought up Bungie spoke about what they are aiming for with Destiny. Investment Lead Tyson Green said: We don’t have anything to announce with micro-transactions at this point, We’re concentrating on the core sixty dollar experience; basically trying to keep the game away […]