AOL is Now Made Available on Google’s Android TV

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 24, 2014
AOL has announced that its new app will be available on Google’s Android TV, the same day when the internet giant unveiled the first streaming media player that would run the new platform. AOL said that its library of premium content would help them in expanding the reach of its service. The company’s app include […]

Eyeless Swimmer : Cousins of Humans!!

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
Is n’t it surprising and exciting to know that some bizarre creature is our very distant cousin! But it is proved to be so. They have been a mystery since their discovery more than a century ago. With the discovery of fossils of these bizarre creatures recently on Kangaroo island off of Australia, researchers understood […]


5K Retina iMac – The World’s Highest Resolution Display Device

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 17, 2014
Following the iPad Air 2, iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite, Apple unveiled the new 27-inch 5K Retina iMac. Display matters the most! The new 27-inch iMac with retina 5K display has four times or 67% more as many pixels as the standard 27-inch iMac display. This new iMac comes with 14.7 million pixels or […]
invisible umbrella

The Invisible Umbrella is Now Reality: It Uses Shield or Air

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 16, 2014
Want to be a center of attraction in rain? Then you can have fun with Air umbrella. It is also called as “Invisible umbrella”. Because the upper part of umbrella is not visible in this kind. Only the bottom part is visible. The traditional umbrella is compact and resistant but cannot withstand very strong winds. […]


London To Get New Driverless Underground Trains

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 15, 2014
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson on october 9 has revealed the new designs for the new underground transport system for London. These designs for the New Tube for London- a fleet of 250 trains become operational in the mid-2020s The feature of the design that makes its extraordinary is that the trains are fully […]
3D Printing Shoes

Conway’s Game of Life Algorithm Helps in 3D Printing of Shoes

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 12, 2014
Ever since 3D printing was made popular in the western part of the world, it has been put up to different purposes manufacturing different products. The wide varieties so manufactured using this technology include the NASA’s rocket engine, Complex machines, household utilities and wearables like shoes etc. However perfect the algorithms are and however fine […]

Volvo Cars reveals 450 horsepower High Performance Drive-E Power

Volvo Unveils Its 4-cylinder Engine Which Gives Out 450hp

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 11, 2014
Introducing a four cylinder engine is not something very special and would not draw much attention to it. But Volvo’ High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept is an exception. This 2.0 litre, gas powered unit features ” triple boost” technology that is capable of generating a massive power of not less than 450hp. Unlike the regular […]
Breathing Underwater

Breathing Underwater is Now Possible with the Oxygen Absorbing Material

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 11, 2014
Breathing underwater one of the IMPOSSIBLE things for a human being .But scientists say that they have created a substance that will help in making this impossible thing to be possible. The scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have created which can absorb oxygen in high concentrations. They claim that a bucketful of this […]

Lamborghini Goes Hybrid with 910-hp Asterion Concept Car

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 8, 2014
Lamborghini has been the pioneer among the automotive manufacturers and is a leading auto technology giant. It has been concentrating on making the cutting edge auto technology in terms of potent powertrains and lightweight materials. Lamborghini has introduced its new concept Asterion. It is a plug-in hybrid concept. The first from the car manufacturer. The […]


Kawasaki Launches the King of Bikes: 300HP supercharged Ninja H2R

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 6, 2014
Kawasaki has been the top and most wanted brand in the motorcycle segment. Driving a kawasaki superbike is a dream that every bike lover dreams of. Now Kawasaki creates history by introducing its new bike. It smashes the superbike class of motorcycles with 300 horsepower, supercharged Ninja H2R. The Kawasaki H2 of the 1970s was […]
range rover 2014

Charting Unmapped Terrains with Range Rover

by Gizmoration September 30, 2014
Bryn is on an adventure trip and his venture begins at Telluride as he meets his old friends John and Gabe Lifton. The Liftons have lived here for generations and know the place in and out. There’s something that Bryn would want to explore about this land and the Liftons prove to be good guides […]

Tim Cook

Apple is Back With New And Better iPhone and Apple Watch

by Rajesh K S S Kon September 11, 2014
Apple events have been of military precision from its inception for introduction of its flag ship products like iPad and iPhone. The company has been responsible for the radical changes in the technology with its inventions. The company believes that its has did the same for the fifth time on Tuesday by unveiling Apple watch […]

Make Your Account Hack-proof: Three Essential Steps

by Rajesh K S S Kon September 7, 2014
Over the internet nothing can hide from being hacked, The hackers always do find ways to hack the accounts using different techniques. This proves that everything over the internet is vulnerable and can be stolen or can be misued. Finding a hack-proof account will be a blind chase. If you have not found your to […]