No Nazis in the German Wolfenstein: The New Order

by Ryan Burgesson April 17, 2014
Well in what probably isn’t a surprise to many the German versions of Wolfenstein: The New Order will not contain Nazis but instead ‘The Regime’. This particular Wolfenstein game is set within the 1960′s in an alternate reality where the Nazi’s won World War 2. Peter Hines, Bethesda’s marketing executive said: They have a thing […]
Blood Moon Castle

We survived the Blood Moon. The next one is in October 2014

by Chris Murphyon April 16, 2014
Did you miss the Blood Moon? Stargazers glimpsed a rare treat as a “blood moon” crossed the Earth’s shadow Tuesday. The tetrad — or four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses occurring at approximately six-month intervals — will all be visible over the United States this year and next, according to NASA lunar eclipse expert Fred Espenak. So if you […]

#Whaling is the new #Twerking and this video proves it

by Anna Johnsonon April 16, 2014
Whaling is the new visual meme that has taken over Vine, which is Twitter’s mobile app that allows users to create and post short looping video clips. Or, as Vine defines it: “To dive backwards with one’s body in a public or unusual place, like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean.” Whaling has even enticed news […]


Warframe PS4 has around 1.7 million registered users

by Ryan Burgesson April 16, 2014
In a recently released infographic it was found that around 1.7 million Warframe players are on the PS4, this is obviously nowhere near the PC number but it says a lot about free-to-play games. The PS4 version is extremely popular, everywhere I go I see nothing but praise for it. I have only played it […]

PSN is giving away the Infamous: Second Son soundtrack for free

by Ryan Burgesson April 16, 2014
Sucker Punch and Sony have come together to offer the soundtrack to Infamous Second Son for free as a thank you to all the fans of the franchise. Sucker Punch said: Yes, it’s FREE. As a thanks for supporting the spectacular launch of inFAMOUS Second Son, the team at Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation want […]

steam li

Steams most popular games revealed

by Ryan Burgesson April 15, 2014
In a very interesting article found on Ars Technica, they have managed to get their hands on some rather telling Steam data. I recommend you read the whole article over there as it is a fascinating read but I just want to talk about one specific graph on there. If we take a look at […]

Dead Nation Vita releases today on PSN

by Ryan Burgesson April 15, 2014
Dead Nation Vita is going to be released today in the latest update on PSN, coming in at a very affordable $8. The Playstation Blog says: Like the PS4 version of the game, the PS Vita version has been developed by our friends at Climax Studios, and they’ve faithfully recreated the classic experience of the […]


Candy Crush Developer says free-to-play games are the future

by Ryan Burgesson April 15, 2014
Tommy Palm ‘King Games Guru’ (actual job title) has said in an interview with IGN that free-to-play is the future of video games. In the interview he said: The micro-transaction is so strong and it’s definitely a much better model. I think all companies have to transition over to that. If you talk to many […]

Crysis 1 and 2 multiplayer to go down with Gamespy

by Ryan Burgesson April 15, 2014
Whilst Crysis isn’t exactly known for its stellar multiplayer it is probably not surprising that Crytek won’t be working on a solution to keep it alive for Crysis 1 and 2. Even though the multiplayer communities for these games probably aren’t bustling I hate to see any game lose a major feature. I never played […]


Spirtual successor to Left 4 Dead, Evolve receives new screenshots

by Ryan Burgesson April 14, 2014
Turtle Rock, developers behind the hugely successful Left 4 Dead series announced their new multiplayer shooter Evolve a few months back and now we have received a few more screenshots detailing the creatures we’ll be facing in the game. Here are the shots: I am really looking forward to this game, though it won’t have […]

Titanfall Xbox 360 boosts sales 220% in the UK

by Ryan Burgesson April 14, 2014
The previous generation crowd are making their voices heard as Titanfall on the Xbox 360 has boosted Titanfall’s sales 220% pushing it back to the top of the UK charts. 70% of the units sold were on the Xbox 360 and it just goes to show that Titanfall wasn’t quite the system seller many thought […]

Minecraft: Pocket Edition sells 21 million copies worldwide

by Ryan Burgesson April 13, 2014
In keeping with Mojang’s rather good track record of their games selling quite a lot the mobile version of Minecraft has pushed over 21 million copies. I haven’t tried the Pocket Edition though from what I heard it wasn’t all that impressive, I am really waiting for the Vita version to come about and then […]


OnLive cuts CloudLift subscription fee by half

by Ryan Burgesson April 13, 2014
Onlive’s CloudLift service that links your Steam account to OnLive so you can stream your games has had it’s price cut in half. Previously to use CloudLift it would have cost you £9.99 now it is a rather tempting £4.95, though that thought may leave your head if you look into the list of games […]

Civilisation Beyond Earth leaked

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
On Neogaf it was found that Civilisation Beyond Earth was accidentally leaked as user miladesn found an ad for the game on Google. Firaxis were to set to announce a new game later today and it would seem that Google beat them to the punch. The original text was in French so Gaffer killercrow translated […]


Netflix 4K streaming is live

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
A couple of days ago Netflix launched their 4K streaming service in Netflix though they have said that it will only be available to newer 4K monitors. If you purchased a 4K TV before the start of this year you may be out of luck as your TV will probably lack the H.265/HEVC decoder needed […]

Trials Fusion to run at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
Ubisoft’s Trials Fusion has been revealed to run at different resolutions on each console and of course it is the PS4 that has won out. This can not keep happening to Microsoft everytime news like this appears it really shows the gulf in hardware power and shows up their much more expensive console. Of course […]


Nanoparticles in consumer products could pose risk to DNA

by Raghuvir Dasson April 11, 2014
One theory attributes the decline of the Roman Empire to their overuse of lead in food and daily life. Their water pipes were made of lead, they used lead based paints and lead compounds in their medicines. They prepared their food in lead containers. As it turns out this theory was wholly overblown, the ancient […]

Transistor release date announced

by Ryan Burgesson April 11, 2014
The next game from SuperGiant has had its release date announced and it is probably coming a lot sooner than you would think. We are looking at a May 20th release for this tactical adventure in which your only friend is a talking sword. SuperGiant are known for the indie hit Bastion that may be […]


David Polfeldt talks about developers reactions to The Division

by Ryan Burgesson April 11, 2014
David Polfeldt, Massive Entertainment’s Managing Director today spoke about some of the reaction to The Division from other big game developers. One that really stands out to me is that he says even Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame was so impressed he said ‘It’s so good, ‘it makes me want to quit my […]

Football Manager Classic 2014 Vita shown off and released today

by Ryan Burgesson April 11, 2014
The portable version of Football Manager we’ve all been waiting for seems to have finally come to fruition as the latest trailer has shown. You can watch the trailer here. Anybody that plays Football Manager knows that real want for a real good portable version of the game, I am not talking a laptop or […]

New The Evil Within trailer released at PAX

by Ryan Burgesson April 10, 2014
Promising new survival horror IP The Evil Within has received a new gameplay trailer at PAX. You can watch the trailer here. I must say I am very much looking forward to this game, as a fan of the classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil this seems to tick a lot of the boxes […]