The New Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Are Incredible

by RJ Kon November 15, 2014
Beats has been the choice of brand when it comes the music accessories especially the headphones which have the best-est quality output in the segment. For starters, the craze and the brand value of Beats would give an insight on how famous is the brand in every corner of the world. The quality output from […]
Xiaomi Mi4

EXCLUSIVE: Xiaomi Mi5 Featuring Bezel-less Screen Leaked

by DRajon November 15, 2014
Xiaomi had already made a mark on the world mobile market. News has been coming that Xiaomi Mi4 successors is about to be released.These leaks regarding successor of Mi4 happened in China showing the front panel of Xiaomi Mi5. iLevon posted the images of bezel-less display of Mi5 on Weibo. All the images are from […]

office laser printers

For Both Business & Home: Top Tips for Buying Best Printer Ever

by Gizmoration November 15, 2014
It wasn’t that long ago that the first inkjet printer was noisily struggling to produce a blistering two pages per minute, but printer technology has really moved on and you can get a decent printer with good features for a reasonable price. There are many things to consider when you are trying to work out […]
Samsung 360 Degree VR Camera

Samsung’s New 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera Is Amazing

by DRajon November 15, 2014
Project Beyond is the Samsung’s new project of 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera announced at developer conference 2014. This gadget shoots a 3D footage of the environment, but doesn’t record any 3D audio. The picture clarity will be a Gigapixel per per second and transports you into VR environment. This can be live in any stages and create a virtual 3D […]

Samsung Note EDGE Curved Smartphone

Samsung Note EDGE, The Curved Smartphone, Is Launched

by DRajon November 13, 2014
Samsung is not called the innovation expert just like that.it has successfully brought the new technologies into market and potential to do much more. Samsung Note EDGE, which has a curved OLED screen, is now launched. This might be the start of new era which Samsung predicted before a couple of years at CES. Samsung […]

Samsung Sues Nvidia For Misleading Benchmark Results

by DRajon November 13, 2014
Exynos 5433 is a powerful chip which was considered to be the best till the recent situations. TEGRA K1 chip benchmarks were excellent given by NVDIA but the reality doesn’t seem to be the same.Samsung sued NVDIA for misleading benchmark scores which lead the customers to compare the shield tablets with Samsung Note 4. In reality the Tegra k1 […]

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 Is Now For Sale At Google Playstore

by DRajon November 12, 2014
Sony comes up with its third series of smartwatches, Sony SmartWatch 3 is here with a price tag of $250 which is now available on play store. Until this Monday , there was only “coming soon” message which changed to available promising the delivery in two days. It is not yet available in UK and […]
Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Releases Its First Smartphone Lumia 535

by DRajon November 12, 2014
Microsoft has released its first mobile after acquisition of Nokia. The newly branded brand new Lumia 535 gives a hearty welcome to Microsoft into the market. Though you would not be getting high end specs for this device, but for sure it maintains the brand of Microsoft.let us have sneak peek into specs. Design: No […]
HTC Desire EYE

HTC Desire EYE Price, Release Date & Specifications

by DRajon November 12, 2014
HTC Desire EYE is the latest selfie mobile launched by HTC recently. With the growing craze of selfie’s, many of the manufacturers are planning to support the customer needs. We already saw Oppo’s selfie mobile earlier now let us have a look at Desire EYE. Design: This device might not look the best compared with […]


Mozilla Releases It’s New Firefox Developer Edition

by RJ Kon November 11, 2014
Mozilla today has launched the most awaited Firefox Developer Edition for its users. The company is calling it to be “the first browser created specifically for developers.”With this release the company would like to answer the complaints from the developers that arise when dealing the numerous siloed development environments when creating content or targeting different […]

Xbox One’s Latest Update Comes With Twitter Integration

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
To all the Twitter lovers who are also Xbox lovers here is a good news. The November update for the system will offer new Twitter integration feature. This new update will let the players of the Xbox to live Tweet game clips and screen shots, and also keep track of tending Live TV shows. The […]

black friday

Where To Find The Best 2014 Black Friday Deals

by DRajon November 10, 2014
Black Friday is just 2 weeks ahead and everyone is eager for shopping. The maximum number of sales happens today as the deals are really worth. Now it is really a havoc to find websites which provides the useful deals. So, now here we come up with 5 of the best websites which you may visit […]
Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 830 Review: Optical Image Stabilization, Pureview Camera

by DRajon November 10, 2014
Lumia 830 is the new release from Nokia, which can be called as the flagship device. The smartphone is for those who cannot afford flagships such as iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Lumia 930.There are definite limitations though. Lumia 830 comes with Optical image stabilization which only two of the iPhones have and is making […]


Bone-conducting Headset From Microsoft To Help The Blind

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
Being able to see and enjoy the world around us is definitely a gift from god. Walking down the street avoiding the obstacles is the easiest task for normal human and is the most difficult task for a blind person. They run into danger unless guided by the people nearby or a walking stick. Microsoft […]

Apple Unveils How To Prevent Hijacking Messages of Ex-Users

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
Apple does a favor to the former iPhone users by offering a simple way to receive text messages sent into limbo by the company’s iMessage service. This new way also stops the hijacking of the text messages. This kind of problem is often seen in former iPhone users. The users who have transferred to other […]

Facebook Home feature

New Facebook Update Lets You Choose The News Feed Content

by RJ Kon November 9, 2014
Facebook has been growing and is being updated timely for its users. Now it’s another day for a Facebook update. It is not new to have an update for the social networking website, but what makes this update noticeable is that it is quite helpful for its users. Read on to find about the new […]
microsoft lumia

First Microsoft Lumia To Be Released On Nov. 11

by RJ Kon November 9, 2014
Microsoft, the software giant, has been focused to release new and updated models of mobile phones from it recently acquired Nokia unit. Now the company is getting ready to unleash the Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphone on Tuesday, November 11th. The recent leaks and rumours have provided a picture of the specification of this flagship from the company. […]
oneplus one

OnePlus Sells 500k Devices With A $300 Marketing Budget

by DRajon November 9, 2014
When it comes to smartphone industry, advertising is the best and most costly expenditure any company faces. We already know Chinese smart phone manufacturer which is named as a flagship killer, OnePlus recently released it budget for marketing which is just  $300 .Samsung almost spends millions only in advertising and marketing which is what makes […]

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch First Impressions

by DRajon November 9, 2014
Samsung has entered the smart wearable technology with an intent to conquer the industry. It has already released more than 4 models with different sizes shapes and configurations within this year itself. This time it has released a sexy smartwatch which is curved and pretty fashionable which actually looks like a casual watch. Samsung Gear […]
Jawbone up 3 up move

Jawbone Releases Affordable Fitness Trackers UP3 and UP Move

by DRajon November 8, 2014
Wearable technology is the next big thing in market which is continuously gaining fame, slowly but steadily. Top end tech companies Google, Apple, Microsoft have already released few of their gadgets. But they are quite pricey. Jawbone officially confirmed the released of their budget fitness trackers. In past, Jawbone has already promised the release of […]