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Google Plans To Buy Mobile Payment Company Softcard

by DRajon January 29, 2015
Softcard is a mobile payment company which is troubled nowadays and that is a reason why many potential buyers are planning to take over Softcard. Google, the tech giant is also planning the same. Google is interested in buying payment groups which are relatively small which are controlled by Telecom companies of US. Google is [...]
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Facebook Brings Voice Transcription To Messenger

by DRajon January 28, 2015
Voice messages in WhatsApp and Facebook are popular and it already has spread over many other applications. Facebook is now planning to release something better and the idea is voice transcriptions for their messenger app. This means that you can now just talk toyour messenger app and it will convert them into words and send [...]


Federal Appeals Court Rejects San Jose’s Antitrust Case Against MLB

by Ranjan Yadavon January 26, 2015
Federal Appeals Court Rejects San Jose’s Antitrust Case Against MLB. A ruling of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t consider San Jose’s claims that baseball’s refusal to let the A’s to move to a downtown ballpark breaches federal antitrust laws. The appeals court stated that baseball’s age-old exemption from antitrust laws forecloses San Jose’s [...]

Google, Apple, Adobe & Intel Ink $415m ‘Non-Poaching’ Settlement

by Ranjan Yadavon January 26, 2015
Google, Apple, Adobe & Intel ink $415m ‘non-poaching’ settlement. World’s top four technology firms Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe have reached to a settlement of a class action case that alleged they conspired holding down salaries. The case alleged that the tech giants agreed to resist from poaching staff from either of the companies. This, [...]

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State of New York Plans To Have Fastest Broadband

by DRajon January 26, 2015
New York governor Andrew Cuomo hopes that by 2019 all of the state will be hooked up with 100 Mbps internet speed.  The Administration department hints that it is the largest state investment in broadband services in the country. The Chief Digital officer Rachel Haot calls for the Internet Service providers with at least 100Mbps [...]

MIT Engineers Develop EVA Sex Toy To End Pleasure Gap For Women

by Ranjan Yadavon January 26, 2015
MIT Engineers have created what is called, EVA Sex Toy to curb the ‘Pleasure Gap’ for Women. MIT Engineers’ have developed a vibrator called Eva that is in fact the most hugely funded adult product in the history of online crowd funding. Notably, a survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that 15 percent of [...]


Charger-Like Spy Device Keeps Track Of Your Keyboard Strokes

by DRajon January 22, 2015
Bond kind of movies have the super cool spy gadgets which make the way of the lead role hero pave his path through all the obstacles and save the day. But same spy gadgets in real life are uncool. We introduce you to one of the charger like looking spy gadget, KeySweeper,  which tracks your keyboard strokes.  [...]
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Five Ways that Voice over LTE will Change the Phone Call Experience

by Gizmoration January 21, 2015
An increasing number of wireless operators are currently offering an upgrade to traditional voice services. For the network operators, it makes sense to switch from an old-fashioned 2G infrastructure to a more cost effective wireless network. A voice over LTE service allows operators to transmit voice services over the data network in the same way [...]
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Half Way is A Documentary About Homelessness In UK

by Ranjan Yadavon January 21, 2015
HALF WAY is a documentary made in London, U.K., about a homeless family in the processes of being re-homed. It is made by a group of debuting filmmakers, wanting to make a film which is honest, insightful and cinematic. The story is a personal story that they opine needs to be presented as it represents [...]

VinegarSyndrome tv

VinegarSyndrome.TV: An Instant Digital Exploitation Platform

by Ranjan Yadavon January 21, 2015
VinegarSyndrome.TV is where exploitation meets the Internet. It is home to the best in cult, exploitation and sleaze streaming in crisp HD. Coming from Bridgeport, Connecticut, US, the VinegarSyndrome.TV is an interactive digital streaming community. The company, Vinegar Syndrome, owns one of the largest exploitation film archives in the world. VinegarSyndrome.tv is a subscription-based video-on-demand [...]
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Google Glass Sale Freezed, Set For Relaunch

by Ranjan Yadavon January 20, 2015
Google has recently announced that it is stopping the sales of Google Glass/Explorer Program. However, it may likely be relaunched around its annual I/O developer conference. Google Glass is a wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). Developed by Google with the objective of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in [...]

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Brings Amazing Updates To Lumia’s Camera

by DRajon January 20, 2015
Microsoft recently provided a update for all the windows mobile software. As a part of this update, the most important changes that are made is regarding the camera performance and its usage. Lumia mobiles are known for their hardware specs of camera but always lagged with respect to the software quality. Even the basic launch [...]

Researchers Develop New Method To Aid Deaf People

by DRajon January 20, 2015
Deaf people here have very important news to regain their sense of hearing. These hearing devices usually are very expensive and they need surgical installation for the correct functioning. Once the functioning is right, we cannot guarantee that they can work with all kinds of hearing loss. A group of researchers from Colorado State University [...]

Samsung Galaxy S6

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs And Release Date

by DRajon January 20, 2015
CES 2015 is already over and it is time to look up for the next upcoming event which will be changing the course of digital market. Mobile World Congress is about to begin in march and many rumours regarding the release of new mobiles and tablets is on rise. Spain is going to host this [...]

Kuratas: The $1 Million Robot Suit Available On Amazon

by Gizmoration January 17, 2015
Kuratas first appeared as an ambitious interactive art installation in 2012 along with the demonstration video above. Interested buyers should check it out since it now acts as a nice how-to manual for new owners. Learn how to safely get in and out of the five-ton, 13-foot robot, how to operate its various interfaces inside [...]


FCC Filing Shows That Sprint is A Supporter of Net Neutrality

by Gizmoration January 17, 2015
Supporters of net neutrality got a boost from an unlikely source on Friday as telecom giant Sprint stated in a letter to the FCC that it would support so-called “Title II” regulation, which is the only legal tool that the agency can use to ensure internet providers can’t favor some websites over others. “So long as the FCC [...]

RadioShack Rumored To File For Bankruptcy in February

by Gizmoration January 17, 2015
According to a Wall Street Journal report citing unnamed sources, the cash-poor retailer could submit its filing as soon as February 2015. A RadioShack spokesperson e-mailed Ars to say, “We decline to comment except to say that RadioShack has not confirmed any of the information that is being reported.” The Texas-based firm did not deny the Journal’s report, however. The [...]
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We Will Be Able To Watch 3D Without Glasses By 2016

by DRajon January 17, 2015
3D is a very old concept and researchers are still working on it in order to create a Virtual Reality environment without any fuss of having a glass to experience it. Researchers from Austria have developed a technology which lets you experience 3D without any need of any glasses. The sophisticated lasers where beamed in [...]

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HTC One Might Be Release On March 1

by DRajon January 17, 2015
HTC, the Taiwanese company has released it invitations and sent them out for the mobile world congress meet on 1st march 2015. HTC is planning to showcase what’s next in line for the company. “utopia in progress” is mentioned with the starry sky which is high lightened by single burst of lights scrolling through the [...]

Lumoid Gives You Flexibility To Try Out Wearables

by DRajon January 17, 2015
With number of fitness band brands around it is always difficult to choose one which suits your needs. Looking at the screen and satisfying with the TV display will not get you anywhere. What if you want to try everything out and choose the best for you? You surely can take up the exchange policy [...]