black friday

Where To Find The Best 2014 Black Friday Deals

by DRajon November 10, 2014
Black Friday is just 2 weeks ahead and everyone is eager for shopping. The maximum number of sales happens today as the deals are really worth. Now it is really a havoc to find websites which provides the useful deals. So, now here we come up with 5 of the best websites which you may visit […]
Nokia Lumia 830

Lumia 830 Review: Optical Image Stabilization, Pureview Camera

by DRajon November 10, 2014
Lumia 830 is the new release from Nokia, which can be called as the flagship device. The smartphone is for those who cannot afford flagships such as iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Lumia 930.There are definite limitations though. Lumia 830 comes with Optical image stabilization which only two of the iPhones have and is making […]


Bone-conducting Headset From Microsoft To Help The Blind

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
Being able to see and enjoy the world around us is definitely a gift from god. Walking down the street avoiding the obstacles is the easiest task for normal human and is the most difficult task for a blind person. They run into danger unless guided by the people nearby or a walking stick. Microsoft […]

Apple Unveils How To Prevent Hijacking Messages of Ex-Users

by RJ Kon November 10, 2014
Apple does a favor to the former iPhone users by offering a simple way to receive text messages sent into limbo by the company’s iMessage service. This new way also stops the hijacking of the text messages. This kind of problem is often seen in former iPhone users. The users who have transferred to other […]

Facebook Home feature

New Facebook Update Lets You Choose The News Feed Content

by RJ Kon November 9, 2014
Facebook has been growing and is being updated timely for its users. Now it’s another day for a Facebook update. It is not new to have an update for the social networking website, but what makes this update noticeable is that it is quite helpful for its users. Read on to find about the new […]
microsoft lumia

First Microsoft Lumia To Be Released On Nov. 11

by RJ Kon November 9, 2014
Microsoft, the software giant, has been focused to release new and updated models of mobile phones from it recently acquired Nokia unit. Now the company is getting ready to unleash the Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphone on Tuesday, November 11th. The recent leaks and rumours have provided a picture of the specification of this flagship from the company. […]

oneplus one

OnePlus Sells 500k Devices With A $300 Marketing Budget

by DRajon November 9, 2014
When it comes to smartphone industry, advertising is the best and most costly expenditure any company faces. We already know Chinese smart phone manufacturer which is named as a flagship killer, OnePlus recently released it budget for marketing which is just  $300 .Samsung almost spends millions only in advertising and marketing which is what makes […]
Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch First Impressions

by DRajon November 9, 2014
Samsung has entered the smart wearable technology with an intent to conquer the industry. It has already released more than 4 models with different sizes shapes and configurations within this year itself. This time it has released a sexy smartwatch which is curved and pretty fashionable which actually looks like a casual watch. Samsung Gear […]
Jawbone up 3 up move

Jawbone Releases Affordable Fitness Trackers UP3 and UP Move

by DRajon November 8, 2014
Wearable technology is the next big thing in market which is continuously gaining fame, slowly but steadily. Top end tech companies Google, Apple, Microsoft have already released few of their gadgets. But they are quite pricey. Jawbone officially confirmed the released of their budget fitness trackers. In past, Jawbone has already promised the release of […]

motorola droid turbo

Motorola Droid Turbo Review: Synthetic Fiber, 21 MP Camera

by DRajon November 8, 2014
It is really annoying to have a beast mobile in your hands and not even getting you through your day. But the Motorola Droid Turbo gives you an ample advantage over this issue. Its specs do not disappoint us. Without a doubt, it is one of the best smartphones by Motorola. With the 48 hrs battery backup, Turbo guarantees you will get through […]
facebook logo

The Different Kinds of Facebook Murderers

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 8, 2014
Most people use the famous social networking website Facebook to connect with family and friends or to build personal or professional connections. But a few use the social network in far more sinister ways. Facebook has occasionally become entangled with crime – as a way to attract victims, as a place to broadcast villainous conquests, […]


Whatsapp Introduces ‘Double Blue Tick’ Feature for Read Messages

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 7, 2014
Yesterday the world of WhatsApping changed irreversibly, with the introduction of two small blue ticks which threaten to break relationships all over the country. It was previously assumed by some users that the two grey ticks which appear next to a sent message mean the recipient has read the message, but it turns out that was […]
facebook mobile

Facebook Now Lets You Join The Fight Against Ebola

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 7, 2014
Recently, the epidemic of Ebola Virus Disease is ravaging in some West African countries which killed nearly 5,000 people already by now and nearly 13,000 Ebola cases were recorded. It has spread in some other countries too. To prevent this, some non profit organizations are trying to help the people of these countries by providing […]

lenovo vibe x2

Lenovo Vibe X2 Review: See The Top Features

by DRajon November 7, 2014
Lenovo stated that it would be increasing the world smartphone market when it bought Motorola from the tech giant Google. It seems that now it has come out with what it said. The new Lenovo Vibe X2 has some cutting edge technologies and advanced features which every user loves have in their devices. Here are […]
android lollipop

Android Fixed The 5.0 Lollipop Battery Drain Bug

by DRajon November 7, 2014
After the update of Nexus 5 software to Android Lollipop, it has been facing issues regarding battery drain. The fast battery drain bug has been fixed by Google earlier this Thursday. Soon after the users updated the Nexus 5 software to Lollipop, customers started facing the battery issues once they are connected over Wi-Fi. This […]


The Giant Duo LG And Google Pair Up In A 10 Years Deal

by RJ Kon November 7, 2014
LG and Google are the two majors in their respective industries. Mobile OS is the only platform where this companies meet each other. With then vision to strengthen their bond LG and Google have entered into an agreement which is a deal to enter into a “long-term patent cross-licensing agreement” covering both the existing and […]
Jawbone up 3 up move

New Jawbone Fitness Trackers Released: UP3 and UP Move

by RJ Kon November 6, 2014
It has been the year of new smart device releases among which the most dominant released devices fall into the category of fitness tracker devices. Last week Microsoft has announced its first ever fitness tracker The Band and there are more upcoming devices down the line from other companies. Now Jawbone wants to release a […]
Samsung Galaxy Grand 3

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Leaked Specs: 12 MP Rear Camera

by DRajon November 6, 2014
After the success of Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung is now concentrating on Galaxy Grand 3 and trying to co-op with the market. We already saw that Samsung Alpha already has metal frame. Samsung is been working for the next version of its phablet series, Samsung Galaxy Grand 3. Recently a device with model SMG7200 has […]

2012-08-25  The Apple store  Sasha and Jochen

Russia Bans Apple Products Starting The New Year’s Eve

by DRajon November 5, 2014
If you are a fan of iPhone and you live in Russia, this is definitely bad news for you. According to the report published yesterday Russia will be banning the products of Apple. There are no issues pertaining to taking down of Steve jobs statue in St. Petersburg in this regard but iCloud is the thing […]

Microsoft partners with Dropbox for online file-sharing

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon November 5, 2014
Many people store their office documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Dropbox. Much of the world relies on the combination of Dropbox and Microsoft Office to get the work done. In fact, Dropbox is home to over 35 billion Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. That’s why Dropbox is partnering with Microsoft to help you do more […]