The Blackphone

Blackphone To Release Its Own App Store For Non-Spying Apps

by RJ Kon December 10, 2014
Blackphone, the name seems to be funny and interesting. It is a collaboration between spanish hardware manufacturer Geekshpne and Silent Circle. The speciality of this mobile is that it keeps all the communications through this mobile free from the spying eyes. The tight encryption which the phone boasts about is what makes it free from [...]

Now Possible: Nuclear-powered, Water-based Battery Powering Your Device

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
Nuclear power is the most powerful source of energy. Under controlled conditions it is the most beneficial energy as a large amount of energy would be generated from little amount of resources. Imagine a nuclear source powering your device. Researchers at University of Missouri(MU) have made this wild imagination of a nuclear battery come true. [...]


Human Mobile Phone Charger, Charges From The Body Heat

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
The advent of mobile phones has been the greatest thing happened to the human beings through the advanced computing and science. Though having its negatives the positives of mobile shadow the negatives. Heart of the mobile is the battery which charges and discharges to keep the mobile up and running. The mobile revolution has contributed [...]
Malicious malware

Even State-of-art Antivirus Have Not Picked Up This Malicious Software

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
A week back, Sony Pictures Entertainment was in a state of helplessness as it could not understand how its powerful systems were crippled because of some malicious software attack. The attack resulted in a loss of gigabytes of information which was of high importance to the company. The company is currently recovering from the software [...]


Entire Core Range To Get Electrified, Plans Announced By BMW

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
BMW is one of the many companies that have invested heavily to obtain results for their electric vehicles. The eDrive technology is the result of such investments in research and development division of the company. This technology talks about the electrification process of the vehicles from the company. Recently the company has announced that it [...]

Cortana From Microsoft Learns French, Italian, German, Spanish

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
Microsoft, the software giant, has been the sole contender in the smartphone category opening up markets for the Windows phones. Since the first Windows mobile Microsoft has put lot of its resources to bring out the best for the mobile users. Result of such efforts is Cortana. It is the digital assistant for the Windows [...]


Skype Updated for Windows, Windows Phone With New Features

by RJ Kon December 9, 2014
Skype the free video call service is the undoubtedly the most used application for video calls. Its demand has spiked the last few years due to explosion of networking and usage of smart devices. This is the reason why Microsoft, which is the parent for Skype has been on the mission to provide better services. [...]

Ubuntu Mobile OS To Come Live In Early 2015

by RJ Kon December 8, 2014
Ubuntu Mobile, the new operating system for mobile is all set to be released in the early 2015, according to the Meizu’s official Facebook page. Almost 10 months ago, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced its plans for the Ubuntu Mobile operating system. Android and iOS are the existing platforms for smartphones where Android being [...]
verizon 4g

Verizon Upgrades Its 3G Spectrum For Accomodating 4G

by RJ Kon December 7, 2014
Verizon, the pioneer in wireless communications has taken the steps towards upgrading the 3G networks that the company possess to 4G LTE in PCS bands, according to reports. These bands are being used for EV-DO in  markets. This upgradation helps the company to provide reliable LTE services at a greater speed to the consumers. The [...]

Basic CMYK

Bluetooth SIG Introduces Bluetooth 4.2: Offers 2.5 Times Faster Transfer

by RJ Kon December 6, 2014
Bluetooth, from its invention, has been the only and reliable medium of transfer of files and media across different media. It has been put to different uses like Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth music players etc. It created a revolution in wireless communication. It is reliable than Infrared, which works through line-of-sight communication. In the recent times [...]
innovators collective

“Innovators’ Collective” New Section Debuts on eBay

by Dharti Shahon December 6, 2014
eBay has rolled out a new product category on its U.S. marketplace which features a collection lifestyle products and other items from companies ranging from emerging small businesses fresh off a crowdfunding round to larger, better-known tech brands like Nest, keeping in mind the few weeks of holiday shopping remaining. Called the “Innovators Collective,” this [...]


Wireless Storage On Your Wrist With BeanBeam’s Pinto

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Wireless communication was made popular by Bluetooth and from then on there have been different applications of wireless communications. Now the new application is wrist-worn storage device that’s lets users securely and conveniently store their files. The device connects through Bluetooth and also has wireless charging. The name for this new device is Pinto. Pinto [...]

Sway: Bing Image Search For Microsoft’s Presentation App

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Microsoft has been always the first to provide the best customer/user experience with its products. The regular updates for these products help the user a lot. Today Microsoft has announced that the Bing image search would be integrated to the the Office presentation app Sway. With this addition to the application the image search is [...]


AppGyver’s Supersonic: A New Framework For Hybrid Apps

by Dharti Shahon December 4, 2014
AppGyver is announcing its biggest product release with the launch of Supersonic, its new framework for both building user interfaces and data. AppGyver quickly made a name for itself over the last year with the help of Steroids.js and Composer, its drag-and-drop tool for building HTML5 apps. It is also launching a new and significantly [...]

This Circulator Could Double The Wifi And Cellular Bandwidth

by Dharti Shahon December 4, 2014
A fundamental limit of traditional RF technology is that if you attempt to send and receive information simultaneously, the interference caused by one activity will prevent the other. Hence, one of the most significant limitations on cellular broadband performance is that WiFi and LTE radios are both limited to either sending or receiving data within [...]

Luxottica eyewear

Intel & Luxottica To Launch Smart Fashion Eyewear

by RJ Kon December 4, 2014
Intel, the chip giant has been on the roll to extend its reach in the wearables. In the recent times Intel has been making key partnerships with other companies to gain a considerable share of market. Today it has announced that it has entered into a multi-year collaboration deal with eyewear make Luxottica. Earlier this [...]
wire app

WIRE is The Next Big App For Voice & Messaging Services

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
Wire, a new communications application is out now for iOS, Android and Mac OS X. The app itself is the re-imagining of how a communications tool like Skype should operate had it been built today. Much of that, in Wire’s case, means under-the-hood improvements that users don’t necessarily see, such as advancements in media processing, audio technology, file [...]
Google Glass

Google Glass Incoming in 2015 With Intel Change

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
In a first major hardware revision for Google Glass which was first shown off at Google I/O 2012, the next version of Google Glass, which is due out sometime in 2015, will be powered by an Intel x86 chip — rather than the Texas Instruments ARM chip that helms the current Glass Explorer Edition hardware. The [...]


$50M Worth of Shares Sold by Twitter Top Management

by Dharti Shahon December 3, 2014
The US Securities and Exchange Commission confirmed that Twitter’s top executives sold off almost $50m personal stock holdings during November, with the CEO, Dick Costolo, detaching almost 50% of his holdings, and co-founder Ev Williams leading the charge by offloading $28.7m-worth of shares. Twitter’s most famous face, Jack Dorsey, sold $2.1m worth of equities, along [...]

Nintendo Gets Patent for Emulating Game Boy

by RJ Kon December 3, 2014
Nintendo, unforgettable name and a brand that has been the house for gaming consoles, has patented its invention. The new invention will allow emulating its gaming consoles, including the Game Boy line of devices on other devices such as mobile phones and even on seat-back display in airplanes. The patent, which is actually a continuation [...]