Steam VR has arrived in the latest beta update

by Ryan Burgesson March 18, 2014
In a new beta client update today, Steam added some interesting features pertaining to the use of VR with their client. In the beta patch details it said: Virtual Reality Mode: Added “Virtual Reality mode” to the View menu and removed the –vr command line option. This will only appear if SteamVR is installed and […]
Agency Glass Hirotaka Osawa

Agency Glass: Replace Your Eyes With Fake Ones

by Eric Brownon March 18, 2014
Finally there is a way out of those boring meetings that probably sends you into non intended power nap credit to engineer Hirotaka Osawa who has come up with goggle-eyes glasses called Agency Glass. Engineer Osawa invents new ways of interactions between people and machines, robots and computers. His latest, the Agency glass, enables people […]


Firefox for Windows Metro pulled

by Ryan Burgesson March 18, 2014
Mozilla has had to withdraw support of their Metro version of their web browser Firefox after they were only seeing 1000 users per day. With normal desktop version of Firefox hanging at around 18% of the global web browser pie that is hundreds of millions of people so this is really not good enough for […]

Respawn engineer Jon Shiring on Xbox Live Compute

by Ryan Burgesson March 18, 2014
A Respawn engineer by the name of Jon Shiring is the latest to try and convince us that Xbox Live Compute is the real deal… In an interview on a podcast with Xbox’s Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) shiring explained how the cloud has helped Respawn to implement things into to Titanfall that no one […]

Fitbit app

Report: Healthbook App Could Be On Its Way From Apple

by Eric Brownon March 18, 2014
After the success of Passbook App, Apple Inc. is reportedly developing a similar app affiliated to the health sector.Citing several sources believed to have a direct engagement on the initiative’s development, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is working on an app called Healthbook. The App is said to feature a series of tabs that help monitor […]

Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 announced for mobile devices

by Ryan Burgesson March 17, 2014
Atari saw fit to announce today that Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 is being made for mobile devices… Okay so that wasn’t the whole announcement but I have abandoned hope already after that was their initial reveal that did not mention PC at all: Create and share the coolest amusement park of your dreams and construct incredible […]


Ghost Recon Online renamed to Ghost Recon Phantoms, out next month

by Ryan Burgesson March 17, 2014
Ghost Recon Online is set to have its name changed to Ghost Recon Phantoms as it finally leaves beta next month. Ghost Recon Online whilst not being very popular is very good for what it is, I got into it a while back when it first launched and whilst I didn’t play it a lot […]

Xbox One sees a 96% boost in sales in the UK as Titanfall launches

by Ryan Burgesson March 17, 2014
Titanfall launched 3 days ago in the UK and it is already paying dividends for Microsoft as their Xbox One has seen a 96% boost in sales. Microsoft in an attempt to push as many systems as possible bundled Titanfall along with an Xbox One at a cut price of £399 for a limited time. […]

IBM Distances itself from the NSA and its Spy Activities

by Eric Brownon March 17, 2014
NSA surveillance has raised concerns among customers globally about the safety of their data from the US government spying. More organizations, companies and countries are looking for ways to distant themselves from the NSA activities to safeguard the information of internet users. IBM is the latest to fall into the category of companies that do […]

Ecorox Img

REVIEW: Ecorox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by Eric Brownon March 17, 2014
With the approach of the warm summer, more gadgets are increasingly becoming waterproof which is a good enough reason why you should not worry when around the pool when the time ripens. However, when it comes to playback their internal speakers are termed inadequate that’s why you got to try out the Ecorox waterproof Bluetooth […]
iPhone 6 holographic

Apple’s iPhone 6 Able to Holographically Increase Its Screen Size?

by Matthew Lucason March 17, 2014
Apple’s iPhone 6 is considered to be the upcoming flagship phone of Apple after the iPhone 5S this year, and a lot is relatively expected of the former phone iteration. SET Solution’s iPhone 6 dream phone features a couple of holographic projectors on each side of the device, which would let users extend the screen size of the device when placed on […]

cubestormer 3 rubik

Lego Cubestormer 3 Beats the 2011 Rubik’s Cube Solving Record by 2 Seconds

by Eric Brownon March 17, 2014
The time to beat in solving Rubik’s Cube has been 5.27 seconds since 2011. The record was set by a Lego robot, nicknamed Cubestormer 2.Well, this has just changed and the Robot to watch is now Cubestomer 3 which beat its predecessor by a whole to seconds to set the new record at 3.253 seconds. […]
glory to arstotzka

Papers, Please has sold over 500,000 copies

by Ryan Burgesson March 16, 2014
My personal indie game of last year Papers, Please has sold over half a million copies since its release in August 2013. Papers, Please is a game about taking over the life of a border patrol guard after he is drafted by the glorious nation of Arstotzka to do his national duty and protect his […]