Startup Hampton Creek Foods

Egg Replacing Startup Hampton Creek Foods Raises $23 Million

by Nick Adamson February 17, 2014
The Hampton Creek Foods start-up has raised $23 million in Series B financing for plant-based food technology that replaces eggs in foods, from a simple scramble to muffins, cookie dough and condiments. The round was led by Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing’s investment firm Horizons Ventures, with participation from Jerry Yang and AME Cloud Ventures, Ali and […]
Online Business

Six Little Strategies for Creating a Big Online Presence

by Anna Johnsonon February 17, 2014
You just finished designing your new website, and you’re pretty excited about it. You know the basics: keep the site clean, use proper spelling and grammar, and keep the content professional. But, there’s more to running an online business than just the basics. Today’s online users are pretty sophisticated. They expect you to have a […]

Apple iWatch

Apple is Developing Sensors for iWatch That Predict Heart Attacks

by Nick Adamson February 17, 2014
Apple’s head of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Adrian Perica, along with CEO Tim Cook, reportedly met with Tesla’s Elon Musk. Also, Apple’s Tomlinson Holman, the inventor of THX and 10.2 surround sound, has reportedly been looking at ways to detect heart attacks. Both bits of news come by way of Thomas Lee and David R. Baker […]
LG L Series III

LG is Releasing Three L Series III Smartphones: L90, L70, L40

by Chris Murphyon February 17, 2014
LG announced the L Series III trio of entry-level and mid-range 3G smartphones. LG L90, L70, and L40 will be showcased during MWC in Barcelona with customized Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. All of them sport faster 1.2GHz dual-core processors and refined designs that are more in line with the company’s higher-end devices. There’s […]

bringrr tracking

Track Keys, Wallet, Laptop, Even Pets With Bringrr, a Loud Car Charger

by Matthew Lucason February 17, 2014
How many times have you gotten into your car, you started driving and realized that you have forgotten your smartphone or wallet? Here’s a simple solution: Bringrr, a device that plugs right into your car then pairs your smartphone through bluetooth technology, and “it will make sure you never drive off without your phone again.” Every time you […]
Facebook guns

The Photos Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See Are Better Than The Ones It Does

by Eric Brownon February 17, 2014
You might not know this but Facebook had a policy against uploading breastfeeding photos on your profile. The social media company said it allows them now, but in reality, it often doesn’t. However, they are totally cool with gun owners selling guns without background checks to anyone who wants to make a deal. For example, GunsForSale is a Facebook page […]

kickstarter hacked

Kickstarter Hacked, Data Stolen. Recommends Users To Change Passwords

by Matthew Lucason February 16, 2014
The crowd-funding site Kickstarter said on Saturday that hackers had gained access to some of its customers’ data earlier this week but that the breach had been repaired. Change your password now to prevent further damage. The good news is that no credit card data was accessed and actual passwords weren’t revealed. The bad news is that usernames, […]
Serge Belo cups mosaic

It’s Just 66,000 of Plastic Cups, But It’s Also Something So Much Cooler

by Anna Johnsonon February 16, 2014
Canadian artist Serge Belo has created what he says is the world’s largest water mosaic, to raise awareness about the shortage of clean water globally and to raise funds for the NGO ONE DROP. Over one billion people do not have clean drinking water and this mind-blowing mosaic using 66,000 cups of colored rainwater (simulating the […]
Mars Pinnacle Island rock

Mystery of Mars ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Rock Solved by NASA

by Chris Murphyon February 15, 2014
Scientists have solved the mystery of the strange “jelly doughnut” rock on Mars. After taking a close look at the small white rock with a deep red center dubbed “Pinnacle Island,” a research team has determined it is not a fungus-like organism, or a piece of Martian ejecta that was shot into the air by a […]

SaveOneLife shoe

This Shoe Detects Land Mines and Warns You Through a Wristband

by Nick Adamson February 15, 2014
Landmines, nearly undetectable and almost always forgotten they can cripple and kill innocents well after a conflict has been settled. To help remedy this problem Colombian design firm Lemur Studio has developed a landmine detector concept that’s easy to use and extremely portable: shoes. The firm’s SaveOneLife concept is a footwear insert that alerts wearers when they’re […]
Barack Obama smartphone

@BarackObama Isn’t Barack Obama, It’s Just a Parody Twitter Account

by Eric Brownon February 15, 2014
The official, verified @BarackObama Twitter account has over 41 million followers and everyone else who passed along the tweet actually seem to think President Barack Obama wrote the tweets (or at least instructed someone to do). But it’s not the president. It’s just some staffer for Organizing for Action, the successor to the Obama For America campaign apparatus. […]

Horizon Sun Earth Orbit

1 in 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Orbits the Earth. Come on… Really?

by Anna Johnsonon February 15, 2014
One in four Americans thinks that the sun revolves around the Earth, according to a survey conducted by the National Science Foundation. The survey included more than 2,200 people in the United States and included 10 questions about physical and biological science, and the average score—6.5 correct—was barely a passing grade. Regarding the question, “Does the Earth go […]

Microsoft Wants To Bring Android Apps on Windows

by Matthew Lucason February 15, 2014
Microsoft has started sharing its Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit with developers, and the leaks have begun. One  of the major changes appear to be a Windows Phone and Windows RT merger. Even more Microsoft reportedly is ‘seriously considering’ allowing Android apps to run on its Windows and Windows Phone operating systems. Basing their OS on Android […]

Facebook privacy

Facebook Knows When You Are About to Enter a Relationship or Breakup

by Anna Johnsonon February 15, 2014
Facebook released new findings on Valentine’s Day that hints when people are about to change their relationship status. The social network knows everything about our lives, which means it knows how and when we meet our partners, where we check in on date night, our biggest moments together, and when we break up. So Facebook aggregated all the […]
Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1320 Phablet Available in the UK Starting February 24

by Chris Murphyon February 15, 2014
Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet will be released in the UK on February 24. The recently unveiled Lumia 1320 is relatively more affordable with a price tag (unofficial) of £299 ($500) for the pre-order SIM-free model. That price point puts the 1320 in the same range as the Huawei Ascend Mate and 16GB Nexus 5. Given that a SIM-free Lumia 1520 can run […]

verizon vodaphone

Verizon Phone Plans: More Data, Cheaper and Global Texting

by Nick Adamson February 15, 2014
The Verizon phone plans are changing. The company hatched its latest scheme to win customers in the mobile service battle Thursday, boosting data allowances, storage and messaging ability, and offering a discount for some plans. The “More Everything” Verizon phone plans, which leaked to the internet, are similar to the company’s existing Share Everything plans, but with higher […]
iphone 6 leaked photo

iPhone 6 Leaked Photos: Rounded, Larger, Edge-to-edge Glass

by Eric Brownon February 13, 2014
The new iPhone 6 will feature a full-width frameless screen, according to an “industry source” quoted in the Korea Herald. The casing of the alleged iPhone 6 (in the pictures below) has all the signature iPhone design elements, such as a camera and flash port, as well as the familiar Apple logo but it is […]
LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 Officially Launched: 5.9-Inch Screen, 4K Video Recording

by Matthew Lucason February 13, 2014
LG G Pro 2 has been released as the successor to 2013’s LG Optimus G Pro. LG Electronics announced its LG G Pro 2 smartphone Wednesday night, a high-end machine with a bigger 5.9-inch screen, 4G networking, Android 4.4 KitKat, more powerful speakers (LG says: 30 percent louder than before), and a technology called Knock Code that lets people […]

twitter redesign

Twitter’s Major Redesign Looks a Lot Like Facebook (and Pinterest)

by Anna Johnsonon February 12, 2014
Twitter is testing a totally new design on its website that will actually make it look like Facebook and Pinterest. The new design gets rid of the familiar, if not occasionally frustrating reverse chronological timeline in favor of a grid of tweets that recalls Pinterest’s jumbled boards. What’s more, Twitter’s version of a cover photo […]
mobile apps

BreakFree, The App That Helps You Maintain a Healthy Digital Lifestyle

by Eric Brownon February 11, 2014
Mobifolio, a mobile app startup, has introduced a revolutionary mobile app to help control your smartphone addiction and in turn help you lead a healthy digital lifestyle. BreakFree is available for free on Android and will be launching soon for IOS. BreakFree monitors your phone usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone. […]