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Apple ipad air

Apple Reportedly Cancelled Its 12.9-inch iPad Pro Release

by Eric Brownon March 16, 2014
According to its CEO, Tim Cook, Apple plans to launch several products this year. This products are not next generation of the present iPhones, Macs and iPads, but totally new products of different categories. According to report from Apple’s supply chain, one of these anticipated products could be a larger iPad which is the rumored iPad [...]
Tiny Brains

Project Cyber: Get to Influence the Outcome of the Game

by Eric Brownon March 16, 2014
The makers of Tiny Brains have come up with an ambitious game building experiment, Project Cyber. The project allows players to watch the progress of the development, play the game and influence the outcome of the game by monitoring its progress throughout its build time. Development kicked off on the 7th of March and it’s [...]


Valve unveils redesign of their Steam Controller

by Ryan Burgesson March 15, 2014
Valve announced a couple of months ago they were to redesign their Steam Controller though there were only rough mock ups, yesterday Valve released some pictures of the redesign. The biggest change is the touchpad has been axed and replaced by a more traditional diamond layout. Valve has promised the latest prototype will be on [...]
modular smartphones project ara

5 Tricks To Make Your iPhone Run Smoothly

by Eric Brownon March 15, 2014
User-experience that smartphones render serves to be the most basic and magnetic element that pulls consumers to smartphones of their choice. What sets Apple’s devices apart from those of other manufacturers is the flawless and seamless user-experience imparted to consumers. Although, over the years Apple has perfected its devices and in turn the user-experience has [...]

phone charger

Europe calls for every phone to use the same charger

by Ryan Burgesson March 14, 2014
In a bid to cut electrical waste European Politicians have backed a regulation that will force all phone makers to use the same type of charger. European representatives want this implemented by 2017. MEP Barbara Weiler said in a statement: This serves the interests both of consumers and the environment…It will put an end to [...]

Moscow has anti-Putin sites shut down

by Ryan Burgesson March 14, 2014
Russia’s prosecutor general’s office has ordered the shut down of oppositions websites that oppose Putin. The blog of opponent Alexei Navalny, two news sites and one run by Garry Kasparov were blocked. In a statement, Moscow said the blocks were imposed because of the sites’ role in helping stage recent illegal protests. Anna Veduta, a spokeswoman [...]


Playstation 4 is suffering in Japan

by Ryan Burgesson March 14, 2014
Recent Media Create Sales numbers show that the PS4 is struggling hugely in Japan. At this moment in time the Playstation 4 has a lifetime sales number of 410,133 and in the last few weeks the weekly sales have been plummeting. Last week the PS4 sold 65,685 compared to this week that is almost halved [...]
theneeds app

Theneeds Personalized News App Now Available On iPhone

by Matthew Lucason March 13, 2014
Theneeds.com, a San Francisco based start-up, launched the iOS version of their “web, re-imagined” mobile app, an app that’s designed to put all of your favorite online content into one convenient, easy to use app. Your personalized stream of content will be pre-stacked with a collection of articles, blogs, social posts, and media that we know [...]

Nvidia launches new GTX 800M GPU’s

by Ryan Burgesson March 13, 2014
Nvidia released yesterday details on their brand new mobile graphics chips, going by the moniker of the GTX 800m series. The GPU’s are set to run on Nvidia’s latest architectures, the lower 820 is set to use the Fermi architecture whilst the bigger brothers 830 and the 840 are looking to run on Maxwell. There [...]


#emoji2LOC: The Hashtag Generation’s Legacy for Its Descendants

by Gizmoration March 13, 2014
In 1982, Professor Scott Fahlman of Mellon Carnegie University, a computer science lecturer, was writing on an university news board and wanted to make a joke about a elevator on campus. So no one thought his joke was a safety warning, he followed his post with a and suggested that his colleagues do the same also promoting [...]

Game Bafta results; The Last of Us cleans up

by Ryan Burgesson March 13, 2014
The Last of Us dominates the video game Bafta’s, beating out stern competition from the likes of Grand Theft Auto V. Though probably not surprising, The Last of Us was praised critically pretty much all round not just by the average critic but also by gamers. A few other noteworthy winners include the underrated gem [...]


Bethesda defends The Elder Scrolls Online Subscription fee

by Ryan Burgesson March 13, 2014
In an interview with Gamespot, Bethesda has come out and defended their reasoning behind their subscription fee. This wouldn’t be such a contentious issue a couple of years ago but now with the rise of free-to-play or a model similar to Guild Wars 2 where you just buy the base game with no monthly subscription [...]

GOG.com drops regional pricing after backlash

by Ryan Burgesson March 12, 2014
GoodOldGames (GOG.com) has dropped its implementation of regional pricing after a huge backlash from customers on their forums. GOG is a service that revolves around two main principals. The first is that every game should be DRM-free and will be sold that way and the second is that the game should cost the same regardless [...]


Crytek to show CryEngine Linux support at GDC

by Ryan Burgesson March 12, 2014
Crytek have announced that at GDC this month they will be showing off their new linux support for their CryEngine. Crytek creators of graphics behemoth Crysis and the highly impressive CryEngine, have decided to add linux support to the array of things the engine can handle. This isn’t a revelation though as July last year [...]

Xbox Live down for 6 hours as Titanfall launches

by Ryan Burgesson March 12, 2014
Xbox Live’s own ineptitude seemingly almost single-handedly ruined the Titanfall launch yesterday as the service went down for 6 hours. Though this wasn’t Titanfall’s doing as MS’ Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) announced over a tweet: If you are having issues signing into Xbox Live, we are aware of it and actively working on the issue. [...]


Shuttle’s DS81 runs a Haswell i7 in a tiny form factor

by Ryan Burgesson March 11, 2014
Shuttle have revealed their new DS81 which houses a powerful Haswell i7 the most impressive thing though is the small form factor they managed to do it in. The Shuttle DS81 is 19 x 16.5 x 4.3cm dimension wise and its H81 chipset on the motherboard supports fully user removable CPU’s rather than the usual [...]

The Witcher 3 delayed until February 2015

by Ryan Burgesson March 11, 2014
In very sad news CDProjekt’s The Witcher 3 is announced as being delayed until early next year. The Polish developer released this information in the form of an open letter on their website:   “Ever since we started working on the third installment in The Witcher franchise, it has been our aim to produce a [...]

Intel introduces new 800Gbps cables for data centres and supercomputers

by Ryan Burgesson March 11, 2014
Intel and several of its partners announced yesterday their brand new data cables that are capable of transmitting data at 800Gbps, though its not for home use as you may have guessed but rather for Data Centres and Supercomputers. Based on Intel Silicon Photonics Technology, there are 64 fibres packed into one cable and each [...]


Disney cuts around 700 jobs from Disney Interactive

by Ryan Burgesson March 10, 2014
Disney has decided to get rid of around 700 jobs from their digital media division – Disney Interactive. The layoffs were originally reported by the New York Times and is said that the 700 lost jobs equates to approximately 26 percent of its global staff. What this exodus means to their games department is that [...]

Xbox’s Phil Spencer explains why Games with Gold is different to PS+

by Ryan Burgesson March 10, 2014
At SXSW, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer explained why there is a gulf in quality in the games offered by the two competing services, Games with Gold and PS+. Phil Spencer said at his Q&A panel at SXSW: One of our issues with Games with Gold — not ‘issues,’ but differences between the [...]