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Apple Makes Moves For Its Next Generation Mobile

by Rajesh Ksskon April 17, 2015
Apple has been the worlds finest companies with its overall performance and business. The vision towards making the next big things in the industry has been absolutely outstanding. With the iPhone series Apple has been reigning the throne for past many years. Now it has started to make moves required for the next iPhone. The […]

New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Will Come to U.S. Soon

by Rajesh Ksskon November 5, 2014
The innovation curved edge display of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge would be the most attracting feature of the phablet sized device. The Samsung lovers of U.S can soon have their most loved device soon as the company announced that soon it is shipping the devices to U.S. But the steep price is what makes the […]

iPhone 6 design

iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) Release Date, Price, Specs, News and Rumors

by Nick Adamson February 2, 2014
Will it be called iPhone 6, iPhone Air or something else? (technically it’ll be the 9th iPhone). According to a reputable Chinese analyst, Apple is looking to push production on the much anticipated iPhone 6 to May 2014 and much to surprise of probably everyone, the phone will not be any larger than 4.7 inches. There have been many conflicting […]
apple stock

Is The Apple Stock Rotten? The Giant Lost Preferred Spot

by Chris Murphyon April 3, 2013
Apple may have strong earnings, but the Apple stock is not only down, its major investor Fidelity Contrafund is slashing their shares. And industry analysts are not recommending to buy. As of January 23rd, 2013 a press release from Apple stated its 13-week fiscal 2013 first quarter, ending December 29, 2012, revenue reached $54.5 billion, […]

iphone 5s release date

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumored for June, Backed Up

by Matthew Lucason March 28, 2013
Two weeks ago, we exclusively reported the iPhone 5S release date as June 29th, according to an inside source from Apple. Now our story is backed up by many rumors that confirm a late June release of Apple’s iPhone 5S. The latest information comes, today, from TechCrunch, who reports that a confidential catalog, with details […]
Playstation 4

Playstation 4 Release Rumors Spread As Sony Plans Press Event

by Matthew Lucason February 3, 2013
Many rumors are spreading regarding the Playstation 4 launch as Sony sent invitations to the press and bloggers for a press conference in New York City for February 20th. The company did not reveal any details, but it did confirm that we will “see the future” of PlayStation. The statement was accompanied by a teaser video (see below). Recent […]

ipad 4

Apple iPad 5 Release Date, Rumors & Leaked Photos: Lighter, Slimmer and Faster

by Matthew Lucason January 20, 2013
According to sources the Apple iPad 5 release date will be in the third quarter of 2013, most probably at the end on March. It is expected to be “significantly lighter and slimmer” than last year’s 9.7-inch models, much faster and potentially reducing the width down to just 7.2mm. It is also possible that this […]
95th Civil Support Team and 95th Chemical Company Joint Training

The 6 Craziest Job Openings in the Military Domain

by Nick Adamson December 28, 2012
Military-Industrial Artist Let’s face it, your artistic talent is going to waste working for minimum wage at that coffee bar. And you’re not exactly using your top-secret security clearance either, brewing up mochaccinos. Luckily, there’s a job that combines your comic book skills with your remarkable ability to make it through art school while only […]