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Invisibility cloak

Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak Unveiled By Scientists

by Matthew Lucason March 26, 2013
If you have seen J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies you already have an idea about the invisibility cloak and maybe you even wish to have one in your closet. Actually this type of technology already exists, but it works only in microwave light.Well until now. Thanks to scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, we might […]
top universities

Top 25 Trending Universities In 2013

by Anna Johnsonon January 26, 2013
According to the Global Language Monitor’s TrendTopper MediaBuzz survey, the top trending universities with the most Internet clout are led by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the second time in a row. The major trend of the year 2013 is the rise of public universities on the list, as 13 of the top 25 universities […]


This App Tells You The Best Things Happening In Your City

by Chris Murphyon November 29, 2012
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest things going on around you. The solution comes from Spun, a mobile app that gives you information in real time about the best things happening in your city. Spun app was created by the same team behind Broadcastr, an application allowing users to create audio […]