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How This Punk Rocker Plans to Woo Bloomberg Media’s Sophisticated Audience

by Gizmoration September 2, 2015
How This Punk Rocker Plans to Woo Bloomberg Media’s Sophisticated Audience

Nintendo Gets Patent for Emulating Game Boy

by Rajesh Ksskon December 3, 2014
Nintendo, unforgettable name and a brand that has been the house for gaming consoles, has patented its invention. The new invention will allow emulating its gaming consoles, including the Game Boy line of devices on other devices such as mobile phones and even on seat-back display in airplanes. The patent, which is actually a continuation […]

epaper smartwatch

This E-Paper Powered Smartwatch From Sony Is Amazing

by Rajesh Ksskon November 30, 2014
Sony has been the hub of new ground breaking technology with its trademark quality and clarity. Now the electronics giant is looking forward to introduce the one of its kind e-paper powered smart watch to the market next year, according to a new report coming from Bloomberg. This expected smart watch from the company would […]

Symantec May Split in Two, According to a Report

by Rajesh Ksskon October 10, 2014
Earlier this week HP has confirmed its split into two divisions for its own betterment. Following its lead the security firm Symantec has also might have made the decision to split. Reports for Bloomberg suggested that the security giant tech may split in two. The report cited unnamed people connected and with knowledge of the […]

US Certificate Bonds

Hey Investors! Buy U.S.!

by Chris Murphyon April 17, 2013
Domestic and foreign investors, and anyone else looking for a great, conservative buy. The U.S. is still selling! Through the magic of quantitative easing, which I will go into in another article, you can get a U.S. T- 30 Year deal for 2.91 percent interest, or a Municipal Bond at 2.99 percent interest. And, the […]
Apple Smart Watch

Samsung Smart Watch is Confirmed: How it Might Look?

by Nick Adamson March 20, 2013
After the Pebble watch success, the race for smart watches just began. Apple is rumored to launch its own Smart Watch (the mysterious iWatch) and now is time for other competitors to enter the race. Also see Apple SmartWatch Rumored to Lauch in 2013 The Samsung Smart Watch rumor has been confirmed by the company’s executive […]

Bloomberg and Jack Dorsey

Twitter and Square Co-founder Wants to Be The Mayor of NYC

by Eric Brownon March 18, 2013
Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of the popular social network Twitter and Square, the mobile payments company, announced during an interview with Lara Logan at CBS’s 60 Minutes, that he is thinking about moving to New York City and running for the mayor position someday. He currently lives in San Francisco and he is originally from […]
blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Unveiled: Z10 and Q10

by Gizmoration January 31, 2013
BlackBerry 10 launch of the two new smartphones was held this morning in Manhattan, New York City, and  included a company name change: from Research in Motion (or RIM) to BlackBerry, a move that will bring the company back on the market now dominated by rivals like Apple and Samsung. The new BlackBerry 10 devices […]
Firefox OS phone

Firefox Phone With Its Own OS Announced by Mozilla

by Chris Murphyon January 22, 2013
Mozilla has unveiled the first Firefox phone this week, which the company has created for developers worldwide to preview and test their new Firefox OS. Smartphone maker ZTE mentioned that it will work with a European wireless carrier to launch a smartphone with Mozilla’s Firefox mobile OS. ZTE’s CEO Cheng Lixen told Bloomberg news that the mobile […]

apple spaceship

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Will Open In 2016

by Eric Brownon November 21, 2012
According to Bloomberg the futuristic spaceship-shaped Cupertino campus, proposed by Steve Jobs last year, will not be complete until 2016. The new Apple’s campus was originally targeted for completion by 2015, but November filing made the City of Cupertino approval unlikely by the originally planned dates. This would mean Apple would not be able to […]