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Apple Launches Worldwide ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ Ad Campaign Spanning Magazines, Billboards and More

by Gizmoration March 3, 2015
Apple has launched a worldwide “Shot on iPhone 6″ advertising campaign involving 77 photographers, 70 cities and 24 countries, with iPhone 6 photography to be featured in magazines, newspapers, billboards, transit posters and more. The large-scale marketing initiative has started rolling out in several countries across the world this week, including the United States, Canada, [...]

Converse’s Street-Style Campaign Shows How People Rock Their Chucks Around the World

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
Converse's Chuck Taylor, the stitched-canvas, rubber-toed basketball shoe, is somehow at home everywhere from magazine spreads to mosh pits. So it's no surprise that celebrities from Andy Warhol to George Harrison, Kristen Stewart to Tommy Lee have all laced up a pair of Chucks at one time or another. It would be easy for Converse [...]

Apple’s ‘Shot with iPhone’ ad campaign crowdsources spectacular photos

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
Apple’s new ad campaign might be its best yet, especially if you’re one of the iPhone owners that’s about to have your photo on a billboard. Simply called “Shot on iPhone,” it’s hard to call Apple’s campaign an ad at… Read more ›

Apple’s new ad campaign shows the only camera you need is the one in your pocket

by Gizmoration March 1, 2015
Apple today launched a new advertising campaign — during Samsung’s Galaxy S6 keynote — that highlights photos shot by users around the world on the iPhone 6. Instead of using marketing images, Apple went out and found the best shots taken on the iPhone 6 by everyday people. It gathered pictures from around the world shot [...]

How Lay’s Is Adding More Social Zest to Its Popular Flavor-Creation Campaign

by Gizmoration February 27, 2015
Now in its third year, Lay's is using its annual Do Us a Flavor campaign to capitalize on social chatter with a clever (and highly orchestrated) real-time marketing plan. Through March 20, the Frito-Lay brand is asking consumers to submit their ideas for a new chip flavor online. Similar to past years, Lay's will turn four [...]

Pebble Time tops Pebble’s original record-breaking Kickstarter campaign in just two days

by Gizmoration February 27, 2015
That was fast. Three years ago, Pebble took Kickstarter by storm with its first customizable watch. The project broke every conceivable crowdfunding record, and until last summer, it was the most funded project in Kickstarter’s short history. Then the Coolest Cooler came along and knocked it off its perch. But in 2015, Pebble is primed to reclaim [...]

‘Click’ Aims to Introduce Apple Watch Band Adapter in Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign

by Gizmoration February 26, 2015
Ahead of the Apple Watch’s launch, accessory makers are already hoping to create solutions that will allow the device to be used with a wide array of existing watch bands. Click, for example, is an upcoming watchband adapter that will slide into the band slots of the Apple Watch, allowing the Apple Watch casing to [...]

Coolbox, Toolbox 2.0, Smashes Indiegogo Campaign Goal

by Gizmoration February 26, 2015
There are many “old” objects that almost everyone uses but, despite that, have not been getting the attention they deserve – at least in terms of their evolution and keeping the pace up with the future. Right now, one of the hottest tech trends is to take these objects and bring them to the 21st [...]

Ving Rhames Is ADT’s First Spokesman in New Campaign From Doner

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
In June, chief marketing officer Jerri DeVard hit the rewind button, moving ADT's creative business back to Doner after only eight months with Arnold. Now, Doner's first work for the security mammoth is here, featuring actor Ving Rhames as the brand's first spokesman.  "We thought that Ving Rhames embodied the attributes of ADT if ADT [...]

Twitter lends its support to Net Neutrality campaign

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
Many prominent groups and figures have given their backing to the fight for net neutrality. Today Twitter reveals why it supports the proposals put forward by the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, just a few days ahead of a vote that will decide whether they will be adopted by the FCC. The aim is to “protect [...]

HomeAway Invests ‘Tens of Millions of Dollars’ in Global Campaign

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
HomeAway last summer hired its first global chief marketing officer in Mariona Dima, who had served in the same role for Visa Europe, and promised to increase ad spending worldwide by 50 percent. At the time, the home rental brand ultimately sent this proclamation to every hospitality competitor from Bookings.com to Airbnb: We're serious now.  [...]

Adobe’s ‘Dream On’ ad campaign fetes the Oscars and Photoshop

by Gizmoration February 20, 2015
As part of celebrations around the 25th anniversary of Photoshop, Adobe has tipped its hat to the motion picture industry that has increasingly turned to the artistic software package in its productions. On Oscar night, this Sunday Feb. 22, the company is launching an ad campaign called ‘Dream On’ on The Academy Awards broadcast. The TV commercial, created with Adobe’s [...]

How to Completely Beast a Kickstarter Campaign: Notion

by Gizmoration February 20, 2015
Kickstarter is an amazing tool for launching products and expanding innovation, if you know what you’re getting yourself into. We’d like to share this guest submission from the folks at Notion. Even though they were told they were crazy, they launched their Kickstarter campaign during the final month of the Techstars accelerator program. They ended up [...]

Sperry Goes Back to Basics With a Campaign for Adventurous Millennials

by Gizmoration February 19, 2015
Founded in 1935 by former Naval officer Paul Sperry, the Sperry brand, known for its Top-Sider boat shoe, has a storied history. And the 80-year-old company is harnessing that with the new campaign "Odysseys Await."  "We started to look at what the brand had always represented," she said Karen Pitts, vp of marketing. "We were inspired [...]

Here’s where Wall Street’s biggest campaign donors fall on the political spectrum

by Gizmoration February 18, 2015
Business Insider recently published a list of the biggest political donors on Wall Street. Here, we take a closer look at their political ideologies. SEE ALSO: ‘The 2016 money race is on’ Crowdpac, a company working to inform voters about the political process, used decades of campaign finance reports from the Federal Election Commission to create a [...]

All the risks of Kickstarter illustrated in a single $20,000 campaign

by Gizmoration February 18, 2015
The crowdfunding revolution has been incredible to watch. We’ve seen canceled television shows resurrected on the big screen and the small screen, the Oculus Rift, the first hugely successful smartwatch and dozens of high-profile video games, board games, card games and any other type of game you could imagine. We’ve also seen the dangers of pledging [...]

Charlie Ryan, You’re My Superhero! Indiegogo Campaign

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
Got an idea? Need money. Now there’s more than one place to go with that. Create an Indiegogo campaign! Great place to go if you have a socially conscious idea, or some quest that must be done. It’s a site that allows you to donate to a business, or social cause that you find profitable, [...]