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Paris to be free of exhaust fumes this weekend as French capital goes ‘car free’

by Gizmoration September 22, 2015
Paris to be free of exhaust fumes this weekend as French capital goes ‘car free’

Motorist David Puryer mounted a pavement and killed pedestrian while ‘racing another car’

by Gizmoration August 11, 2015
Motorist David Puryer mounted a pavement and killed pedestrian while ‘racing another car’, full story on Home | Mail Online

range rover 2014

Charting Unmapped Terrains with Range Rover

by Gizmoration September 30, 2014
Bryn is on an adventure trip and his venture begins at Telluride as he meets his old friends John and Gabe Lifton. The Liftons have lived here for generations and know the place in and out. There’s something that Bryn would want to explore about this land and the Liftons prove to be good guides […]

Smart Tyre caps change colour to represent PSI

by Ryan Burgesson March 1, 2014
A Kickstarter project by the name of RightPSI has created a rather nifty way to check your car’s tyre pressure just by looking at the colour being shown. The RightPSI uses a spring loaded mechanism to change colour. There is a ring around the centre of the cap that changes from red, to black and […]

Flightcar rent

FlightCar, The Car-sharing Startup, Pays $400/Month To Rent Your Car

by Matthew Lucason August 5, 2013
Do you have a car you do not use anymore ? The rental startup FlightCar can help you out with the launch of a new service in which it keeps users’ cars for a month at a time and rent them out to travelers. The service is called FlightCar Monthly and it is designed to […]
Nissan ZEOD RC Electric Car

Nissan ZEOD RC Revealed As The Fastest Electric Car

by Matthew Lucason July 21, 2013
Nissan has revealed the amazing new electric car ZEOD RC, known as Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car. According to the car manufacturer Nissan ZEOD RC is the world’s fastest electric racing car and it can reach 186 mph. The car unveiled on Friday is a prototype vehicle, and an overview description of the powertrain they’ll use in […]

Google Street View car hijacked

Music Band Hijacks Google’s Street View Car For Videoclip

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
This must be a first: a trending video seems to show how a group of people is “hijacking” a Google’s Street View car to make their own Street View style music video. This is either the stupidest thing ever or a brilliant marketing stunt. Either way it is worth watching it for almost four minutes […]
2014 Honda Odyssey minivan vacuum

Honda Odyssey Minivan Comes With Its Own Vacuum

by Eric Brownon March 29, 2013
The new 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan was launched at the New York International Auto Show, this week, and the car maker is adding an interesting new feature. Honda Odyseey minivan, besides the regular updates and features like a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with 248 horsepower and 22 miles per gallon fuel consumption, the car comes with a built-in vacuum,  the […]

[WATCH] World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

by Gizmoration August 28, 2012
8.4 million and counting. That is how many views this video received on YouTube. Last year, at the World’s Greatest Drag Race competed 11 high-performance cars at the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro to see which car was fastest in a straight line. The 2012 World’s Greatest Drag Race is no different, with […]