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easter eggs

Easter for a Citizen of the World

by Chris Murphyon April 1, 2013
Today I had a re-imagination of my faith. I went to Saint Dominic’s on Bush and Steiner in San Francisco, with the traditional nave and flying buttresses, stained glass in crimson and blue, and was welcomed. Me, my mother and my father witnessed the beautiful revival of a holy, and vital part of our world. […]
Pope Francis I

The Catholic Church Elects a New Pope

by Nick Adamson March 18, 2013
The Catholic Church has elected a new pope, Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio after the voluntary resignation of the former Pope Benedict XVI. This was an unexpected election because a pope has not resigned since Pope Gregory XII in 1415 or if you want a more exact number…in about 598 years. Cardinal Jorge has chosen to lead […]