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iPhone user creates the most absurdly elaborate setup ever for charging his device

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Anyone who’s ever had trouble charging an aging smartphone, move over — one iPhone 5c owner has any sob stories you have beat. A Redditor who goes by the name of moviedude26 this week posted a hilarious picture that shows the single most elaborate iPhone charging setup we’ve ever seen that involves wood clamps and a jar [...]

Motorola president responds to Ive criticism in New Yorker profile, says Apple charging ‘outrageous prices’

by Gizmoration February 18, 2015
In an amusing retaliation to Jony Ive’s opinion of Motorola’s Moto Maker, Motorola president described their company as a ‘different philosophy’ as well as directly attacking Apple’s product lineup, describing iPhone prices as ‘outrageous’ in a conversation with the BBC. In the Ive profile by the New Yorker, the SVP of Design gave his scathing view of the Moto Maker system, which let [...]

Solace Power Takes Aim At Wireless Mid-Flight Charging For Drones

by Gizmoration February 18, 2015
 A small startup operating out of Newfoundland in Canada is working on a big problem that could have tremendous impact on the future of the drone industry. In partnership with Boeing, Solace Power will expand the viability and efficacy of a system it developed for recharging unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) wirelessly, using energy transmitters that [...]

Review: Nomad’s NomadClip, NomadKey + NomadPlus are practical charging solutions for iPhones and iPads

by Gizmoration February 17, 2015
Lightning cables and battery packs are often so similar that I rarely have a strong preference for “nicer” alternatives over basic ones. But Nomad has been working to change that by creating practical charging accessories that you’ll actually want to carry around everywhere. Last year, it debuted the NomadKey ($ 25), which places a Lightning to USB cable on your keychain, as [...]

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Lineup Should Boast Next-Gen Wireless Charging

by Gizmoration February 17, 2015
 Samsung is doing a series of teasers this year to hype up the launch of the next Galaxy S6 (or whatever it’s calling its 2016 flagship Android smartphone), and the latest details the tech and progress of wireless charging. In a post on Samsung’s official blog, the company’s lead engineer for IT and Mobile Seho [...]
Fuel smallest phone charger

Devotec Fuel: Smallest Phone Charger To Be Available Soon

by Eric Brownon March 27, 2013
How many times your smartphone’s battery became empty and you weren’t near an outlet? Fuel from Devotec comes with a brilliant idea: the smallest phone charger in the world, measure less than an inch wide, which can be attached to your key chain. The gadget, because of its 220mAh battery, has the ability to provide twenty to thirty [...]