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hisense uled

Hisense ULED Receives The Global Annual Display Technology Award

by Ranjan Yadavon April 18, 2015
Hisense company has emerged as the winner of the Annual Display Technology Award, unveiled at the world’s largest and finest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The honor went to ULED, the proprietary new generation television technology envisioned in the research lab of China located Hisense. This is its third receipt of an award that […]
oppo r1c

Oppo Releases Its Brand New R1C Resembling R1S

by Ambati Drajon January 15, 2015
Oppo, the Chinese smartphone company set out to release its next range of successors. It has unveiled Oppo R1C in China. It is a refreshed version of R1S and comes with few interesting and updated specs. Coming to its design, it looks more like its previous R1S and shares some of its specs with it […]

online games

APAC Online Games Revenue Projected At $30bn In 2018

by Ranjan Yadavon January 13, 2015
APAC online games revenue is anticipated to reach $30.39bn in 2018 according to a recent statement by the IDC. Asia-Pacific for that reason will be accounting for over 335.88 million online gamers in 2018, amongst which 150 million will be paid gamers. This is due to the thriving market owing to enhanced mobile gaming and […]
Coming War

America And China, Coming War Documentary By John Pilger

by Ranjan Yadavon December 23, 2014
Coming War, a John Pilger documentary, is about America and China. It is the new documentary project campaign now live on Indiegogo, envisioned by John Pilger from London, United Kingdom. The working title of the film is “The Coming War Between America and China”,  and the film is focused on the largely unreported story of […]


Xiaomi Raises $1B In Fresh Funding, Valued At $45B

by Ranjan Yadavon December 23, 2014
Xiaomi, the Apple of China and the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker in Q3 2014 as per the IDC, has recently raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The investors include Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC that values the smartphone giant at over $45 billion. If the rising […]

Ericsson: 90% Of World’s Population To Own A Smartphone By 2020

by Ranjan Yadavon December 22, 2014
Ericsson Mobility Report, the detailed update on mobile trends leveraging big data from live networks worldwide has recently released its latest edition. Mobile research prospects for future indicate that 90 percent of World’s population will have a mobile phone by 2020. India and China are poised to experience fastest growth for new mobile subscriptions with […]

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu Mobile OS To Come Live In Early 2015

by Rajesh Ksskon December 8, 2014
Ubuntu Mobile, the new operating system for mobile is all set to be released in the early 2015, according to the Meizu’s official Facebook page. Almost 10 months ago, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced its plans for the Ubuntu Mobile operating system. Android and iOS are the existing platforms for smartphones where Android being […]
Xiaomi Mi4

EXCLUSIVE: Xiaomi Mi5 Featuring Bezel-less Screen Leaked

by Ambati Drajon November 15, 2014
Xiaomi had already made a mark on the world mobile market. News has been coming that Xiaomi Mi4 successors is about to be released.These leaks regarding successor of Mi4 happened in China showing the front panel of Xiaomi Mi5. iLevon posted the images of bezel-less display of Mi5 on Weibo. All the images are from […]
microsoft lumia

First Microsoft Lumia To Be Released On Nov. 11

by Rajesh Ksskon November 9, 2014
Microsoft, the software giant, has been focused to release new and updated models of mobile phones from it recently acquired Nokia unit. Now the company is getting ready to unleash the Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphone on Tuesday, November 11th. The recent leaks and rumours have provided a picture of the specification of this flagship from the company. […]


Xiaomi Invests $1B to Develop Internet Content for Mi TV & Mi Box

by Rajesh Ksskon November 5, 2014
Being a smartphone maker you would not like to stop at making only smartphones. You give out the updates for your devices. But that is not just it, you would like to explore more and do the maximum you can do with intellectual property. And that too being world’s third largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi would […]

LG G3 dual SIM phone lands in China with TD-LTE support

by Nick Adamson August 12, 2014
The LG G3 dual SIM smartphone’s new version that goes by the model number D858 has been released in China. A few modifications have been made to the device, however, the company has chosen to retain the design of the original smartphone for this variant. One of the major differences between this LG G3 dual […]

Vuzix Corporation M100 Smart Glass

Vuzix Corporation deals with Lenovo, ventures into China

by Ranjan Yadavon August 8, 2014
Vuzix Corporation, is a Rochester (New York) based world leader in video eyewear technology. Vuzix has signed a strategic deal with the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo Group Ltd. Vuzix Corporation recently announced that Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix, got featured on the Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to discuss Vuzix Corporations’ recent announcement to […]
Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4, a behemoth with 5.5 inch QHD, 3080mAh battery

by Ranjan Yadavon August 7, 2014
The Apple of China, Xiaomi Inc., a.k.a “Little Rice”, headlined the global gadget news wave with selling 15000 devices of its highly successful Xiaomi Mi3 handset via its partner e-commerce platform in a record 2 seconds. The Chinese manufacturer has strengthened its manufacturing capacity and is ready to launch an even more advanced Xiaomi Mi4 in December, 2014. Xiaomi Mi4 shall carry a 5.5 Quad […]


China reveals their censorship guidelines for foreign games

by Ryan Burgesson April 23, 2014
China revealed today the guidelines you have to follow in order to get a console or game on sale in the country, it is exactly as many expected. You can view the whole statement from the Chinese government here. But to summarise companies have to work with a local partner and operate out of the […]
microsoft xbox one

Microsoft to launch the Xbox One in China

by Ryan Burgesson March 31, 2014
In what may come of some surprise, Microsoft has managed to arrange the release of the Xbox One in China. This move could mean a lot of money for Microsoft, China is relatively untouched due to their various human rights issues but Microsoft’s Zhang Yaqin, global vice president said that they: would add more content […]

Horizon Sun Earth Orbit

1 in 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Orbits the Earth. Come on… Really?

by Anna Johnsonon February 15, 2014
One in four Americans thinks that the sun revolves around the Earth, according to a survey conducted by the National Science Foundation. The survey included more than 2,200 people in the United States and included 10 questions about physical and biological science, and the average score—6.5 correct—was barely a passing grade. Regarding the question, “Does the Earth go […]
Samsung Ultra HD TV

Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD TV Sells For $150,000

by Eric Brownon December 30, 2013
  Samsung promised at CES in January this year that it would release a 110-inch Ultra HD TV, which would be the world’s largest compared to its other already-gargantuan 85-inch model and with just a couple of days left to spare here it is. Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV measures 8.5 feet (2.6m) wide and 5.9 feet […]
online gaming

New Cultural Revolution Sweeps China

by Chris Murphyon June 7, 2013
China is stepping up its cultural output in the online gaming industry, states the IDC. Interesting that a country who changed its landscape with a communist cultural revolution a mere 47 years ago, is now monetizing, and maximizing it’s output in a capitalist mold. And using video games at that. This market includes PC online […]


Cord Blood. New Stock? Future of Medicine? Stem Cell

by Chris Murphyon May 3, 2013
One cord (umbilical cord) blood bank doing well in a group of falling stocks is Perkin Elmer Inc, a family cord blood and tissue preservation business. At time of deadline they were at $30.55. The stem cell industry is projected to reach $15 billion by 2015, but some cord blood banks are seeing poor performance […]
Shanghai Motor Show 2013

The Shanghai Motor Show 2013: A Quick Look

by Chris Murphyon April 23, 2013
When it comes to cars, China is accelerating fast. The Shanghai Motor Show 2013 had many interesting models of car manufacturers from Bugatti to Buick. Here are a few notable and interesting cars that made an appearance: The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is a record-breaking edition, reaching speeds up to 254 mph. Only eight […]