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Brain computer interface

Brain Computer Interface: A Mind-controlling Tool?

by Chris Murphyon March 27, 2013
Technology’s Omniscient Eye. It sees all. BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, works by recording brain activity and transmitting that information to a computer, which interprets it as various inputs and commands. The prototype looks like a rain cap with diodes and wires attached to sections of your brain, leading to a computer. It’s most commonly […]
arm technology

ARM Technology, It’s in Your Life

by Chris Murphyon March 25, 2013
It’s here. Technologies omniscient eye. And what can we do but buy? At least what we can accept. According to a 2011 Deutsche Bank Report, Home, including Blue Ray, DVD, Digital, Enterprise, Digital Smartphone, Digital TV, Mobile, Computing, Home Networking, Mobile Payments, Flash Cards, Computing, ARM powered Products and ARM products are there. Yes, all ways they […]