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Parrot Bebop Drone Review: A Keen Eye In The Sky Without A Huge Price Tag

by Gizmoration March 4, 2015
 Parrot has a brand new drone on the market, featuring a 1080p video camera that captures motion at 30FPS, and that can take stills at 14MP. The camera has built-in stabilization, letting it avoid the kinds of shakes and jitters that can normally add up to nausea when dealing with moving camera, and has a [...]

Watch this incredible TIE interceptor drone fly around, then build your own

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
The future of drones is amazing. The French quadcopter fan who built a Millennium Falcon replica last month is back, as promised, with an amazing replica of a TIE interceptor. It’s pretty incredible to see the TIE interceptor in action at night, since you can’t see the rotor blades it looks like it’s floating in space. You [...]

This Guy Turned His Drone Into A Star Wars TIE Fighter

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
 Remember that custom Millenium Falcon quadcopter from a few weeks back? It better look out. The Rebel Alliance isn’t the only one with birds in the air, anymore. As a followup to his Millenium Falcon project, French RC hobbyist Olivier_C has built a second quadcopter — but this time around, he’s building for the Empire. [...]

Last chance to pre-order the Code Black drone with HD camera [Deals]

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
Quadcopters are a lot of fun, especially when they come equipped with a high definition camera. They allow you to take professional looking video and offer a unique vantage point with which to view your surroundings. Now you can get… Read more ›

55% off the limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera pre-order exclusive

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
After selling out extremely quickly on it’s first two runs, the HD Code Black Drone has been on preorder for months. Well now it’s back in the TNW Deals store and ready to ship! As a special promotion, we’re extending the Pre-Order price for two more days! Get it now, because the price goes up after Thursday! [...]

Last chance: Get some serious air with the limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera [Deal]

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
It’s back, the DARK KNIGHT of the sky. We have limited units available and this exclusive offer is valid only while supplies last. Get non-stop fun with the exclusive and limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera from Cult of Android Deals. You can order yours now for half price — that’s just $ 89. But [...]

The ‘Code-Black’ HD-camera drone captures video footage mid-flight [55% off]

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
The “Code Black” HD-camera drone is pretty much a drone-meets-GoPro: it captures video footage mid-flight. So not only will you fly around a drone, but you’ll get some cool video out of it, too. The palm-sized drone has a 6-axis control system for an extremely stable flight and can flip in four directions (left, right, [...]

Perceptiv Labs Lands Version One Ventures Investment for Drone Technology

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Version One Ventures announced today that they have made an undisclosed investment in Waterloo drone technology startup Perceptiv Labs. Perceptiv Labs is using computer vision to make drones more intelligent and fully autonomous. Founded by University of Waterloo alumni Neil Mathew, P.J. Mukherjee, and Yan Ma, Perceptiv Labs is currently a part of the winter [...]

Deal of the day — Own the skies: Save 46% on the extreme micro drone 2.0 w/camera

by Gizmoration February 19, 2015
Wanted:  Daring persons to take to the skies and perform amazing stunts while sneering at their own mortality.  If that’s you, head on over to BGR Deals and pick yourself up the fun-filled and impressive Extreme Micro Drone 2.0. Continue reading…

FAA’s Rules Could Harm Drone Businesses

by Gizmoration February 19, 2015
Any company betting on long-distance commerce via drones better rethink their strategy: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued draft rules that forbid commercial drones from flying out of view of their operators. That ruling could ding Amazon, Google and other tech giants that are developing autonomous drones capable of delivering small loads over long [...]

Psssst! Wanna buy a lethal drone? US to export unmanned aircraft

by Gizmoration February 18, 2015
The Obama administration is opening the door for US military drone makers to sell their unmanned killing machines overseas. “The new export policy is part of a broader United States UAS [unmanned aircraft system] policy review which includes plans to work with other countries to shape international standards for the sale, transfer, and subsequent use [...]

Amazon’s drone delivery service may have just been killed by the FAA

by Gizmoration February 17, 2015
In late 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon “Prime Air”, an ambitious project involving drones capable of delivering purchased items to Amazon Prime customers in just 30 minutes. NBC News now relays that Amazon’s grand vision for a futuristic drone-filled world took a hit over the weekend when the FAA proposed a set of strict regulations regarding the legality of commercial drone flights. [...]

Save over 45% on the Extreme Micro Drone & introducing the new Drone Shop [Deals]

by Gizmoration February 17, 2015
The Greek mythological character Icarus ignored his father’s warnings and flew too close to the sun. The intense heat caused the wax that was holding his wings together to melt and he tragically crashed into the sea below him. If… Read more ›

Ghost Drone

Ghost Drone is An Aerial Filming Miracle

by Ranjan Yadavon January 3, 2015
Ghost Drone is an aerial filming miracle from San Francisco, California, campaigned on Indiegogo crowdfunding portal. Ghost Drone turns the average jack into a filmmaker by allowing to capture your adventures with amazing aerial shots. Ghost is the world’s easiest drone to fly, it is perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike. The initiative is [...]
Amphibious HexH2o

Amphibious HexH2o: Drone Made For Aerial & Underwater Video

by Gizmoration December 27, 2014
Drones are able to shoot high quality videos and stable images are always in demand. Doing it on land as well as underwater truly adds to the feature list. Amphibious HexH2o, this hexrotor drone is tailor-made for speed and agility to keep-up with jet skis, speedboats or water powered exoskeletons. Amphibious HexH2o configuration is also very high: it [...]

Carbon Flyer

Carbon Flyer: Meet the Ultimate Crash Proof Video Drone

by Ranjan Yadavon December 11, 2014
Carbon flyer is the ultimate tech toy that is a super-tough, super-fast, personal drone and is also a high tech miracle. The Carbon Flyer is the world’s first all carbon fibre personal drone, that is primarily controlled by Bluetooth, with an onboard video camera. The Carbon flyer is built in a highly durable construction that [...]
Project wing test_0_0

Google’s Wing Project Tests Drone Prototypes to Deliver Packages

by RJ Kon August 30, 2014
The omnipotent tech giant Google has established its “moonshot” lab Google X with a special purpose to produce technologically advanced machines useful for the mankind. Google has revealed that its lab has spent the last two years building a drone that can deliver goods across the country. The company has named this effort as Project [...]
cyro robot jellfyish

Cyro: The Robot Jellyfish Capable of Syping

by Nick Adamson April 1, 2013
A robot jellyfish named Cyro may be swimming in the ocean with you sometime in the future and chances are you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. Cyro is almost 6 feet long in diameter and weighs about 170 pounds. He has been equipped with a silicone head and eight [...]