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This crazy video shows sheep running in fear of a drone that’s being used to herd them

by Gizmoration March 31, 2015
They say technology will phase out human jobs, but what about the non-human ones? Well, one video shows how drones may put a few dogs out of work. Declan Brennan, an Irish farmer, posted a video a few days ago the autonomous flying device being used to herd sheep. CNET spotted the footage on YouTube [...]

Watch the best Apple Campus 2 drone video we’ve seen yet

by Gizmoration March 31, 2015
  Tim Cook makes frequent visits to Apple Campus 2 – which is still without an official name. It seems like drone enthusiasts visit the site more than Apple’s CEO. Search YouTube for ‘Apple Campus 2′ and you’ll get over… Read more ›

DR-1 drone is the OnePlus ‘game changer’ no one was expecting

by Gizmoration March 31, 2015
OnePlus, the Chinese startup that has made a name for itself with the popular One smartphone, today announced its next venture: the DR-1 drone, which will be available from the company’s online store next month. This is the “game changer” OnePlus began teasing earlier this month, and it’s a direction no one expected the company [...]

New Apple Campus 2 drone flyover gives up close look at construction progress (in 4K!)

by Gizmoration March 31, 2015
The latest drone flyover of Apple’s under construction Campus 2 gives us our closest look yet at the site. The footage above was shot in 4K just yesterday and sent in by reader Brandon Elwood, giving us the most up-to-date look at construction progress on the site. The new drone flyover follows the latest official aerial [...]

DroneDeploy Snags $9M As Its Drone Control Platform Soars Out Of Beta

by Gizmoration March 31, 2015
 DroneDeploy is on a mission to make drones accessible to industrial users who have a business need for conducting outdoor landscape mapping and monitoring. So, in other words, it wants drones to be put to work by people other than enthusiastic dorks with a gadget habit — doing tasks like helping farmers spot crop damage [...]

Amazon Testing Drone Delivery at Secret Site in Canada

by Gizmoration March 30, 2015
Amazin is testing its drone delivery service in Canada, reports The Guardian. The retail giant has set up a secret site in BC after experiencing frustration dealing with the US federal government’s restrictions, the paper says. A team of roboticists and aeronautics experts are now operating in the region. Quoth The Guardian: The end goal [...]

Canada Proves Fertile Ground For Amazon Drone Delivery Tests

by Gizmoration March 30, 2015
 After being rebuffed by U.S. regulator reticence, Amazon is now engaged in testing its drone delivery services in British Columbia, just north of the U.S. border in Canada, on a piece of land dotted with oak trees and firs, the Guardian reports. The ecommerce company is using the test field to trial drones weighing under [...]

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisors in Iraq — US denies

by Gizmoration March 30, 2015
BAGHDAD (AP) — Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says a U.S. drone strike has killed two of its advisers in Iraq, though the U.S. says it has only struck militants in its campaign. The claim comes as negotiators on Monday attempted to reach a deal on Iran’s contested nuclear program. The Guard said on its sepahnews.ir website [...]

Beautiful drone video of epic trip across South America

by Gizmoration March 29, 2015
22-year-olds Adam Humphrey and Tom Montefiore shot this incredible video over 5 weeks while backpacking through South America. Using a drone, DSLR, slider, tripod, and GoPro, they were able to capture fascinating footage of Torres del Paine National Park, the Galapagos islands and more. Video courtesy of Adam Humphrey & Tom Montefiore Follow BI Video: On Facebook Join the [...]

ElecFreaks Is Selling (And Giving Away) A DIY VR Drone

by Gizmoration March 27, 2015
 A new 3D-printed drone called the ELF VR Nano is available for pre-order on Indiegogo and for download on Thingiverse. That’s right: you can either buy the product and receive pre-printed parts or you can simply print it yourself. It’s one of the purest open source hardware plays I’ve seen in a long while and [...]

Equation Air: OnePlus drone is about to take off

by Gizmoration March 27, 2015
For several days OnePlus has been teasing us with glimpses of a new device that it says is going to be a "game-changer" – this all links back to comments from co-founder Carl Pei at the start of March hinting that the company was going to start expanding beyond smartphones. Pei confirmed it’s not a [...]

Facebook’s Aquila Drone Will Beam Down Internet Access With Lasers

by Gizmoration March 26, 2015
 As the second day of its F8 conference began here at Fort Mason, Facebook announced the first hardware it plans to use to beam Internet down to billions of people around the world. Codenamed Aquila, the drone has a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 767 yet uses lightwight materials that allow it to weigh less [...]

3D Robotics Launches DroneKit, Its API For Building Drone Apps

by Gizmoration March 26, 2015
 3D Robotics, the largest U.S.-based drone manufacturer, today announced the launch of DroneKit, its open-source API for writing drone apps. Because 3D Robotics has always taken a platform approach, DroneKit will work with any drone that uses its APM autopilot (and while there are quite a few of those on the market, though this won’t [...]

$50 off DJI Phantom 2 Drone + more top drones from TNW Deals

by Gizmoration March 25, 2015
Aim for the clouds with TNW Deals’ amazing offers on some of the best drones on the market. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert pilot, we’ve got just the drone for you. Oh, and they make great gifts too! Use the coupon below to get $ 50 off the DJI Phantom 2! $ 50 [...]

Save over 40% on the ultra-tiny SKEYE Nano Drone [Deals]

by Gizmoration March 24, 2015
Here’s your opportunity to pick up the most amazing, precision-controlled RC drone. The SKEYE Nano Drone, the world’s smallest quadcopter, is 41% off with free international shipping for a limited time only at Cult of Mac Deals. Drone quadcopters are… Read more ›

Save 41% on SKEYE, the world’s smallest nano drone [Deals]

by Gizmoration March 24, 2015
Meet the SKEYE Nano Drone, the shockingly agile and tiny flying machine, perfect for airborne stunts (like figure 8s, banking turns, flips, etc) both indoors and out. Thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get your hands on this miniature but powerful chopper for just $ 34.99 — 41% off its regular price. The Nano [...]

Deal of the day: Save 41% on the SKEYE nano drone: the world’s smallest quadcopter

by Gizmoration March 20, 2015
Meet the SKEYE Nano Drone, the shockingly agile and tiny flying machine, perfect for airborne stunts (like figure 8s, banking turns, flips, etc) both indoors and out. The Nano Drone provides high thrust, low weight, and has incredibly responsive controls that are complemented by advanced hardware to give the Nano Drone outstanding stability and maneuverability. [...]

Get ready for Optimus Prime shipping: FAA approves Amazon drone experiments

by Gizmoration March 19, 2015
It seems like all that hype from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about using drones for deliveries wasn’t hype after all. The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that it has awarded an experimental airworthiness certificate for a drone design presented by Amazon Logistics, the online retailer’s in-house fulfillment and delivery company. The certificate amounts to a [...]

FAA Grants Amazon Permission To Test Drone Deliveries

by Gizmoration March 19, 2015
 The FAA just released a statement indicated that Amazon now has limited permission to test and develop drones in the United States. It’s not a blank check, though. The FAA gave Amazon strict rules and regulations. Read More

An Apple drone? One man dares to dream

by Gizmoration March 19, 2015
We have Apple products atop our desks, in our pockets and, soon, on our wrists. As if there aren’t enough Apples in our airspace, one man is nudging his favorite company to design a quadrocopter. He’s even taken a stab… Read more ›