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Amazing Tesla Model S easter egg: Here’s what happens when you type ‘007’

by Gizmoration February 27, 2015
A recently discovered easter egg in the Tesla Model S might very well be the coolest easter egg ever discovered. Though easter eggs (code for a hidden message or inside joke embedded in software) are typically found in PC-based programs, that didn’t stop Tesla from joining in on the fun in an incredibly awesome way. Continue [...]
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Easter for a Citizen of the World

by Chris Murphyon April 1, 2013
Today I had a re-imagination of my faith. I went to Saint Dominic’s on Bush and Steiner in San Francisco, with the traditional nave and flying buttresses, stained glass in crimson and blue, and was welcomed. Me, my mother and my father witnessed the beautiful revival of a holy, and vital part of our world. [...]


‘It’s Thanksgiving’ Song Becomes The New Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (WATCH)

by Anna Johnsonon November 10, 2012
“It’s Thanksgiving.” Everybody’s looking forward to Thanksgiving, right? So why does it feel like it’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? Nicole Westbrook, the latest teen to release a home-cooked pop anthem on YouTube, is not thinking about partying all weekend with “Friday” viral pop wonder Black, she’s got her mind on holiday turkey and mashed potatoes. Whether [...]