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Gaia Lamp is A Gorgeous Lighting Solution

by Ranjan Yadavon May 18, 2015
Gaia Lamp is a lighting gorgeous lamp campaigned from Newport, Virginia, United States on Indiegogo. Prepared, and campaigned by Parker Stafford and who is the owner of Stafford Art Glass, a studio that’s been creating award-winning artglass designs since 1997. The hotshop in Newport is home to a gallery and workshop space where customers get […]
HackRF Blue

HackRF Blue, A $200 Software Defined Radio

by Ranjan Yadavon December 28, 2014
HackRF Blue is a $200 HackRF Software Defined Radio coming from Hong Kong. The technocrats are running a campaign in Indiegogo crowdfunding platform with the goal of providing underprivileged hackerspaces with free HackRF(s). Instead of requesting for donations, they have created a lower-cost build of Michael Ossmann’s open source HackRF and will be providing these […]


Continental’s Infrared curtain Brings Touchscreen To Cheap Cars

by Rajesh Ksskon December 21, 2014
Touchscreen is the best innovation till date in this decade in terms of display and interaction with the system. They have been used across industries. The automotive industry has integrated this in its dashboards,but mostly it is high-end class we see such technology. This is because of the high cost of the integration. This scenario […]

Sony Prototype Clips Turn Any Regular Glasses Into Smart Ones

by Rajesh Ksskon December 19, 2014
Sony has been abode of technical advancements in various fields. The new field the company has taken is the wearables segment. The first attempt is the smart watch and now it is the clips designed by the company to turn any regular glasses to smart pair of glasses. This is the more interesting device in […]

WeMo Maker

WeMo Maker Connects Any Electrical Device to Internet

by Rajesh Ksskon December 14, 2014
A fully automated and connected is what the future of household going to be. The idea of a connected home is to make life easier and simpler. It aims at one touch activity in the house. For example a green icon to turn lights on, a red icon for washing machine etc. But what makes […]

Exodus Unveils Amazing Solar-powered Headphones

by Rajesh Ksskon December 1, 2014
Bluetooth headphones have been in the market from a long time now. But all work on battery hich are to be recharged or replaced timely. Is there a solution for making the headphones really cord-less without any strings attached to it? The answer lies with solar-powered Bluetooth headphones. The idea of solar-powered Bluetooth headphones has […]

LG rollable flexible tv

LG unveils the flexible TV: you can roll it up to 3cm just like a newspaper

by Chris Murphyon July 11, 2014
LG has revealed two new OLED display panels, one of which is so flexible it can be completely rolled up to 3 cm. The flexible TV is made out of a polyamide film on the panel’s rear, which is less rigid than the plastic film that was previously used. Not only does this give the screen its […]
Invisibility cloak

Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak Unveiled By Scientists

by Matthew Lucason March 26, 2013
If you have seen J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movies you already have an idea about the invisibility cloak and maybe you even wish to have one in your closet. Actually this type of technology already exists, but it works only in microwave light.Well until now. Thanks to scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, we might […]
fiber optic cable

Reasons Why Fiber Optic Cable Are Gaining Popularity

by Nick Adamson November 28, 2012
Modes of communication have become faster. Now it takes few fractions of seconds for data to reach from one place to another via wires. Have you ever thought as how this is possible? Well, this has been made possible by the use of a different variety of wire known as fiber optic cable. Initially copper […]