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Ericsson: 90% Of World’s Population To Own A Smartphone By 2020

by Ranjan Yadavon December 22, 2014
Ericsson Mobility Report, the detailed update on mobile trends leveraging big data from live networks worldwide has recently released its latest edition. Mobile research prospects for future indicate that 90 percent of World’s population will have a mobile phone by 2020. India and China are poised to experience fastest growth for new mobile subscriptions with [...]

Lambert’s New Headphone Amp Audio System is Amazing

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Lambert Company, from Waihi, New Zealand, brings their new headphone amplifier and audio system ‘play it by year’, that is powerful, physically small and acoustically massive. It is also musically rich and is seen as the ultimate desktop audio system. The Lambert Small Wonder Series has always been straight forward audio components that seem as [...]


Latest Instagram Update Adds Filter to Photo Effects

by RJ Kon December 20, 2014
Instagram, the popular photo-sharing application has released an update. The new update adds filters for subtle photo effects. When initially launched the application had few filters which were basically used to improve the quality of the lower quality images from the smartphones. But now it is all about how picture perfect the image is. Acting [...]

Sony Prototype Clips Turn Any Regular Glasses Into Smart Ones

by RJ Kon December 19, 2014
Sony has been abode of technical advancements in various fields. The new field the company has taken is the wearables segment. The first attempt is the smart watch and now it is the clips designed by the company to turn any regular glasses to smart pair of glasses. This is the more interesting device in [...]


Gigabit Wireless Comes to the Homes of San Francisco

by Ranjan Yadavon December 18, 2014
Gigabit Wireless is brought to you by San Francisco based MonkeyBrains. The company is excited to offer Gigabit to the Homes, i.e. 350Mbps to 1Gbps links to residential homes. The company is very excited to become the first ISP to introduce Gigabit to individual homes in San Francisco. Fiber to the home isn’t coming so [...]
LG ELECTRONICS CANADA - quantum dot technology to Join LG's 4K U

LG to Boost Color of 4K TV With Layer of Quantum Dots

by RJ Kon December 18, 2014
Consumer electronics have been taking different shapes over the years. There has been huge changes seen the design and technology used in the television sets. Starting with the cathode ray tube we have reached a point where each pixel of the picture has the best clarity. The technology used in here is amazing. Smart TVs [...]

CORE wireless

This Core Wireless Speaker System is Uniquely Awesome

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Core wireless, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a compact speaker that is ‘better than stereo’ sound, is wireless, multi-room, portable, and truly liberating too. Core wireless is a most advanced speaker system ever developed. It introduces a wireless sound system designed to be the core of your musical realm. Core wireless is a high tech [...]
Axent wear headphone

The Axent Wear Cat Headphones Are Finally Here

by Ranjan Yadavon December 16, 2014
Axent, from Berkeley, California, is the latest fusion of fashion and functionality, also has external cat ear speakers and LED lights. Axent Wear, a venture started by two UC Berkeley alumni, is based on an idea for some really amazing, and unique headphones that had never been pioneered prior to this. Axent Wear is a [...]

Micromax’s First Cyanogen Mod OS Phone to Release on Dec 18

by RJ Kon December 14, 2014
Micromax has grown leaps and bounds over the past three years. It is first company to get promoted by a hollywood actor, Hugh Jackman. It has become the common man’s iPhone with various models over range of prices. This company has become one of the biggest mobile players in the market. New milestone in the [...]

Mars speaker

Mars, a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Crazybaby

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Mars is the latest fusion of music and design that is a levitating portable Bluetooth speaker with Hi-Fi Sound founded and lead designed by Allen Zheng. Mars’s levitating 360° sound projection minimizes sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station. The features of Mars Bluetooth speaker are a 360° Sound Projection, [...]
Dragonfly Futurefön

Dragonfly Futurefön by Idealfuture is a Mobile Ultrabook

by Ranjan Yadavon December 13, 2014
Dragonfly Futurefön by Idealfuture was founded on the principles of creating the ideal mobile computing future. The company has launched its flagship revolutionary product, The Dragonfly Futurefön, i.e. a mobile metamorphosis, as it is termed to by the founder and CEO of the company, Jeff Batio. The Dragonfly Futurefön ™ is the convergent mobile platform [...]

Geek Pulse audio

Geek Pulse: A Ultra High-def Audio for Desktop by LH Labs

by Ranjan Yadavon December 11, 2014
LH Labs, the Northern California based techno venture, is a blend of audio geeks and engineers who have formed an alliance with one single objective in mind: delivering the sound of high-end audio to the masses. The company has recently launched “Geek Pulse” a UHD Audio for Desktops. Amidst the crux of the high-end audio [...]

Amazon Introduced Its 4K Stream Service Today

by RJ Kon December 10, 2014
The modern age is all about getting the technology in all spheres of life to make ourselves comfortable. Introduction of technology to the television sets has been one of the best things in the past five years. This made people see the whole next level of tech on their TV sets. The new technology aspect [...]


Wireless Storage On Your Wrist With BeanBeam’s Pinto

by RJ Kon December 5, 2014
Wireless communication was made popular by Bluetooth and from then on there have been different applications of wireless communications. Now the new application is wrist-worn storage device that’s lets users securely and conveniently store their files. The device connects through Bluetooth and also has wireless charging. The name for this new device is Pinto. Pinto [...]

Raspberry Pi Model A+ is The Cheapest And The Smallest

by RJ Kon December 1, 2014
The Raspberry Pi, in simply words, is a mini CPU-a single board computer. The size is the one which amazes the user, at just the size that of a credit card. The Pi was introduced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools. So why is [...]


Samsung Eyecan+ Helps Physically Impaired To Browse The Web

by RJ Kon December 1, 2014
Samsung, the leading electronics company has invested considerable amount of its profits in research and development of new products. One such product is Eyecan+. Now Samsung has announced a new, updated version of this eye-tracking mouse. Living with a disability is very difficult. And being deprived of accessing the modern gadgets because of the same [...]
epaper smartwatch

This E-Paper Powered Smartwatch From Sony Is Amazing

by RJ Kon November 30, 2014
Sony has been the hub of new ground breaking technology with its trademark quality and clarity. Now the electronics giant is looking forward to introduce the one of its kind e-paper powered smart watch to the market next year, according to a new report coming from Bloomberg. This expected smart watch from the company would [...]

Flow Is the Mouse Of The Future With Gesture Recognition

by RJ Kon November 27, 2014
What are the essential input devices for a computer? The answer to this question when I was a kid was “mouse and keyboard”. The answer for the question is the same even today, though there have been advancements in the design and working of mouse but not mouse itself. They have been the most predominate [...]


Nokia To Hit New Asian Markets in 2015

by RJ Kon November 24, 2014
Nokia just sold its handsets market to Microsoft and now it comes up with something new for itself. The company plans to launch a 7.9 inch tablet next year in the biggest market of world, China.The Finnish company always made its mark since its launch in 19th century as a paper manufacturer. The Apple manufacturer, Taiwan-based Foxconn, will [...]
Apple building

Apple to Pay $23.6M for Infringing Patent on Pager Tech

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
The clash of titans is what the tech industry has been experiencing in the last few years. The leading tech companies have been fighting over the patent issues and lots of money is being paid towards the infringement of the patent rights. In the recent revelation, the leading mobile manufacturer Apple has been sued by [...]