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These Are Literally the Top Dogs in Entertainment

by Gizmoration August 21, 2015
These Are Literally the Top Dogs in Entertainment, full story on AdWeek : All News

Viki acquires Korean entertainment news and discussion site Soompi

by Gizmoration August 19, 2015
Viki acquires Korean entertainment news and discussion site Soompi, full story on Tech in Asia


Huge virtual reality entertainment center debuts in Australia

by Gizmoration August 16, 2015
Huge virtual reality entertainment center debuts in Australia, full story on The Next Web

Even as TV Evolves, CBS Will Still Win in the End, Says Its Entertainment Chairman

by Gizmoration August 10, 2015
Even as TV Evolves, CBS Will Still Win in the End, Says Its Entertainment Chairman, full story on AdWeek : All News


BasedGamer.com Will Change Games Journalism Forever

by Ranjan Yadavon January 10, 2015
BasedGamer.com is meant to change in the games industry forever. Coming from Vancouver, British Columbia, it is dubbed as the RottenTomatoes of the gaming industry. The idea is to give the gamers voice a good platform since it has now become more prominent via social media, game forums, and aggregator websites, gamers demand a strong […]

Alien: Isolation set to release this October

by Ryan Burgesson March 30, 2014
SEGA have announced that Alien: Isolation is set to hit PC and console on October 7th of this year. After the complete mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, fans have been rightly cautious in regards to this game but it seems to be moving in a direction many of the film franchise fans want. From […]


Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC delayed on PC announce DICE

by Ryan Burgesson March 25, 2014
DICE announced today that the latest Battlefield 4 DLC ‘Naval Strike’ is to be delayed on PC. Since launch Battlefield 4 has been nothing but a shambles. Constant bugs, crashes to desktop and graphical glitches have really destroyed any trust left in the once competent developers DICE. DICE said in their statement: We are delaying […]

Yu Suzuki is exploring the option of kickstarting Shenmue 3

by Ryan Burgesson March 23, 2014
Yu Suzuki mostly known for his role in the creation of the cult hit Shenmue, has said recently at the Game Developers Conference that he is exploring the option of kickstarting the long-awaited third instalment in the franchise. Suzuki said at the start of the Q&A session of his post-mortem of Shemue when asked about […]

Ourscreen lets you be in charge of your local cinema

by Ryan Burgesson March 23, 2014
Ourscreen lets you arrange a certain film that possibly isn’t showing anymore to be played at your local cinema, the only catch is that you have to make sure you have enough people willing to come and watch. You can arrange to see whatever film you wish from a list of 200 at the moment, […]


Disney cuts around 700 jobs from Disney Interactive

by Ryan Burgesson March 10, 2014
Disney has decided to get rid of around 700 jobs from their digital media division – Disney Interactive. The layoffs were originally reported by the New York Times and is said that the 700 lost jobs equates to approximately 26 percent of its global staff. What this exodus means to their games department is that […]
The Simpsons Lego set

The Simpsons Get a Lego House Set And a Lego Special Episode

by Chris Murphyon February 19, 2014
LEGO is releasing a series of 16 The Simpsons mini figures, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the animated show. The blind pack figures will be available to collectors and enthusiasts at a far lower cost than The Simpsons LEGO house, timed to come out around the same time. The box contains a whopping […]

Xbox SmartGlass concept

Xbox One: Overview

by Chris Murphyon July 16, 2013
Microsoft announced the new Xbox One and it’s not only a game console, but also an all-in-one home entertainment system. With voice recognition, you can bring Xbox One to life simply by saying, “Xbox On.” It will turn on your TV and take you straight to your personalized Xbox Home screen. The Home screen is […]
youtube comedy week videos

YouTube Comedy Week

by Chris Murphyon May 20, 2013
YouTube Comedy Week, May 19-25, kicked off with its Big Live Comedy Show. The first two-hour live stream started Sunday at 8 p.m. EST and shows will air each night during the week. Hilarious promo videos have been aired to raise the hype, featuring stars such as the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. YouTubers like Jenna Marbles, […]

pitch perfect movie

Anna Kendrick Making Music? ‘Cups’ To Go Full Length

by Nick Adamson March 27, 2013
Anna Kendrick is making a music video and recording a radio single… despite the fact that the movie where the song comes from was released last year and has been out on DVD for a while. See also Enter The Tribeca Film Festival Competition With a 6-Second Vine Some of you may be shaking your head […]
Robot LEGO band

This Robot LEGO Band is Great: Watch and Listen

by Chris Murphyon March 21, 2013
I am sure we have all seen amazing things made out of LEGO, but I think this robot LEGO band is one of the greatest inventions. The Italian producer and sound designer Giuseppe Acito came with the brilliant idea of building a LEGO band with robot members. It even has a name, “Toa Mata Band”. […]


Airbnb Service Used by 4 Million People

by Anna Johnsonon February 7, 2013
Airbnb service, launched in 2007, that allows you to book rooms all over the world reached four million users, after an incredible growth in 2012. In the last year the number of available rooms has doubled, from 120,000 to over 300,000. The variety of available rooms is amazing, from random houses and apartments to castles […]

Bicymple is a Functional Bicycle Without Chains

by Matthew Lucason December 31, 2012
A bicycle is inexpensive to build, cheap form a transportation and the best part is that you never have to pay for a park space. Building a bicycle is not a complex task, but these guys made it simpler. West Coast created Bicymple, a simple bike, without chains and a minimalist design. Basically, this is […]
twas the night before christmas

Jimmy Fallon & Tracy Morgan Read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ (VIDEO)

by Anna Johnsonon December 25, 2012
Jimmy Fallon is really for the holiday spirit these days. On Tuesday he teamed up with Mariah Carey and the Roots on an instrumental version of her popular song “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Earlier this month, “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan was a guest on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show for an interesting and fun […]

ceelo green and the muppets

Cee Lo Green & The Muppets Sing “All I Need Is Love” in Holiday Video

by Anna Johnsonon November 27, 2012
The Voice mentor Cee Lo  Green has released a holiday video and this time some furry friends join  in the fun. The singer along with the Muppets  star in the video called “All I Need Is Love,” a song off of Green’s new Christmas album, “Cee Lo’s Magic Moment”. Craig Robinson (playing “Darryl” on The Office TV Show) has […]
The 40th American Music Awards - Show

Gangnam Style ‘Too Legit To Quit’: Psy and MC Hammer Duet (WATCH)

by Anna Johnsonon November 20, 2012
Both performers, Psy and MC Hammer collaborated on a mashup of “Gangnam Style” and “2 Legit 2 Quit.” The younger viewers might’ve been a little lost when Psy stopped and went Hammer-time on the American Music Awards stage on Sunday night, as the “Too Legit” single came out just over 20 years ago. But, by […]