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Yahoo To Announce Q2 Earnings One Day After Appointing New CEO

Yahoo Makes A Deal With Mozilla To Drive Google Out of Race

by Rajesh Ksskon November 23, 2014
Yahoo is making moves to increase its search market share through various investments, acquisitions and deals. One such recent deal was between the internet giant and the web browser Firefox maker Mozilla Corp. According to the deal Yahoo will be made the default search engine for the web browser in the US. The idea of […]

Mozilla Releases It’s New Firefox Developer Edition

by Rajesh Ksskon November 11, 2014
Mozilla today has launched the most awaited Firefox Developer Edition for its users. The company is calling it to be “the first browser created specifically for developers.”With this release the company would like to answer the complaints from the developers that arise when dealing the numerous siloed development environments when creating content or targeting different […]


Unity 5 engine revealed at GDC

by Ryan Burgesson March 19, 2014
At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Unity Technologies revealed the new iteration of their engine Unity 5 and it is available to pre-order today. David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, wrote in a press release: Every time we ship a new version of Unity, we’re looking to empower developers with technology that’s more […]

Firefox for Windows Metro pulled

by Ryan Burgesson March 18, 2014
Mozilla has had to withdraw support of their Metro version of their web browser Firefox after they were only seeing 1000 users per day. With normal desktop version of Firefox hanging at around 18% of the global web browser pie that is hundreds of millions of people so this is really not good enough for […]

$25 Firefox OS smartphone

Mozilla Unveil their £15 smartphone – The Firefox OS Flame

by Ryan Burgesson February 25, 2014
Once again at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mozilla saw fit to announce their assault on the smartphone market with the Firefox OS Flame. Coming in at just $25/£15 the Firefox OS Flame is affordable by pretty much anyone and that is the line Mozilla want to take with their phones. Its important to […]
Firefox OS phone

Firefox Phone With Its Own OS Announced by Mozilla

by Chris Murphyon January 22, 2013
Mozilla has unveiled the first Firefox phone this week, which the company has created for developers worldwide to preview and test their new Firefox OS. Smartphone maker ZTE mentioned that it will work with a European wireless carrier to launch a smartphone with Mozilla’s Firefox mobile OS. ZTE’s CEO Cheng Lixen told Bloomberg news that the mobile […]