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Foxconn scraps plan to build factory in Indonesia: report

by Gizmoration September 1, 2015
Foxconn scraps plan to build factory in Indonesia: report
google glass

Google Glass To Be Built in United States By Foxconn

by Chris Murphyon March 28, 2013
The Google Glass project was recently introduced by the giant company and the lucky winners of the #ifihadglass contest will have the chance to review the gadget, earlier than the rest of us, for the incredible price of $1,500 ( the Google Glass Explorer Edition). Now Google is surprising us again: according to Financial Times, Google […]

mac mini

Apple Reportedly Looking to Bring Mac Mini Production in U.S.

by Nick Adamson December 27, 2012
While there are already some parts being produced in the U.S. — like the Samsung chips used for iPhones and iPads – Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that he wants to do more than just “assemble” Macs here. Hardware partner Foxconn is supposedly preparing for the shift by ramping up hiring for its U.S. plants. […]

Foxconn Cannot Keep Up With The iPhone 5 High Demand

by Chris Murphyon November 11, 2012
Foxconn CEO Terry Gou publicly revealed the difficulties the company is facing in producing the tremendous quantities required for Apple’s iPhone 5. “It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand,” Gou told reporters following a business forum, according to a Reuters report. One of the bigger problems […]


SNL Funny Sketch On iPhone 5 ‘Problems’ and Pitting Against Factory Workers

by Gizmoration October 14, 2012
Saturday Night Live’s latest parody takes on the so called problems of iPhone 5 and pits factory workers. The show assembled a mock Tech TV show called Tech Talk. Once the skit’s tech bloggers have aired their grievances, a panel of chinese factory workers appear on the stage to offer their own counterpoints. The bloggers […]