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New ToeJam and Earl Game Grooves Past Fundraising Goal

by Gizmoration March 26, 2015
The next installment in the cult ToeJam and Earl series, ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove, hit its US$ 400,000 Kickstarter fundraising goal earlier today with days to spare. With more than 7,400 backers pledging $ 418,514, at the time of writing, the campaign is slowly growing to its first stretch goal of $ [...]

Four prominent VCs talk fundraising and scaling at Tech in Asia Tour Jakarta

by Gizmoration March 3, 2015
The Tech in Asia Tour made its first stop in Indonesia’s capital at Jakarta Digital Valley on March 2. While five startups waited for their chance to get on stage, TIA’s Leighton Cosseboom led a discussion with the four seasoned VCs who also acted as judges in the pitch competition later that evening. It was [...]

Fundraising Success Is A Celebration Of Mediocrity

by Gizmoration February 17, 2015
 Last summer, Creditera closed a Series A round of financing with Randy Komisar at KPCB, a highly coveted investor at a kick ass firm, yet we were loath to announce the raise. We finally announced it recently as a footnote to a more important announcement, that we launched a free, three-bureau credit monitoring product for [...]

Noovo, is A Unique Startup That Builds Your Brand

by Ranjan Yadavon January 3, 2015
Noovo founded by A Ein, is a brand building startup campaigned on the crowdfunding portal, Indiegogo. Launched and started being active since, though not officially incorporated yet, the end of September, 2014, Noovo is a brand building company, providing consulting, research, design, and publishing services to brands internationally. Noovo defines brand image as the personality [...]


Atop The Fourth Wall, a Movie On Comic Reviewer

by Ranjan Yadavon January 2, 2015
Atop the Fourth Wall, coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., and campaigned on Indiegogo, is a movie, a show, on a comic reviewer in space. Envisioned by Lewis Lovhaug who has for the last six years written, edited, performed, and produced the weekly webseries “Atop the Fourth Wall”. The focus of the series is on humorously recapping [...]

TRYST, a Feature Film, Campaigned On Indiegogo

by Ranjan Yadavon January 2, 2015
TRYST is a feature film from New York, U.S., that is about Gabe who loses his career-driven girlfriend, and faces the complications of the modern dating world. It is proudly co-produced by the Drilling CompaNY and comes under The Untitled Players that is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization behind [...]


Builder is An IDE Like Software Creator For GNOME

by Ranjan Yadavon December 31, 2014
Builder is an IDE like software creator for GNOME, built under the crowdfunding campaign, Indiegogo, managed from San Francisco, California, US. Some of the features of Builder, as the creator Christian Hergert states, are  project management, asset catalog, API exploration, split views, jump to symbol, auto completion, documentation and live issues among others. Christian started [...]

Flow is The World’s Most Magical Controller

by Ranjan Yadavon December 31, 2014
Flow, from Berlin, Germany, is a programmable, wireless controller for your computer and connected devices. The features of Flow are, Bluetooth LE/4.1/Smart, All BLE devices compatibility, 4 months exchangeable battery, 70 mm diameter, 15mm height, 360 degrees angular positioning, capacitive touch, infrared based hand gesture recognition luminosity, metal ring materials of aluminium/stainless steel, durable polycarbonate [...]
Devil's Arcade

Devil’s Arcade Film Campaigns On Indiegogo

by Ranjan Yadavon December 29, 2014
Devil’s Arcade film, from Vancouver, Canada based filmmakers has run a campaign on the world’s favourite crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. This dramatic-thriller film narrates the story of Connor, a young boy who is dealing with a verbally abusive home life and a physically abusive school life. This leads up to Connor distrusting the established structure of [...]


Vitastiq, A Smart Device For Vital Health Advice

by Ranjan Yadavon December 26, 2014
Vitastiq, from Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., is the world’s first personal device for checking your vitamin and mineral status via a smartphone. It lets you measure the status of the 30 most important vitamins and minerals and also assists with determining whether your vitamin and mineral levels are too low, too high or just right. Vitastip [...]

Indiegogo Extends America’s Kermit Gosnell Movie Campaign

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Indiegogo has extended a historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America’s biggest serial killer Kermit Gosnell, brought to you by Ann and Phelim Media. Indiegogo, the worlds crowdfunding portal, has just extended the “Forever Funding” service to the campaigners of the film, Gosnell Movie. This allows projects to re-open their crowdfunding campaign and continue [...]

kickstarter funded

Kickstarter makes the rules easier with Launch Now feature

by Matthew Lucason June 4, 2014
The most important Kickstarter change is the introduction of Launch Now, a new way for users to get their campaigns online faster and easier. The news, which was made official via a Kickstarter blog post this morning by CEO Yancey Strickler, means that new projects will skip the human vetting process, and instead will be evaluated based on  “thousands of data points” before being turned [...]

EVE: Online history book is funded in less than 8 hours

by Ryan Burgesson April 27, 2014
Andrew Groen a games industry journalist wants to tell the story of EVE: Online and has set up a kickstarter to help fund it. EVE: Online is an MMO that really is interesting to look at from the outside and to many is boring to take part of. EVE operates in a way like no [...]


Smart Tyre caps change colour to represent PSI

by Ryan Burgesson March 1, 2014
A Kickstarter project by the name of RightPSI has created a rather nifty way to check your car’s tyre pressure just by looking at the colour being shown. The RightPSI uses a spring loaded mechanism to change colour. There is a ring around the centre of the cap that changes from red, to black and [...]

Charlie Ryan, You’re My Superhero! Indiegogo Campaign

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
Got an idea? Need money. Now there’s more than one place to go with that. Create an Indiegogo campaign! Great place to go if you have a socially conscious idea, or some quest that must be done. It’s a site that allows you to donate to a business, or social cause that you find profitable, [...]


Donations For Sandy Victims Top $200k On Indiegogo

by Matthew Lucason November 10, 2012
Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of americans across state lines. It has also inspired many spectators to stand up and help their fellow citizens in this time of crisis. Currently, 107 Sandy disaster relief campaigns are taking donations on Indiegogo. All verified nonprofits raising funds for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief will be eligible for free fundraising.   The Help Long [...]
US Presidency

The Business of Becoming President [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Matthew Lucason November 7, 2012
  Running for the President of United States is not something to be undertaken on a shoestring budget, not for candidates who are serious about a bid for the highest office in the country. These days, the costs for presidential campaigns run well into the billions of dollars. While individuals can and do contribute with [...]