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online tools

Make the Best of Your Life with These Tools

by Gizmoration July 31, 2013
There are many ways and means to make sure we make the best of our lives and with a little help from these tools, you can improve your way of living. Digital note taking tools are everywhere these days and with so many applications available, there is no excuse not to use them. You can […]
kindle fire

Five Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

by Chris Murphyon May 8, 2013
Most Mother’s Days are complete with he regular gifts of flowers and chocolates. Get more creative this year and buy a high-tech gift for your mom on her special day. Here are five tech gifts for Mother’s Day: Kindle Fire HD The Kindle Fire HD is perfect for the bookworm. However, the Fire HD is not […]

best selling smartphones iphone

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Will Feature Eye Tracking and Fingerprint System

by Eric Brownon March 14, 2013
We are all waiting to see what new cool features will be available on iPhone 5S. But until the official release we can just follows the rumors and speculate. After the surprising news that Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature an eye scroll tracking technology, an Apple rumor announces the same possibility on iPhone 5S and […]
BlackBerry preview

BlackBerry 10: What You Need To Know

by Anna Johnsonon January 24, 2013
RIM, which stands for Research In Motion, is preparing for the launch of its first BlackBerry 10 plaform. The company has unveil the new management software, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, based on a Unix-like platform called QNX (now available for download), that will help its customers keep a handle on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. On January 30 […]


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook (REVIEW)

by Anna Johnsonon December 11, 2012
Lenovo has announced a touchscreen version of its amazing ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook. This Lenovo ThinkPad is running Windows 8 and the laptop has a body made of carbon fibre as the name suggests; it is built to withstand rough use to some extent. Peter Hortensius, president of Lenovo said: “Bringing touch gesture control to […]

Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ (REVIEW)

by Matthew Lucason December 9, 2012
The good: The Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ starts at only $269, high-resolution screen, good performance, and a microSD slot. It is also lightweight, comfortable, and has great adult’s and children’s books and magazines. The bad: The Nook HD+ store still lacks some popular TV shows and movies, there is no native music feature, and apps support pales in comparison to […]


Gnomio: A Watch For Your Windows Phone

by Eric Brownon December 7, 2012
Gnomio is a cool watch that uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth to connect to Windows Phone 8 operating systems to notify you through a soft vibration about incoming calls, emails, messages and much more. Plus, you can install apps from Windows Phone Store to be able to do things like reception of social media messages and stock […]

Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition Headphones

by Matthew Lucason November 22, 2012
Blaupunkt Company has been associated for a long time with car audio, but they started out in 1923 making headphones and now they have returned to its roots in the headphone field. The new DJ 112 Silver Edition On-Ear headphones combine outstanding design with high quality sound reproduction. This device was designed and engineered in […]
hot-pot bbq

Hot Pot BBQ: A Herb Garden And A BBQ Grill In One Device

by Chris Murphyon November 22, 2012
  The Hot Pot BBQ Grill from Black+Blum combines a gardening pot or a herb garden (that actually you can use to grow just about anything you’d like) with a medium size BBQ grill. Not only is it very functional, but this device is also eco-friendly, given it’s made from recyclable stainless steel and heat […]

apple spaceship

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Will Open In 2016

by Eric Brownon November 21, 2012
According to Bloomberg the futuristic spaceship-shaped Cupertino campus, proposed by Steve Jobs last year, will not be complete until 2016. The new Apple’s campus was originally targeted for completion by 2015, but November filing made the City of Cupertino approval unlikely by the originally planned dates. This would mean Apple would not be able to […]
Kindle Case

Review Of A Kindle Fire HD Case Stand

by Eric Brownon November 12, 2012
  It can be difficult to choose the ideal case and stand for your Kindle Fire HD. It’s more than just an e-book reader now. You can watch movies and television shows in HD. If you do not want your hands to get tired, you can find a case that turns into a stand for […]

celebrity gifts infographic

Celebrity Gifts: A Timeline (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Anna Johnsonon November 11, 2012
Being extravagant is just part of being a celebrity these days. Actors, socialites,  musicians they all have so much money that they soon run out of conventional ways to spend it. That is why the gifts they buy for their nearest and dearest are so crazy. Some are outrageously expensive whereas others are just plain […]
history of sleep

How The World Slept Timeline

by Eric Brownon November 8, 2012
People spend about ⅓ of life asleep, so it is only natural that we seek to make our time sleeping as comfortable as possible. Today, we can easily shop a range of beds from pillowtops to latex mattresses and people often own several beds throughout their lifetime. But, even a recently as few generations ago […]

Nexus X

Rumored Photos of Google and Sony’s Nexus X Smartphone

by Gizmoration October 16, 2012
A pair of photos claiming to depict a device named the Sony Nexus X have appeared online. The two images show a device that is claiming to be the Nexus X smartphone. Just before Christmas, on Oct. 29, it is rumored that Google will launch up to five devices to celebrate the fifth birthday of […]

Apple Is Lauching 5th Generation Of iPod Touch

by Gizmoration October 11, 2012
  iPod Touch is now at its fifth generation. The early delivery of the gadget is estimated to arrive, for standard shipping, around next Monday, October 15. Apple has even published the iPod touch 5th generation user guide on iBooks, just in case you are looking for a little extra information. The 5th generation of […]


66% Of Employees Use 2 Or More Devices At Work, 12% Use Tablets

by Gizmoration October 10, 2012
According to Forrester’s latest report on mobile usage in the enterprise 66% of employees now use two or more devices every day, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A smaller group, 12% percent said they now use only tablets at work. That’s still far fewer than the 50% who report only using a desktop […]
iPad Mini

Is This The iPad Mini? Leaked Photos

by Gizmoration October 9, 2012
  Apple is rumored to be unveiling its iPad mini at a press event very soon, but what does the new device look like? Today has been posted the latest round of “leaked” photos of the mini Apple tablet, which appear to confirm many of the rumors. Update: According to our sources the invites for […]

Larklife: The Wristband That Tracks You Eating, Sleeping or Running

by Gizmoration October 9, 2012
  Now there is a wristband to track your daily activities. Called Larklife, created by Lark, this wristband tracks your diet, sleep, calories burned and distance traveled. The concept behind this gadget is that getting in your best shape and staying fit is not just about the time spent working out in the gym – […]


YouTube Channel Becomes TV Show on ABC: Recipe Rehab

by Gizmoration October 8, 2012
YouTube’s Cooking show Recipe Rehab, one of the online video series of owned by Google, will become a syndicated TV show on ABC TV stations. The show, which is co-produced by Trium Entertainment LLC, will be broadcast on weekends, creators said it will be longer, 30-minute per episodes, which will appear on nearly all stations affiliated with ABC. Each episode […]

Apple Begins iPad Mini Production + Leaked Photos

by Gizmoration October 3, 2012
iPad Mini tablet will be announced next week on October 10, according to media reports, but Apple did not issue yet an invitation for the press. Apparently, Apple began the production of the new tablet which allegedly includes a smaller 7.85-inch LCD screen with a lower resolution than the Retina display on the iPad 3, […]