Pitchford explains Borderlands: the Pre-sequel

by Ryan Burgesson April 17, 2014
At the Gearbox PAX Panel Randy Pitchford explained their decision behind putting the latest Borderlands game on last generation consoles. He said: We wanted 100 percent of the energy that was going to go into this game to be dedicated towards making the game better, bigger, and awesome, We wanted none of that attention diverted […]
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Steams most popular games revealed

by Ryan Burgesson April 15, 2014
In a very interesting article found on Ars Technica, they have managed to get their hands on some rather telling Steam data. I recommend you read the whole article over there as it is a fascinating read but I just want to talk about one specific graph on there. If we take a look at […]

Spirtual successor to Left 4 Dead, Evolve receives new screenshots

by Ryan Burgesson April 14, 2014
Turtle Rock, developers behind the hugely successful Left 4 Dead series announced their new multiplayer shooter Evolve a few months back and now we have received a few more screenshots detailing the creatures we’ll be facing in the game. Here are the shots: I am really looking forward to this game, though it won’t have […]


Civilisation Beyond Earth leaked

by Ryan Burgesson April 12, 2014
On Neogaf it was found that Civilisation Beyond Earth was accidentally leaked as user miladesn found an ad for the game on Google. Firaxis were to set to announce a new game later today and it would seem that Google beat them to the punch. The original text was in French so Gaffer killercrow translated […]

David Polfeldt talks about developers reactions to The Division

by Ryan Burgesson April 11, 2014
David Polfeldt, Massive Entertainment’s Managing Director today spoke about some of the reaction to The Division from other big game developers. One that really stands out to me is that he says even Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame was so impressed he said ‘It’s so good, ‘it makes me want to quit my […]


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel announced by Gearbox

by Ryan Burgesson April 10, 2014
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was announced yesterday by Gearbox and there is something very baffling about it. So you are probably thinking this will look great on my PS4/One right? Well think again as Gearbox have shown how incompetent they have become by announcing this just for PS360 and the PC (they at least got that […]

The Crew’s Always Online DRM detailed

by Ryan Burgesson April 9, 2014
In one of the most bizarre interviews I have ever read the creative director for The Crew has described the limitations of their always online DRM. In an interview with Videogamer The Crew creative director Julian Gerighty said some very odd things about his own game. When speaking about what happens when your connection drops […]


Goat Simulator getting free content in May

by Ryan Burgesson April 8, 2014
The recently released Goat Simulator will be receiving some free content in the middle of May developers Coffee Stain Studios announced yesterday. Goat Simulator creator Armin Ibrisagic said on their official Facebook page: A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people […]

Game Boy Advance games come to the Wii U store

by Ryan Burgesson April 7, 2014
Nintendo has finally released their first batch of Game Boy Advance games for the Wii U store but they carry quite the price tag. At $8 that’s quite a lot of money to put down on old handheld games I feel sorry for those that use Euros as I fully expect it will be €8 […]


300 words or less: Killer is Dead

by Ryan Burgesson April 6, 2014
I had the pleasure of playing Killer is Dead at Gamescom about a month before it came out and I must say what an amazing character action game. I love SUDA51 and his development team at Grasshopper Manufacture. I have enjoyed everyone of their games but Killer is Dead is almost on par with SUDA’s […]

RUMOUR: Borderlands 2 Vita to release May 13

by Ryan Burgesson April 6, 2014
We didn’t know a lot about Borderlands 2 on Vita until GDC when a few gameplay videos surfaced so every morsel of information about this game is precious and today both Amazon and Gamestop listed the release date for May 13th. Borderlands 2 Vita has always been on the down low, it was first announced […]

Halo 2 and 3 appear as official Steam groups

by Ryan Burgesson April 6, 2014
Today it was discovered that Halo 2 and 3 official steam groups have been added to the Steam Community. What makes this interesting is that only Valve can add official Steam groups so this is a pretty big statement that the two of the most popular FPS’ ever made will finally be coming to Steam. […]


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls sells 2.7 million copies

by Ryan Burgesson April 4, 2014
Diablo 3′s expansion Reaper of Souls has sold 2.7 million copies in it’s first week. Reaper of Souls was supposed to be Diablo 3′s second coming, after the diabolical release week for the hugely anticipated game, hype faded away quickly and what was left was angry customers that couldn’t play what they had paid for […]
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300 words or less: Persona 4 Golden

by Ryan Burgesson April 3, 2014
I thought I would start a new piece I like to call 300 words or less, in this I will be recommending (or not) games in under 300 words, simple! To start off I figured I would start with one of the most popular JRPG series ever created Shin Megami Tensei: Persona or just Persona […]


Playstation Vita Pets announced

by Ryan Burgesson April 2, 2014
Today Sony on their blog announced the release of their brand new game, Playstation Vita Pets. Essentially its Nintendogs for the Vita, which I guess isn’t a bad thing, when the DS came out Nintendogs was a pretty fun time sink even though it is a pretty shallow game. Sony said in their post on […]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trademark filed

by Ryan Burgesson March 30, 2014
It has been revealed that Square Enix have filed for a trademark of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the trademark covers “Computer game software”, “Printed matter” and “Entertainment services”. The one thing on every Deus Ex fans mind right now is ‘Please dont let it be another mobile game’ and I would be one of them. […]


PS360/WiiU Could Not Meet Gameplay Objectives – Batman: Arkham Knight

by Ryan Burgesson March 27, 2014
In an interview with NowGamer, Rocksteady revealed why the Xbox 360, PS3 and perhaps even less surprisingly the Wii U will not be getting Batman: Arkham Knight. In what may be another nail in the coffin for the Nintendo Doomsday Brigade, Rocksteady have really shown that the Wii U will have no staying power as […]

Assassin’s Creed Comet to be set in North America

by Ryan Burgesson March 27, 2014
Yesterday French site GameBlog posted some information regarding the other Assassin’s Creed project that is currently in development. After Kotaku translated it, they managed to reveal a big detail. It would appear Ubisoft are recycling Assassin’s Creed 3 (easily the worst in the franchise many fans would say) for their project Comet.  What an odd […]


Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC delayed on PC announce DICE

by Ryan Burgesson March 25, 2014
DICE announced today that the latest Battlefield 4 DLC ‘Naval Strike’ is to be delayed on PC. Since launch Battlefield 4 has been nothing but a shambles. Constant bugs, crashes to desktop and graphical glitches have really destroyed any trust left in the once competent developers DICE. DICE said in their statement: We are delaying […]

RUMOUR: Rainbow Six Patriots has been scrapped three times

by Ryan Burgesson March 24, 2014
Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Patriots 3 years ago at E3 2011. They released a concept video of what they hoped the game would represent when it was released, though things haven’t gone to plan as this rumour states that Ubisoft have had to redesign Patriots three times now. The rumour comes from Kotaku columnist supererogatory: […]

Yu Suzuki is exploring the option of kickstarting Shenmue 3

by Ryan Burgesson March 23, 2014
Yu Suzuki mostly known for his role in the creation of the cult hit Shenmue, has said recently at the Game Developers Conference that he is exploring the option of kickstarting the long-awaited third instalment in the franchise. Suzuki said at the start of the Q&A session of his post-mortem of Shemue when asked about […]