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YouTube Introduces a GIF-Maker, Allowing Embed Code

by Rajesh Ksskon December 14, 2014
YouTube the number one video streaming website has now introduce the new feature of making of GIFs for its videos. A user who wants to share his video on YouTube can select the gif option to give a overlook about the video. This new option lets users set a start and an end point on the [...]

Social Media Wars: Google+ and Facebook Updates!

by Nick Adamson March 28, 2013
  Google+ and Facebook have both announced updates to their social media sites this week. Google+ is now allowing users to use GIFs (fancy acronym for those cool moving images you see everywhere) as profile pictures and even has a link on the Google+ webpage showing users how to make a GIF. Matt Steiner who [...]


Cinemagram Raises $8.5M To Make Mobile Photo Sharing More Animated

by Chris Murphyon December 1, 2012
Cinemagram app saw extreme growth over the past few months, adding 100,000 or more new users every day. That curve has flattened a bit, admitted co-founder Temo Chalasani — the daily numbers of signups are in the tens of thousands now. “It’s reasonable and healthy as opposed to before where it was an incredible spike,” Chalasani [...]