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google glass

Sony Launched a Device To Turn Any Glasses Into a Gadget

by Ambati Drajon December 20, 2014
Sony recently announced a new device which can turn any glass into wearable device which resembles Google Glass. Just before the CES-2015 Sony is planning to launch this device and make it available later. It is light weighted due to the OLED Technology. Sony takes pride in its compact display technology which has 0.23 inch […]

Google Glass Version 2 To Get Intel Inside Chips

by Rajesh Ksskon December 3, 2014
Google glass, one of the greatest inventions by Google, is reportedly getting better in specs with the new processor from the suggestions of the report. According to The Wall Street Journal, familiar people with the matter of development of new Google Glass have hinted that the next version of it would have an Intel Inside […]


Google glass: Patent pictures suggests a ordinary glass design

by Rajesh Ksskon August 21, 2014
Google Glass, from its introduction into the market has seen both ups and downs till date in its reception by the tech-crazy guys. It took a huge leap on the tech side showing the world a new phase of technology. The idea of Google glass has promoted and encouraged other wearable tech too. Google glass […]
google glass

Google Glass Explorer Edition Owners Receive Free Upgrade

by Eric Brownon December 5, 2013
Google is sending out invites to Google Glass Explorer Edition owners, offering the chance to swap of their old device for a newer version. Is eligible everyone who purchased the original Explorer version before Oct. 28th, 2013. If you are among them you can swap devices through a free mail exchange before February 5th. This swap is […]

google glass

Search Site Announces Baidu Eye, a Google Glass Competitor

by Eric Brownon April 3, 2013
Baidu, the Chinese-language search engine giant announced a new product called Baidu Eye. The announcement was made on April 1st, the Fools’ Day and everybody interpreted this as a joke, but the company just confirmed that Baidu Eye is real. If Baidu’s plan to develop this augmented reality headset is in fact a new strategy, […]
google glass

Google Glass To Be Built in United States By Foxconn

by Chris Murphyon March 28, 2013
The Google Glass project was recently introduced by the giant company and the lucky winners of the #ifihadglass contest will have the chance to review the gadget, earlier than the rest of us, for the incredible price of $1,500 ( the Google Glass Explorer Edition). Now Google is surprising us again: according to Financial Times, Google […]

Google Project Glass

Google Project Glass Video Revealed: What You Can Do With It

by Gizmoration February 20, 2013
The new released Google Project Glass video is showing us what it will be like to use and wear their new and amazing gadget. These internet connected eyeglasses offer features similar to a powerful smartphone like taking pictures, answering and making calls, replying to emails, checking the weather, performing online searches or receiving specific GPS directions. […]
google glass

Best 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012 (PHOTOS)

by Eric Brownon November 28, 2012
Check out the Best 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012: 1. Google Glass Project Glass is a research and development program by Google Inc to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The gadget would display information in smartphone-like format hands-free and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. The prototype’s functionality appearance […]