Gaming for Charity: Support The Fine Young Capitalists

by Ranjan Yadavon August 24, 2014
Gaming for charity is the motto of “The Fine Young Capitalists” (TFYC) initiative, based at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to create media using under represented labour, for uncharted demographics to fund non-profit organizations. The teams selected five women who had never designed a video game before and provided them professional concept artists to develop their ideal […]

This Awesome TouchPico Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Screen

by Ranjan Yadavon August 23, 2014
TouchPico, by Singapore based Touchjet Pte. Ltd., is a tiny handheld projector that transforms any surface into a giant 80″ interactive touchscreen. TouchPico is an interactive Android PC with projected touch interface and wireless streaming. It allows you to project an 80 inch display to any flat surface, interact via the use of Stylus to […]


Meet Jibo the first family social robot and the cutest one

by Matthew Lucason July 16, 2014
Jibo is the first multi-purpose robot for your family designed for interacting with people and meeting your needs. Cynthia Breazeal, an MIT professor and one of the pioneers of social robotics, has unveiled “the world’s first family robot.” As an MIT grad student, Breazel worked in the early 1990s alongside Rodney Brooks, iRobot co-founder and current co-founder and CTO of Rethink Robotics, on […]

Charlie Ryan, You’re My Superhero! Indiegogo Campaign

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
Got an idea? Need money. Now there’s more than one place to go with that. Create an Indiegogo campaign! Great place to go if you have a socially conscious idea, or some quest that must be done. It’s a site that allows you to donate to a business, or social cause that you find profitable, […]

Apps Store

Get $25 Per Month For Watching Ads With This Android App

by Anna Johnsonon March 7, 2013
This recent Indiegogo campaign is presenting a new Android app that will let users earn money by watching ads on their smartphones and tablets. There is a limit of maximum $25 per month (per device) that you can earn. It will be released soon and will be free. The Android app, called SmartAds and created […]

Crunchies Winners: GitHub Wins Best Startup Overall

by Eric Brownon February 1, 2013
The 6th Crunchies Annual Award Show has ended with TechCrunch, GigaOm and Venture Beat handing out 20 awards to the best startups, founders and venture capitalists. The big winner of the 2012 Crunchies is the GitHub, which is the Best Startup overall. Congratulations to all the winners: Best Technology Achievement (2011 winner: Siri) Mars Curiosity – […]


The $5 Lamp Powered Solely By Gravity (VIDEO)

by Matthew Lucason December 20, 2012
Did you know that there are currently over 1.5 billion people in the World who have no reliable access to mains electricity? These people rely, instead, on biomass fuels (mostly kerosene) for lighting once the sun goes down. The solution comes from the $5 revolutionary lamp called the GravityLight. There are no operating costs after […]
ev-va dock

EV-VA iPhone Dock: An Elegant Dock For Your Smartphone

by Chris Murphyon December 20, 2012
EV-VA Dock offers you quick undocking possibility, which is achieved by providing a special form EasyPort low-friction connection. This iPhone Dock is suitable for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. To use the EV-VA Dock for iPhone 5 is only necessary to unscrew the two bolts and replace the connector. When the device’s battery is charging or full, […]

Gnomio: A Watch For Your Windows Phone

by Eric Brownon December 7, 2012
Gnomio is a cool watch that uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth to connect to Windows Phone 8 operating systems to notify you through a soft vibration about incoming calls, emails, messages and much more. Plus, you can install apps from Windows Phone Store to be able to do things like reception of social media messages and stock […]

autom robot

Diet Robot Autom, Now Available On Indiegogo

by Nick Adamson November 24, 2012
Deciding to go on a diet or approach a healthier lifestyle is easy. Doing it is harder. Luckily, thanks to technology there are more ways to stay motivated than ever before. This cool gadget comes in time for the holiday’s feast, and a diet robot that reminds you to eat healthy is always a good […]

Donations For Sandy Victims Top $200k On Indiegogo

by Matthew Lucason November 10, 2012
Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of americans across state lines. It has also inspired many spectators to stand up and help their fellow citizens in this time of crisis. Currently, 107 Sandy disaster relief campaigns are taking donations on Indiegogo. All verified nonprofits raising funds for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief will be eligible for free fundraising.   The Help Long […]


Save Big Bird? Now You Can Donate Money On Indiegogo

by Gizmoration October 5, 2012
  Who would’ve ever thought that Sesame Street’s Big Bird would play a role in Wednesday’s presidential debate in Denver? “I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS,” Mitt Romney said to Jim Lehrer, the debate moderator and Executive Editor at the PBS-NewsHour. “I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love […]