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top keyboards

Now Your Keyboard Can Know How You Feel

by Rajesh Ksskon August 25, 2014
Now hiding your feelings will be a bigger challenge than ever as the keyboard you daily use might know your feelings through your keystrokes. Researchers and program developers have united to develop a program that can actually understand and know your feeling. The program analyses the keystrokes to identify the emotional state of the user. […]
Brain computer interface

Brain Computer Interface: A Mind-controlling Tool?

by Chris Murphyon March 27, 2013
Technology’s Omniscient Eye. It sees all. BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, works by recording brain activity and transmitting that information to a computer, which interprets it as various inputs and commands. The prototype looks like a rain cap with diodes and wires attached to sections of your brain, leading to a computer. It’s most commonly […]

lg display

LG Display is Bringing Ultra HD TVs in Multiple Sizes to CES

by Nick Adamson December 27, 2012
LG Display has announced its plans to introduce a range of Ultra HD 4K TVs at CES 2013. It has previously revealed its $20,000 flagship 84-inch model, that is now expanding (the pixel-per-inch limits will be pushed in almost every category) to include the new 55-, 66- and 84-inch UHD panels with a 3840 x […]