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‘Pebble Time’ officially announced at $199 with color e-paper display, new timeline interface, Kickstarter discounts

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Pebble has this morning announced the next generation of its smartwatch, called Pebble Time. The device, as we reported last week, sports a color e-paper display, a thinner design, a microphone on board, and a completely revamped ‘timeline’ interface. Pebble Time is launching on Kickstarter with early bird pricing tiers at $ 159 and $ 179, [...]

Google’s latest mobile search change brings some key interface changes

by Gizmoration February 20, 2015
Where would we be without Google Search? We have written a number of times about how important Google and its industry-leading search engine is — for a good example, see our article titled “The truth about Google and evil.” Google has launched and will continue to launch a number of important products with impact that [...]

Meet Atomic, the missing tool for interface design that’s entirely in the browser

by Gizmoration February 19, 2015
Great interface design is quickly becoming a priority as companies everywhere start realizing that it’s paramount to their succeeding in the crowded online space. Then why, despite its importance, has there been such a gap in the UX design tools space? Atomic, a startup team of ten based in Wellington, New Zealand, thinks it has the tool [...]
Brain computer interface

Brain Computer Interface: A Mind-controlling Tool?

by Chris Murphyon March 27, 2013
Technology’s Omniscient Eye. It sees all. BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, works by recording brain activity and transmitting that information to a computer, which interprets it as various inputs and commands. The prototype looks like a rain cap with diodes and wires attached to sections of your brain, leading to a computer. It’s most commonly [...]