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Google Reportedly To Launch Photo App With Better Privacy

by Rajesh Ksskon June 17, 2015
Google, the Internet giant is reportedly to launch photo app similar to the Google + image but with enhance privacy controls. This is in accordance with the images leaked by Android Police. According to the report the app is called Google Photos. This would be launched to the Android platform at first and would be […]
human resources software

How HR Software Can Increase Your Productivity

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
Keeping a business running smoothly can be a bit of a challenge at times. From employee information and absences to holidays and pay, keeping track of everyone can easily start to become complicated, especially as your business grows. That’s where Human Resources (HR) software can be invaluable. HR software helps you to track, collect and […]


Online Privacy Issues To Be Resolved by 2025, Experts Say

by Rajesh Ksskon December 20, 2014
Technology has been developing from this decade at a faster pace than ever. This fast technological advances have left the  positive and negative foot prints so far. The positive footprints include the globalization, almost every human being with access to technology  can be reached or contacted and many more. The negative effects include the stealing […]

Are We Certain About the Cloud Security?

by Rajesh Ksskon September 2, 2014
It has been three days that the news of stolen celebrity photos has hit the desks of media. Despite  all the speculations about the cloud services being hacked there still has been no rock solid evidence about how the hack has taken place. There has been outburst of private photos of celebrities over the internet […]

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Amazing New Software Shows How Popular Sites Use Your Personal Info

by Rajesh Ksskon August 24, 2014
Columbia University has created a new tool that provides the information regarding how some of the popular websites make use of the personal information provided to them. This information is provided by the user on the term that it is kept confidential but the research shows that it has become transparent. It is a known […]
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CactusVPN Review: Surf anonymously and watch sites outside US, UK

by Gizmoration July 18, 2014
How many times have your tried to watch your favorite sites while outside U.S. or U.K. and it was impossible to enjoy them or you just wanted to surf the web anonymously? CactusVPN is a able to hide your IP address, download torrents anonymously and encrypt your internet connection, but the most important feature from my point […]


Facebook’s WhatsApp purchase opposed by privacy groups

by Ryan Burgesson March 8, 2014
Privacy groups want US regulators to stop the Whatsapp purchase until Facebook provides more information on what it plans to do with the personal data of WhatsApp’s users. Facebook are adamant in the fact that it will respect the previous user agreements and will be operating Whatsapp as a seperate company. Facebook said in a […]
Google Street View car hijacked

Music Band Hijacks Google’s Street View Car For Videoclip

by Chris Murphyon March 30, 2013
This must be a first: a trending video seems to show how a group of people is “hijacking” a Google’s Street View car to make their own Street View style music video. This is either the stupidest thing ever or a brilliant marketing stunt. Either way it is worth watching it for almost four minutes […]
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Randi Zuckerberg Having a Facebook Freakout Over Photo Going Viral

by Nick Adamson December 29, 2012
Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi, got stymied by Facebook’s privacy policy this week when a photo she posted for her friends was shared publicly over Twitter. Twitter user @cshweitz shared a photo of the Zuckerberg family checking out Poke, the latest mobile app developed by Facebook, early Wednesday. Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a […]


Netflix Social Sharing is Coming in 2013: Once Obama Signs Bill

by Chris Murphyon December 27, 2012
Congress just passed a bill that lets you share your Michael Bay movie marathon with everyone on Facebook. What you still can’t do: send an email without worrying that Big Brother is watching. The “Netflix amendment” to the Video Privacy Protection Act is headed to President Barack Obama’s desk for his signature after it was […]
Gmail Voice

Gmail Voice Calls Remain Free in 2013 for US and Canada

by Matthew Lucason December 27, 2012
If you are a user of free voice calling, Google’s got your back—the search giant said Wednesday that free Google Voice calls via Gmail will be extended through 2013. The Gmail Voice and video chat, available for download from Google, will remain free in the U.S. and Canada through next year, the company said on its official […]

Amazon Rainforest

5 Amazing Places To Explore With Google Street View

by Gizmoration October 16, 2012
Are you at work, school or you just need a few minutes to relax?  Take a 5 minutes virtual vacation with Google Street View and you will feel much better. Bon voyage! 1. Swiss Alps, Rhaetian Railway, Bernina-Albula, Switzerland 2.  Tributary of the Rio Negro, Amazon River, Brazil    3. Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, […]