5 things to consider when choosing a web hosting company

by Gizmoration July 16, 2014
If you are looking to start up a new business along with a snazzy website, or considering leaving your old hosting company, there are several points that are wise to consider before putting your website and everything that comes with it, into a web host. Quality of service is always something you need to consider […]

Google acquires the streaming music company Songza for $39M

by Nick Adamson July 2, 2014
Google is buying Songza, a popular music app, Long Island-based, founded in 2007. The 6-year-old company is run by Elias Roman, who won a $4.7 million funding round from Amazon, Lerer Ventures and music manager Scooter Braun in late 2013. The app recently got a makeover. On the version for Apple’s iPhone, for instance, you can now play music videos […]

US should ‘keep control of net’ – Bill Clinton

by Ryan Burgesson March 25, 2014
Former President of America Bill Clinton took to the stage yesterday to make a rather ironic statement. Bill Clinton thinks that the US needs to keep control of the internet to make sure it stays open and free… Yep. Clinton made his comments during a debate sponsored by his charitable foundation, Clinton Global Initiative: The […]


Gmail now encrypts every email you send

by Ryan Burgesson March 21, 2014
Google announced yesterday they were to make Gmail encrypted through a HTTPS connection at all times. Before this change HTTPS encryption was an option, now it is mandatory and rightly so as new revelations of government snooping and spying are released everyday. Google also announced that every email you send will be encrypted from when […]

Millions of Snapchat Usernames and Phone Numbers Leaked

by Nick Adamson January 2, 2014
Several million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers were apparently leaked online late Tuesday night. The New Year may have only just started, but for Snapchat developers it has already been marked by the greatest security fail in the mobile app’s history. The anonymous group of hackers has compiled and dumped a database containing phone number […]

sky broadband

Why Sky Broadband is Better? Find Out the Benefits

by Matthew Lucason August 29, 2013
Sky Broadband has more than one service option for consumers like you to choose from. Actually, there are different options, each of them offering something that is ideal for just about anyone who wants reliable access to the Internet. Sky is the biggest telecoms provider in the United Kingdom. The company offers exclusive movies, sport and […]
most shared ads

Digital Advertising Set To Reach $4.14 Billion By 2014

by Chris Murphyon July 23, 2013
Digital Advertising is set to reach $4.14 billion by the end of the year, and the ads are coming from special algorithms to your mobile device. In a report titled Digital Video 2013, BrightRoll claims mobile ad spending is to increase 83 percent for mobile display, and 112 percent for mobile video. According to a […]


Crunchies Winners: GitHub Wins Best Startup Overall

by Eric Brownon February 1, 2013
The 6th Crunchies Annual Award Show has ended with TechCrunch, GigaOm and Venture Beat handing out 20 awards to the best startups, founders and venture capitalists. The big winner of the 2012 Crunchies is the GitHub, which is the Best Startup overall. Congratulations to all the winners: Best Technology Achievement (2011 winner: Siri) Mars Curiosity – […]
Downloaded Movie Napster

‘Downloaded’: Napster Movie to Premiere at SXSW Film Festival

by Gizmoration January 20, 2013
The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference has announced that the new Napster movie called “Downloaded”, about the peer-to-peer file-sharing service that revolutionized the music industry in the late 1990s and 2000s, is set to debut this March, on 10th during its Texas Film Festival. The 2013 SXSW runs from 8-17 March. The documentary follows the […]


Email Mark Zuckerberg: It Will Cost You $100

by Matthew Lucason January 11, 2013
Do you want to send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message? Well now you can, but it will cost you $100, since the company is testing a new revenue stream that allows people to pay to get their messages read by the big boss. Facebook announced it would be testing the pay-to-message model on some […]
sellsimple application

SellSimple App Helps You Sell Everywhere in Under a Minute

by Chris Murphyon January 5, 2013
The popular service SellSimple has launched its iOS app, which will help you sell any item across several popular marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and the other SellSimple marketplaces. The main idea is to increase the chances of an item being sold. The SellSimple app is the creation of Kelian Suaya and Julian […]
kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom’s Mega to Launch at Mega Event at His New Zealand Mansion

by Eric Brownon December 29, 2012
Kim Dotcom is all set to launch his MegaUpload replacement, Mega, next month. Dotcom tweeted last night that the press conference at his New Zealand mansion will be “like no other.” He wrote, “You know me. I can’t do small.” This will happen on January  20. To give an idea of taste and extravagance of […]


Microsoft Opens Its Own Social Network, Socl, After Beta Testing

by Matthew Lucason December 5, 2012
Microsoft has opened its own social networking site Socl to the general public, whereas before only a small subset of individuals had access as beta testers. The social network is still in beta version, so users need to keep that in mind when using it. Socl initially launched this May this year. It’s a search-meets-social […]

Google Buying BufferBox Means Never Waiting For The Delivery Man Again

by Eric Brownon December 1, 2012
Google has agreed to acquire Canadian start-up BufferBox, which manages self-service parcel lockers to help consumers avoid missed deliveries, the companies said. BufferBox is a nifty solution for people who receive a lot of important packages but who aren’t always at home to sign for them. Basically, users choose a nearby location that hosts BufferBoxes […]

gangnam style

Gangnam Style Now Most Watched Video In YouTube History (WATCH)

by Nick Adamson November 27, 2012
“Gangnam Style,” the cult hit by Korean hip-hop star Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” The video, which was uploaded in mid-July this year, has over 805,000,000 views, beating Bieber by more than 2 million. It also is the site’s most liked video. YouTube […]

Top 5 Viral YouTube Videos of 2012 (WATCH)

by Chris Murphyon November 14, 2012
We all love viral videos. And this year it was an explosion of them. Take a look at the most watched videos on YouTube in the year 2012, you might already know a few of them. Viral YouTube Videos of 2012: 1. KONY 2012     2. Gangnam Style      3. The Dramatic Surprise […]


PayPal, Symantec And Other Companies Hacked by Anonymous

by Eric Brownon November 6, 2012
After hacking the NBC sites a few days ago, the Anonymous hacker community has claimed responsibility for the cyberattacks on PayPal, Symatec and other internet companies, claiming on Twitter the hacks are part of its “November 5th protest.” They have also called on Facebook for a public protest in front of Britain’s Houses of Parliament […]

How To Stay Safe On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Brownon October 26, 2012
Over 1 billion people around the world are actively using Facebook, and many of those as well as millions of more people are using the several other popular Social Media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram on a daily basis as well. Just like exchanging information by any other means, such as by email […]

malware infographic

Malware Is Everywhere: How To Stay Safe [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Matthew Lucason October 25, 2012
You don’t want to become a victim to some form of online malware attack. The simple fact is that malware is everywhere in the online world. Most people could think that almost 16% of malicious online attacks are launched from personal sites, but it’s also a fact that 7% of these assaults come from educational […]

Marissa Mayer’s Vision for Yahoo: Focus On technology, Not Media

by Anna Johnsonon October 22, 2012
  In order to make Yahoo more interactive, it has been reported that the CEO Mayer will make use of social media, and will unveil new technology on desktop computers and tablets in a try to boost advertising sales. Plus, its mobile applications have been met with criticism — another area of improvement for Mayer’s […]

YouTube Channel Becomes TV Show on ABC: Recipe Rehab

by Gizmoration October 8, 2012
YouTube’s Cooking show Recipe Rehab, one of the online video series of owned by Google, will become a syndicated TV show on ABC TV stations. The show, which is co-produced by Trium Entertainment LLC, will be broadcast on weekends, creators said it will be longer, 30-minute per episodes, which will appear on nearly all stations affiliated with ABC. Each episode […]