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Koichi Saito quits IMJ Investment Partners to start KK Fund

by Gizmoration March 4, 2015
Koichi Saito, founder and general partner of KK Fund. Former venture partner at Japan-based VC firm IMJ Investment Partners Koichi Saito announced today that he has set up a new fund called KK Fund. Saito confirms that he has left his position at IMJ, where he was also a director, and is now the founder [...]

RBS is cutting 74% of investment banking jobs

by Gizmoration March 4, 2015
“RBS has been a bruising place to work … and that doesn’t sit well with me,” said the Royal Bank of Scotland CEO McEwan on 26 February. “We will work hard to make [RBS] a much better place for our people.” He mentioned on a conference call last week that “there will be substantial job losses,” [...]

US fund Maverick Ventures enters India with investment in adtech firm Vserv

by Gizmoration March 3, 2015
From the left: Dippak Khurana (CEO of Vserv) and Ashay Padwal (CTO of Vserv) Maverick Capital Ventures, the VC arm of Maverick Capital, a US-based hedge fund with over US$ 8 billion under management, is entering India with an investment in adtech startup Vserv. With this latest round of undisclosed amount of investment, Vserv has [...]

Korean indie game studio with no games gets $1.8M investment from NCSoft

by Gizmoration March 3, 2015
A fresh-faced mobile game developer from Korea announced today it secured a US$ 1.8 million investment without a single title in its portfolio. Seoul-based BiNAREE took the money from NCSoft, a high-profile Korean game company best known for its many PC-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. BiNAREE is currently developing a zombie apocolypse-themed mid-core strategy [...]

Warren Buffett: I don’t have the investment opportunities I used to (BRKA, BRKB)

by Gizmoration March 2, 2015
Warren Buffett is currently speaking with CNBC’s Becky Quick after he released his 50th letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders on Saturday. Among the topics Buffett addressed is the investing challenges Buffett currently faces, and whether it is easier to invest now than it was 20 or 30 years ago.  In response, Buffett didn’t say if [...]

Mike Novogratz’s investment firm just lost a quarter of its assets

by Gizmoration February 27, 2015
Investors are pulling their money out of Fortress Investment Group. According to the Wall Street Journal, Fortress disclosed in its fourth-quarter earnings call that investors have taken back about $ 800 million in funds, which accounts for 25 percent of the firm’s $ 3.2 billion assets under management. The fund, run by Michael Novogratz, was [...]

Y Combinator’s First Investment in Solar Is a PV Finance Platform for Emerging Economies

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
Startup Bright is looking to change the way Mexico's homeowners buy solar power. The firm aims to build a software and finance platform that would allow Mexico's solar installers to provide something like a residential “solar subscription.” The 5-person firm just won Y Combinator's first investment in the solar market. Bright founder Jonah Greenberger said, [...]

Notation Capital Is A New Pre-Seed Investment Fund From Betaworks’ Nick Chirls And Alex Lines

by Gizmoration February 25, 2015
 A new fund is rolling into town with a fresh $ 8 million to invest in pre-seed companies. The fund is called Notation Capital, based in Brooklyn, and it is led by Nick Chirls, who led seed investment at betaworks and helped build Alphaworks, and Alex Lines, an architect at betaworks who contributed to products [...]

Perceptiv Labs Lands Version One Ventures Investment for Drone Technology

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Version One Ventures announced today that they have made an undisclosed investment in Waterloo drone technology startup Perceptiv Labs. Perceptiv Labs is using computer vision to make drones more intelligent and fully autonomous. Founded by University of Waterloo alumni Neil Mathew, P.J. Mukherjee, and Yan Ma, Perceptiv Labs is currently a part of the winter [...]

McRock Capital Leads $3 Million Investment in RtTech Software

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
RtTech Software, whose state-of-the-art automation helps industrial companies improve manufacturing processes, announced today that it has closed a $ 3-million venture capital round led by the world’s leading industrial Internet of things fund. McRock Capital’s new McRock iNFund LP will invest as much as $ 2.5 million in the Moncton company, while the New Brunswick [...]

Dave McClure in Tokyo: how to build a startup, an investment strategy, and an ecosystem

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Dave McClure, the leader of 500 Startups Last week, Peter Thiel gave startup tips to students in Tokyo and today Dave McClure did the same for a bunch of young entrepreneurs. I don’t know if the PayPal mafia arranges their travel schedules together, but if this pattern keeps up Elon Musk fans are going to [...]

Deutsche Bank Plans $1B Investment in Clean Energy Bonds

by Gizmoration February 24, 2015
Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank Seeks to Buy $ 1 Billion in Green Bonds Deutsche Bank AG said it’s working to boost its investment in green bonds to 1 billion euros ($ 1.1 billion), joining competitors including Citigroup Inc. and Barclays Plc in tapping profit from the quickly growing market. The Frankfurt-based institution has invested 200 million euros [...]

Tencent Backs Mobile Jobs Startup With Its First ‘WeChat Africa’ Investment

by Gizmoration February 20, 2015
 Tencent has made its first investment in Africa under the banner of its WeChat messaging service. WeChat Africa, a joint venture between Tencent and Naspers, announced an investment in M4JAM (Money For Jam), a South Africa-based mobile job service that connects to WeChat. Read More

Citigroup Plans $100 Billion Investment in Clean Energy by 2025

by Gizmoration February 19, 2015
Bloomberg Business: Citigroup Sets $ 100 Billion Funding Goal for Green Projects Citigroup Inc. plans to lend, invest and facilitate deals worth $ 100 billion by 2025 to support projects that will fight climate change and protect the environment. Citigroup expects the effort to lead to deals supporting renewable power, energy efficiency and sustainable transportation [...]
US Certificate Bonds

Hey Investors! Buy U.S.!

by Chris Murphyon April 17, 2013
Domestic and foreign investors, and anyone else looking for a great, conservative buy. The U.S. is still selling! Through the magic of quantitative easing, which I will go into in another article, you can get a U.S. T- 30 Year deal for 2.91 percent interest, or a Municipal Bond at 2.99 percent interest. And, the [...]

White House oval office

Chained CPI, or Ryan’s Budget? Carnitas, or Borscht?

by Chris Murphyon April 15, 2013
It was Ms. Rand’s opinion, that fire, at a man’s fingertips, was an expression of ego in a field of chaos. That, along with railroads, spikes, cracks in marble, skyscrapers, the destruction of Communism, scraping food stamps, seniors receiving lump sums of money to buy private insurance, no new funding for job creation, a 10% tax [...]

Want to Invest? Put Your Money on Verizon

by Chris Murphyon March 28, 2013
Looking to invest in telecommunications? Check out Verizon, dividend yield of 4.65%, massive revenue generating capacity and strong cash flows make the stock a hit among income investors, having jumped 22% over the past year. Source, Seeking Alpha. See also AT&T Versus Big Red: The Battle Of Mobile Coverage As of today, March 28, the stock [...]

Apple is Penetrating China’s Smartphone Market

by Chris Murphyon March 21, 2013
Apple was predicted to have a 20% penetration of the Chinese smartphone market, in a Morgan Stanley report released January, 30th, 2013. Anticipating a $6.50 per share increase to the stock. At the time, a healthy $457.00, it rose to a high of $479.51 on February 12th, then dipped to a low of $428.44 on [...]

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10 Ways a Private Equity Firm Can Use Social Media For Lead Generation

by Anna Johnsonon November 7, 2012
If you are in the private equity sector and you do not believe that social media may be able to help your business in these challenging times, then this infographic will certainly change your mind. With the key points highlighted to make them easy to absorb, you will learn about the top 10 advantages of using social media in [...]