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Can you believe it? The Apple Watch is actually priced lower than the original iPod

by Gizmoration March 19, 2015
The pricing structure of the Apple Watch has been subject to a lot of debate over the past few days. And with good reason, the pricing matrix Apple chose for its new wearable is without question the most complex we’ve seen from the Cupertino-based company to date. Starting with the Sports model and working up [...]

iOS 8 How-to: Set up and Use Find My iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

by Gizmoration February 28, 2015
Find My iPhone was first released in June 2010 initially for the iPhone. Now, Find My iPhone allows you to track the location of your device, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, in case it gets lost or stolen. This is a great benefit because when you locate your device using Find My [...]


ChargeTech is World’s Smallest Phone Charger

by Ranjan Yadavon January 8, 2015
ChargeTech is the world’s smallest phone charger developed in Newport Beach, California by a company known as CHARGEALL under the leadership of Jeffrey Maganis. It is twice as fast and half the size, having two USB ports. The ChargeTech dual USB wall charger is small, and capable of charging your iPhone 6/6+ in double the [...]
Apple building

Apple Clears iPod Anticompetitive Conduct Litigation

by Ranjan Yadavon January 6, 2015
Apple Inc. has recently won over the antitrust charge of having illegally stopping the iPod iTunes users from playing music from services other than iTunes on their iPods. Apple has challenged the century old notion that “big” is deemed to be bad for consumers and that “competition” is always good. Apple has in fact succeeded highly [...]


Tech, Gadgets & Apps Which Were Shutdown In 2014

by DRajon December 28, 2014
Technologies and applications are created to make our lives happier and easier. Few tech served us well and continues to serve us better but few have just faded away and left us only with memories. Towards the end of this year, let us have a look at what tech did we leave behind this year. MSN [...]

iPod Classic to be Laid to Rest by Apple

by RJ Kon September 12, 2014
On Tuesday Apple has launched its remarkable products such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple pay and Apple watch. With its new products Apple has announced the discontinuation of its  revolutionary product iPod Classic. The iPod Classic being the one of its kind technology developed by the company represented the line of iPod [...]

iWatch Apple

Apple is Reportedly Working on Wireless, Solar Charging for iWatch

by Matthew Lucason February 4, 2014
A New York Times report is providing more fodder for iWatch speculation, including the purported use of solar power. Apple has been testing both solar and wireless charging for the rumored iWatch, according to a story in Sunday’s New York Times. The publication cites Nest cofounder and “father of the iPod” Tony Fadell as saying Apple tried for [...]

Apple’s iOS 7 Unveiled by Apple: Control Center, AirDrop

by Chris Murphyon July 18, 2013
Image Courtesy: Tech News Today Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The design is said to be simpler by “bringing order to complexity.” The new, flat surface removes bars and buttons that are distractions to the original content. iOS 7 has many new features, including Control Center, iTunes Radio, AirDrop and [...]
Zynga company

Zynga Brings New Version of Draw Something

by Anna Johnsonon April 29, 2013
The pictionary-like game “Draw Something” has recently released a second version about a year after being acquired by Zynga. Zynga has been struggling lately in the app market after the first quarter. Zynga has seen most of its success come from games that involve some kind of social atmosphere. Its hit games like Words With Friends and [...]

Apple Smart Watch

Apple Smart Watch Might Use a Curved Glass

by Chris Murphyon February 11, 2013
After a Chinese-language news site first mentioned that Apple is secretly building a smart watch, now two different sources report new information about Apple’s latest gadget. In its headquarters in Cupertino, California, the company is apparently experimenting with wrist-like watches made of curved glass, which some believe it could look like the current iPod Nano [...]

Digital Technology In Your Car (INFOGRAPHIC)

by Matthew Lucason December 30, 2012
Basically, the car transports us from point A to point B, but not anymore. The cars have evolved so much in the last decade and we seem to want even more from them. In the present cars can park themselves, communicate with you and alert you when something bad is about to happen. This infographic [...]


This App Tells You When Next NYC Subway is Coming

by Eric Brownon December 28, 2012
  America’s largest subway system launched a smartphone application that will reveal train-arrival times on seven of the city’s 24 lines—a leap forward for a service that has lagged behind its peers both at home and abroad in adopting new technologies. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority released on Friday its Subway Time app for passengers with [...]

Apple SmartWatch Rumored to Lauch in 2013

by Chris Murphyon December 28, 2012
After creating the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, is the company now working on an Apple SmartWatch called iWatch? A report cited by Business Insider claims that Apple has partnered with Intel to develop an iOS watch. Supply chain sources reportedly told Chinese blog site Tech163.com that the watch would be Bluetooth-enabled and sport a 1.5-inch [...]

jbl onbeat

JBL OnBeat Venue Lightning: First iPhone Lightning Speaker Docks

by Matthew Lucason December 26, 2012
JBL OnBeat Venue Lighting is a duo of systems that are equipped with Lightning docks. To start, the larger unit is dubbed as the OnBeat Venue LT, with a price of $200. This speaker is essentially a Lightning-enhanced versio, at 16-inches in width it is still quite portable and features the about 30 watts of power and Bluetooth [...]
ev-va dock

EV-VA iPhone Dock: An Elegant Dock For Your Smartphone

by Chris Murphyon December 20, 2012
EV-VA Dock offers you quick undocking possibility, which is achieved by providing a special form EasyPort low-friction connection. This iPhone Dock is suitable for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. To use the EV-VA Dock for iPhone 5 is only necessary to unscrew the two bolts and replace the connector. When the device’s battery is charging or full, [...]


iTunes 11 Now Available: Completely Redesigned, More iCloud Features

by Anna Johnsonon November 30, 2012
After much waiting, iTunes 11 arrived yesterday as an update for both Mac and Windows. The latest software update offers a “completely redesigned” media player, one that will likely take some getting used to for those who have been using iTunes 10 for the past few years. The iTunes Store has been redesigned for your Mac, PC, iPad, [...]
Siri on Chevrolet

Siri On Chevrolet Cars Debuts In Early 2013

by Chris Murphyon November 27, 2012
Back in June, Apple announced that it was working with car manufacturers to integrate Siri with voice command buttons found in an increasing number of car models to allow drivers to interact with Siri without needing to look at their devices’ screens. Siri will be available to customers who buy the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic. General Motors [...]

Foxconn Cannot Keep Up With The iPhone 5 High Demand

by Chris Murphyon November 11, 2012
Foxconn CEO Terry Gou publicly revealed the difficulties the company is facing in producing the tremendous quantities required for Apple’s iPhone 5. “It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand,” Gou told reporters following a business forum, according to a Reuters report. One of the bigger problems [...]

iOS 6.0.1

Apple iOS 6.0.1 Available: Fixes For Keyboard, Wi-Fi, And OTA

by Chris Murphyon November 2, 2012
iOS 6.0.1 is available since today, which brings various improvements and bug fixes, including one that earlier prevented the iPhone 5 users to receive OTA (Over-the-air) updates. Now you are able to install the update via iTunes or wirelessly. The camera flash issue is also resolved. Another noticeable bug fixes: the one that causes static [...]

Steve Jobs’ Yacht ‘Venus’ Unveiled [WATCH]

by Matthew Lucason October 29, 2012
Steve Jobs’s yacht is making  its first public appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer, more than one year after his death. Jobs’s family is reportedly on-hand for the revealing of “Venus” which features a lightweight aluminum exterior measuring up to 260-foot long. Another image shows six of the seven 27-inch iMacs found in the [...]